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Trevor H.

Bobby E.

Matt M.

Wesley S.

Steven P.

Josiah R.

Lindsay C.

Jaime D.

Raelinn S.

Erica A.

Benjamin M.

Mary G.

Gus G.

Carol K.

Julie N.

Spencer D.

1. Animal-Friendly Cobi Disapproves of Canine Rodeos  |  Trevor H.
Dear Smart Furniture, providers of the magnificent Cobi Chair:

Nineteen years ago, a friend donated her slightly used office chair to me. Nothing fancy, but an improvement over the dining room chair I was using. At least I no longer had to use the yellow pages as a booster seat to reach my keyboard.

Many things have changed since then, including moving from California to Tennessee, yet "the chair" continues to follow and haunt me. Unlike the sleek modern styling of the Cobi, this chair is a crumpled, decomposing collection of foam and defiled fabric. The foam oozing from its torn covering a mockery to the sleek iMac® majestically poised before it.

I have attempted to adapt. By limiting my computer time to seven minute intervals I can avoid intense back pain. I am a martial arts instructor by profession. Something is concerning about a chair that hurts my back in twenty minutes more than hours of being thrown down to the floor. My Cobi would be there to support me! "The chair" has become so uncomfortable that sometimes I just sit on my dog, Sabre, instead. Sabre is yellow lab (and huge for his breed) and for the most part enjoys our computer time together. However, unlike the Cobi chair which would adjust to my various positions and changes in my center of gravity, I find myself having to adjust to Sabre's constant movement. Although typing while riding a large dog rodeo style adds to my mind and body connection, I am afraid it does negatively impact my productivity. The "Sabre chair" solution is soon becoming an obsolete option. Although I am quite willing to brush the five pounds of dog hair off my backside after each computer session, Sabre is not getting any younger. Now at ten years old, he is nearly half the age of "the chair" and in dog years is 61 years older! Having had surgery for a bad knee in his younger years, I fear that prolonged use of Sabre as a mobile computer chair is no longer a prudent choice.

Having used the same chair for eighteen years I certainly reduced my carbon footprint and thus being environmentally sensitive (like my friends at Smart Furniture!) I feel I deserve bonus points. Also, because Cobi would relieve the stress on my dog Sabre, it would prove that Smart Furniture cares about animals. With a home office chair that would allow me to work at home more than seven minutes (I have a wife and four children...) it would demonstrate Smart Furniture supports strong family values. I have enclosed pictures of both "the chair" and the "Sabre chair" to verify that all that I have written is true.

For the sake of my family, my dog, and my back, please consider my Cobi request.

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1.1 Sabre H.
Dear friends at Smart Furniture, my name is Sabre. I am a yellow lab and owner of a two legged friend Trevor Haines. I am writing to enter your contest for the Cobi chair and to correct some misguided delusions of my friend Trevor. Although it is true Trevor that has a very uncomfortable and ugly home office chair he has not replaced in nearly two decades because he is cheap, to suggest that he rides me rodeo style is an exaggeration of the circumstances. Please allow me to explain.

I have throughout the years trained Trevor to do many tricks. Overall, he is reasonably intelligent for a two legged fellow, and has learned to walk beside me (as long I guide him with a leash), fetches my food (although his meal planning is a bit predictable and uninspiring), and is trained to pet and message me upon request. However, despite my best efforts, teaching this boy to SIT seems to be an impossible request. Having observed for myself his back-destroying-furniture-fiasco-box-store pathetic excuse for an office chair, I have sympathy for why he cannot be trained to sit. I took upon myself the idea of simulating a Cobi chair to educate the poor fellow that sitting can be a comfortable endeavor.

Unfortunately, this training exercise has backfired and each time I shift to support his weight he squirms to resist as if being comfortable is counter-intuitive. Thus this rodeo experience has become, I fear, a game in itself and is no longer a productive way to train my boy how to sit. I do believe that the support and ingenious design of the Cobi chair will be just the tool to liberate me from this circus and alas fulfill my goal of properly training my friend. My concern is that if Smart Furniture were to graciously award Trevor a free Cobi chair it would further add to Trevor's delusion (get ready for this..) that I am his pet dog and he is MY owner!

