Cobi Chair Staff Review
by Karen Culp

Here at Smart Furniture, we are very excited about Steelcase's latest product release into the foray of task seating and office chairs, the Cobi Chair. We were also curious about how well it performs and how it could affect our everyday work style, so what better way to find out than to test drive it for a week. Karen Liwanpo, our resident creative whiz, has graciously accepted the opportunity to sit on the Cobi Chair for one week and write about her thoughts.

Day One

"Karen, there's a big fat package from Steelcase for you down here". Before I could even think to respond to my co-worker's message, I was bounding down the stairs. I called out, "It's Cobi!!!", and began tearing open the box. I had been anticipating the arrival of our cobi chair ever since I first laid eyes on it. cobi's sleek and playful Apple-like design, luscious colors and welcoming arms beckon me to sit. And that's what I did. Many of my co-workers will attest they saw me pushing myself around the office (not at my desk), smiling and spinning around like a little kid. "Look! Cobi is here!" I would declare, as I pushed myself backwards past someone's office. After 30 minutes, I allowed others to try Cobi, since I would have the privilege of sitting in it for a week.

Meet Cobi. It is the newest and most colorful addition to Steelcase's seating collection. Designed specifically to promote movement during long periods of sitting time, Cobi provides comfortable support no matter what you're doing, or how you sit. I shift a lot when it comes to my work style so I think Cobi is going to be a great fit. During an average work day, I may be on the phone with clients, working on a 3D rendering or designing catalogs and email campaigns. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders after a long day clearly indicate that I am not using a properly supportive chair. Cobi works intuitively to accommodate and support any seating position so anyone can get comfortable quickly. I'm looking forward to testing it.

Day Two

I'm in love with Cobi. It's comfortable and the texture and fabric are delightful. It breathes well. I find the Maya Blue color appealing, it makes me happy. It's so fresh and makes me think of summer. Someone here commented that I looked like a "ray of sunshine" sitting in the chair. In contrast to my beaming descriptions of Cobi, today has been somewhat of a stressful day. I'm actually slouching in my seat. Thanks to Cobi, my poor posture is being supported and probably improved. When I plop down to sit, Cobi's weight activated mechanism senses and quickly adjusts to give me a lift. When I need it most, Cobi provides satisfying support, conforming and comforting me as I grudgingly push through the day. Thank you Cobi, for being there.

Day Three

Another hectic day filled with phone calls, unplanned (but important) meetings away from my desk and one here in my office. This is lucky, since I have Cobi. In meetings, I like to curl one leg up on my seat. With Cobi, it feels great. I shift sideways and lean one arm over the seat back. I note how easy and intuitive changing positions is in Cobi, the seat back flexing softly under the weight of my arm. Meeting is over. Now, I am seated forward, perched at the front edge of my seat, looking intently at my screen. I have come to recognize this as my "working position," or what others refer to as "being in the zone." During these moments of heightened concentration, I am really focused (and extremely productive, I might add). With Cobi's flexible seat front, I don't even have to think about how I sit - I am simply comfortable. In contrast, my regular office chair is sub-standard, hard-edged, unsupportive and non-conforming. It is the opposite of ergonomic. Work is often interrupted by the resulting numbness and pressure against my legs. It then takes several minutes to find a comfortable position. Maybe I'll try to curl my leg up on the seat again. Or maybe I should lean back. I could try sitting forward...maybe I need my own Cobi Chair.

Day Four

...with my lovely Cobi. Today has begun like a sprint out of the starting blocks. Except for me, that means I'm glued to my chair. The phone is ringing nonstop, and I am multi-tasking like there's no tomorrow. I think I heard someone say the recession is over. Whether or not this is true, I'm pretty excited that Cobi is affordable, starting at $399. For all of you design-savvies out there, you will appreciate Cobi's delectable colors: Coconut, Root Beer, Wasabi, Tangerine, Basil, Licorice and Malt, to name a few. Cobi has also received the prestigious Red Dot design award, an international competition ranked among the largest design competitions worldwide.

Cobi is beautiful, extremely comfortable and ships free in 5 days. And it's manufactured by Steelcase, a leader in the global office furniture industry, who is committed to protecting the environment and passionate about helping you, "Love How You Work®". What more can I say? Cobi is perfect.

Day Five

How quickly time flies with Cobi -- already on Day 5. By the way, did I mention cobi ships in 5 days? Actually, it may be changing now to 2 days, which I think is pretty amazingly quick for a chair that you can customize. Just thought I'd toss that out there. I was pretty sore climbing the stairs this morning from a particularly intense kickboxing class yesterday. Thankfully, I have a supportive and comfortable seat to relieve the stress on my body! The cushioned seat pad is soothing and helps me forget the abuse my backside endured the day before. I am grateful of just how accommodating cobi is, allowing me to sit in multiple positions to stretch my legs. Ahhhh. Thank you, cobi.


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