Perhaps I have spoiled him too much and contributed to this confused world view, but if his submission results in Cobi attainment then although I have no doubt he would finally learn to sit and do so comfortably with style, his training in all other areas would regress. Thus I present this win/win solution: Award me the Cobi chair and I can use it as my training tool without further adding to Trevor's delusions of grandeur. Would any other chair do the job?

Compared to the Cobi by Steelcase retailed by Smart Furniture all other office chairs are all bark and no bite! Other chairs are about as comfortable as this keyboard is easy for my big old paws to type on. I would simply buy a Cobi myself and not be so cheap and pathetic to beg like a dog if only I could secure my own social security number so I could get a job. Although the Cobi is available in many colors, I only see in black and white so I leave the decorating decision to the talented designers of Smart Furniture.

Please enjoy these final dog days of summer. Sincerely, Sabre.

P.S. Any ideas how to train this kid to stop urinating in my white porcelain water dish?

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2. Cobi: the Latest & Greatest Toddler Toy  |  Bobby E.
I deserve a Cobi because I have the most beautiful Steelcase tanker desk in the world. It's just dying for some hot little Cobi to roll under it over and over again. Furthermore, I'm being forced to use one of my Eames dining room chairs as my office chair and I sincerely think my pregnant wife might kill me! I've been banned from dining activities, my toddler has nothing to spin, on and basically I've been living in hell without a proper office chair. So, I''m begging you, please help me become re-united with my family!

Just give me this wonderful chair, my back and life are counting on it.

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3. The Teacher, The Husband, The Dad, The Man  |  Matt M.
Dear Smart Furniture, I am writing this note as a wife who loves her husband more than anything (aside from our three children!).

We are both middle school teachers of 14 years, and we often come home from work after putting in 10-12 hours per day (coaching and tutoring regularly for extra money). In his classroom, my husband, Matt, sits in a dilapidated chair that is topped with an old "donut" cushion from when I broke my coccyx 14 years ago. I recently went with him to help him in his classroom and realized he was still using the same old chair and cushion after more than 10 years. We both spend many hours per day at our desks, and I know first-hand how uncomfortable that is after these many years.

At home, I work part time by writing standardized test questions to help with the finances; needless to say, money is tight, and neither one of us has ever been self-indulgent. Two weeks ago I had surgery that requires six weeks of recovery; this is the ninth major surgery I have had since we were married 17 years ago. With the most recent surgery, Matt has given up his summer waiting on me and nursing me back to health without one complaint. Not to mention, he is turning 40 this Sunday (July 26th). Unable to go out of the house and shop for his birthday, your Cobi chair would be a perfect surprise for him. I feel that the weight-activated seat mechanism and flexing back and seat of the Cobi chair would be an ideal solution and replacement for the current chair and cushion he uses.

Please consider my husband and best friend, Matt Morrow, for the Cobi chair giveaway.

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4. Glazed Donuts = Good. Glazed Buns = Bad.  |  Wesley S.
(Special Note: For the purpose of this give away, I am going to pretend that my chair's name is Sally. This is going to enable me to describe to you my problems with Sally and how she treats me.)

I sit in Sally many hours a week doing various things: working on my computer, reading, and writing. What you are about to read about Sally might shock you but here it goes.

Do you know what it feels like when you think you are about to sit down on something that is going to be comfortable but turns out as comfortable as going to the dentist (to get 3 cavities filled - exciting I know!)? That sums up my relationship with Sally: a world of lies and deceit regarding the comfort of the chair.

You would think that something with padding would be comfortable to sit on. Well padding doesn't mean anything when it's 1/2 an inch thick - meaning that I feel like I sit on a wooden plank. Do you know what it's like to live with cheap plastic (on Sally of course) that makes your forearms sweat as you type for hours as you work? What about that lower back pain that you feel after working with excel spreadsheets just because your stupid Sally has no flexibility (While my sweet little brain thinks: The Cobi chair comes standard with a flexing top edge, flexing back, and flexing seat - Cobi is mocking me at this point)?

Everyone knows that the coolest thing about a chair is its ability to lean back to get that much needed stretch in (unless you have racing wheels on your chair for chair races in the office - way more cool than stretching back). Well do you know what happens when you lean back in Sally? Sally falls over! (Can you picture me on the ground in pain?). Ok, I am not really in pain because I fall onto carpet, but who wants to fall over when you attempt to lean back?

Do you want to know what my biggest problem with Sally is? Are you ready for such brutal honesty? Well I am going to tell you what the problem is: BUTT SWEAT! Sally keeps all of the heat that I generate and does not dissipate one iota of it anywhere except right back at me. As I read the description of the Cobi chair, I feel a glimmer of hope in these small but important words: Airy and Breathable. I need the Cogent Connect 3D fabric in my life because I know that Sally is not going to get it right. Now I don't want to hurt Sally's feeling too bad, but she's darn near ugly. Her appearance is drab. I don't want to think about working each time I see my chair, but Sally reminds me of work every time that I look at her. The Cobi chair has some great colors (I like Blue Jay and Maya Blue) unlike Sally's black and gray tones. I would say that Sally has some things to learn from Cobi. If I could teach Sally something it would start with the first solution under the Cobi chair: "Chairs should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time." It has not taken me too long to type up this masterpiece, but Sally is making my back hurt and butt sweat.

I hope that you can help me to solve this grand issue in my life by granting me the gift of a Cobi Chair! Have fun choosing the winners and thanks for reading my submission!

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5. What's In A Word?  |  Steven P.
I'm not the kind of person that anyone would call a sluggard. I have a good job, I've written books and articles,and I can analyze data for days on end. But my schoolteachers would never have picked me as someone likely to succeed. The rule in school was to sit up straight with two feet on the floor, and I was, and still am, a fidgeter. I slouched, I hunched, I squirmed, I put up my feet, I teetered on chair legs, I bounced the desk on my knees. During the class time when the teachers could have been teaching me probability or Shakespeare or grammar, they persecuted me for my posture instead.

But now, hallelujah, I am a grown-up, and no one can tell me how to sit. Best of all, as if in answer to my prayers, some genius has invented a chair for fidgeters, a seat for those of us who can't sit still. Thank you, Steelcase!

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6. Kitchen Counters, Barstools & Bathroom Breaks  |  Raelinn S.
My current "office" setup is at the bar in my kitchen and I have the most deplorable "office chair" known to man. It is an old school bar stool. Wooden legs, wooden back. It has a uuuuhhhhm... yeah... "cushion" seat. bwwwwwhahahaha! cushion! I''m dyyyyyyyyying! Ow! My butt hurts! Ooooh and so does my back! All that hunching over... I can just envision myself now... sitting on that uber comfy Cobi chair. I will adjust it to myself and never ever leave it. Well... maybe to go to the bathroom. I WANT A COBI CHAIR DANGIT!

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7. Squeaky Chairs & Squealing Cats  |  Josiah R.
Because bad chairs are everywhere and good design is invaluable. I had 8 meetings and phone conferences yesterday. My chair was a vintage McDowell & Craig Five Star; a good chair but missing the ability to adjust height and to accommodate changes in position without squeaking loudly (one client said it sounded like we murdered a cat).

What I need is a well designed chair both aesthetically and functionally. One that encourages good posture (regardless of height), can be adjusted and is quiet while changing position. Here''s to hoping the Cobi is that chair.

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8. Sweating and Blogging Don't Mix  |  Jaime D.
I need a Cobi chair because I spend about 12 hours a day sitting and sweating in a $15 used plastic "Oh" chair that offers absolutely no support. I love the Oh chair for its looks, but as an office chair it's just not cutting it.

I have been putting off purchasing an office chair because they are expensive, however, I'm at the point where it really doesn''t matter how much the chair is...I''m suffering back pains, butt pains, and there is just NO breathability. Can I just tell you that I feel like I need to take a shower after sitting for long periods of time.

The main reason I really need/want a Cobi is 1) it's a free chair 2) it's really designy, which fits in perfectly with my aesthetic & those of my blog readers 3) my butt can't take much more pain 4) my back can't deal much longer and since this opportunity has presented itself, I'm totally taking it! Unfortunately I don't have a really catchy, cute, or cool story to tell, other than my horrific story of pain, stiffness, and sweating.

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9. Is Cobi a Boy's or Girl's Name?  |  Lindsay C.
Because my office is a mess, I need some organization and the Cobi chair is a beauty!!! I might name my next child Cobi after my new chair if I win. :)

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10. The Consummate Givers  |  Erica A.
I am a mom. That in itself is a major accomplishment. But I didn't become a mom in the usual way. At 23 years old, my husband and I decided to become foster parents. We did a little research and decided to work with a private agency that dealt exclusively with special needs kids. After training, we opened our home to our first placement. A beautiful, rambunctious 7-year old boy who had been moved around from home to home since before he was 2. He stayed with us for 6 months before the courts decided to give him to the father he''d never known who had just been released from prison. It was difficult to let go, but we had no choice.

Our next placement was a 13-year old boy who was with us only 6 weeks before he had to be placed in a locked facility because of his behavior issues. Then came Katie. She was an adorable 4 year old girl and we were her 5th home in a year. As soon as her mother''s rights were terminated a couple of months later, we moved to adopt. We couldn''t let this one go. There were delays, the government working the way it does, but in December 2004, on her 6th birthday, Katie became ours forever. It has not been an easy road with her. She has several physical, mental and behavioral problems, but day by day we are working on it.

But we didn't stop there. We continued to foster both short and long term placements. In May of 2005, Stephanie arrived. She was 13 and had been in foster care since she was one. She, too, suffered with many of the same behavioral and emotional problems that plagued Katie (and so many other children in foster care) as well as the issues that "normal" teenagers have. Somehow, our hearts knew, even though we were only 13 years older than her, that she was a match for us. Stephanie''s adoption was finalized in October 2006. We continued to foster for a while, but our forever children became our primary focus.

Last year we decided that we would bring them both home from the public schools where they were struggling and I became a full-time homeschooling mom of an 11th grader and a 4th grader. So, why do I need a new Cobi? 1. The girls have commandeered the two office chairs we have for their schoolwork leaving me with an old kitchen chair. 2. The colors are awesome. I may be the busy mom of two (including a 17 year old!) but I am young and enjoy fun, hip things. 3. I would share it with my husband, who is awesome. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary and that man is a saint for living in a house full of crazy women. 4. Next week is my birthday. I'll be 31 and I''m proud of it! 5. It rolls! Unlike the aforementioned kitchen chair, it would allow me to move from task to task: grading papers, printing assignments, internet research...the list of desk-work I do goes on and on. 6. I''m sending a picture. The photo I will send is of my family with the judge who finalized Stephanie''s adoption. It is the moment our family became complete.

Finally, I want to say thanks for considering me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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11. This Is The One  |  Benjamin M.
Our story starts 3 years ago; June 24th, 2006 I was washing my laundry at the local Laundromat at 9:30am. I was on the phone with my mother who was asking me about my love life. I said, "No mother, there is no one, but there is a beautiful girl in her pajamas doing her laundry!" Well this prompted my mother to hound me till I hung up the phone and asked her out, she said yes. We got along instantly, and dated for just over a year before moving in together.

It was another year before I worked up the courage to ask her to marry me, August 9th 2008. I remember that day very very well because on August 10th, 2008, we found out we were going to be parents, surprise!!! We planned a beautiful wedding for Oct. 3rd, 2009, but called it off when the economy tanked. We decided to have a very small wedding at the same venue, with just the immediate family. That was to be held on February 28th, 2009.

Everything was going along great till February 27th came along and my wife, an interior designer, was laid off. We took it in stride and got married the next day. On the following Monday, March 2nd, I got laid off! So here we are, unemployed and 8-1/2 months pregnant. Fortunately we rent an affordable apartment and unemployment worked. My wife got a couple small jobs on the side to supplement while she could still work and I looked for a position. During all this, we both revisited past feelings of wanting to start up our own company. We had a little thing called having a baby to go through first. Once our son Henri William was born, we started spending our day's brain storming about our new business.

Finally on June 15th, 2009 we registered with the state of New Hampshire and were legal. We have added a child and a business to our one bedroom apartment in the last 5 months. This brings us to the chairs. We do have two chairs in our home office. One was purchased in 2004 and the seat is broken, so when you sit in it, you list to the right some what. The other was taken from an office in our building that was abandoned by a company that went under. If I'm not mistaken I believe it is a $10 special from Ikea.

Please help us, we are in typical start up mode, without many resources, and to top it all off, we are an interior design firm that would really like to make a better impression with our office. Not only would we love to have a Cobi chair, but we would also love to work with you in the future when we merchandise model homes! 5 months, new marriage, both lost our jobs, first child, new business!

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12. Oozing Black Fuzz  |  Mary G.
My current computer chair, like my printer, desk, filing cabinet, and my first car, is a hand-me-down from my older sister. It has been scarred by its years of use, festering wounds ooze black fuzzy daily. Both arms have been bandaged with electrical tape, yet sadly the right arm is a goner. Long gone is its bandage of tape, unable to hold on to the decay that lay below. The once comforting padding now crumbles off at the slightest touch as though it were infectious pus. Exposed cold steel frame and screws signify the nearing end. I will be sad to see it go. With a bright blue spirit I was welcomed and held between its comforting arms on many late nights. I would relinquish my chair with peace, for its wounds are merely the mark of its strength.

This obstinate chair has held many positions in my life, as would its replacement, as an office chair, as a drafting chair for my architectural studies, and as Lazy Susan for my young daughter. Although the Cobi wouldn't continue the amusement ride tradition, it would lend the encouragement of a friend by supporting me in being a single mother, in holding a part time job, and in being a full time university student. Cobi's innovative flexing back design would allow me to relax, focus on my studies, while easing concern over experiencing the sciatica nerve problems my older sister suffered from at my age. Her (because mine would be purple) Indoor Air Advantage certification would benefit my daughter and her spastic asthma. Undoubtedly, her clean curving design and eco-friendly ambitions would inspire me as I seek to obtain my bachelors degree in sustainable design.

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13. How Cobi Will Make Our Household Happy & Healthy  |  Gus G.
Daddy, caregiver and household maestro. As vital as exercise is to relieving stress and maintaining general health and wellness, it remains a leisure activity for my wife Rochelle and I. Unless a person's daily duties include a rigorous amount of built-in cardiovascular and aerobic activity (i.e. fitness coach, professional athlete, tactical military or police response team member), the truth of the matter is that, at this stage for both Rochelle and I, there is little "programmable" leisure time to rely on for relieving stress and maintaining our health. Any relief we might find would be in making the act of sitting a healthier activity that minimizes the stress and physical pain that both Rochelle and I endure, bit by agonizing bit, in our major load-bearing muscles, tendons and bones while we are here at home.

Rochelle works an intensive weekly schedule at a global high-tech company here in Austin. Her cubicle life includes sitting long stretches of time in a rigid office chair while on the phone, in impromptu meetings and on her computer. Along with her salary (for which we are thankful!), she also brings home massive neck and shoulder stiffness from not having the support she needs during an already-stressful work environment. And her long stretches of time at her laptop while on the phone with "global counterparts" frequently carry over to late nights at home, where we both use an ottoman as our home office chair. I'm a stay-at-home caregiver/household maestro keeping up with the nerve-fraying demands of two growing, rambunctious boys and a relentless load of household duties, some of which frequently involve lengthy stretches at the Mac managing the household and sneaking in bits of a novel-in-progress while the little one naps.

These days, we both use the ottoman after abandoning the greater evil of the "medieval torture device" out of sheer necessity. This horrid, rigid, unsupportive contraption, a.k.a. the standard big-box retail office chair, left Rochelle's lower back numb and exponentially increased the neck and shoulder pain she brought home from work. On the days where I had to work on our Mac to manage our household and chip away at my novel, this device made my herniated disc and sciatica angry and full of fiery rage, much like the Balrog in The Lord of the Rings, when the Fellowship awoke it out of its simmering slumber. The ottoman is a lesser evil, leaving poor Rochelle with merely stiff muscles and no relief for the aching burden on her shoulders, neck and back, and my lower back with numbness, as opposed to core-shattering pain. Though we are minimally better off than before, the ottoman by design cannot promote movement, much less any level of comfort, for any length of time. By the time our two boys drift off to the Land of Nod, long past sundown, Rochelle and I are physically exhausted, as though we''ve just lived through a Die Hard action-adventure movie. Tired to the very marrow of our bones, we collapse to claim precious sleep.

How can Cobi make a difference? How can it make us happier and healthier parents, as well as happier spouses? The Cobi's numerous features would give us major relief in the many moments Rochelle and I find ourselves working in our home office. Rochelle and I naturally shift our weight and position numerous times to find some minimal level of comfort as well as avoid additional muscle pain and stiffness. The Cobi's flexing top edge, back and seat would give Rochelle and I the comfort and support our aching muscles and bones need, regardless of how we move and shift. The Cobi's weight-activated seat mechanism would also help Rochelle and I find and keep the "sweet spot" that shifts as our respective center of gravity shifts, to reduce our exhaustion and give us the energy we need to enjoy our quality family time or complete the tasks in front of us without undue stress and strain. Rochelle and I also appreciate the inherent aesthetic beauty of inspired and elegant designs. The Cobi is modern and elegant while avoiding even a hint of pretentiousness. It would certainly add a striking design element to our humble home office. Aside from the many structural and design advantages, the Cobi has another huge advantage: value. Rochelle and I could both use just this one chair and realize happiness in the form of more energy, increased relaxation and soothing relief.

We count ourselves fortunate in an uncertain economic time, though our household budget is tight, too tight at present to allow for a purchase of the Cobi outright. School and fall activities will soon approach, with Christmas not too far behind. It would be my sincerest wish to win a Cobi for Rochelle and I, so that we may find at least a few moments of relief and relaxation during our fulfilling but hectic days. The chair would be especially for Rochelle, my lovely wife who works so hard, gives so much and asks for virtually nothing in return. As I'm not "gainfully employed" at present, I do what I can to ease her daily burden of stress and strain with muscle rubs and sweet nothings. I know that a Cobi would bring a smile to her face and help ease the burden she carries daily without so much as a complaint. I'll send photos of our home office, as well as the "greater" and "lesser" evils that inhabit it at present. With Cobi's help, we could restore balance, beauty and goodness to the realm of the Gonzales household.

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14. Can't Keep a Good Thing Down  |  Carol K.
My fiance and I reconnected about five years ago, 28 years after we parted ways as high school sweethearts. We are getting married on Saturday, 38 years to the day since we started going steady on August 1, 1971. (Hey, isn't that reason enough to send us a chair??)

Anyway, we live in a very cozy 1,000 square ft. loft in downtown Winston-Salem, NC with our two cats. When we moved in two years ago, we desperately needed some well-built, affordable shelving for our dining room that would hold some of our large and growing book collection. We were told about Smart Furniture, and had soon designed and received a great shelving unit. In fact, others in our condo have ordered from you after seeing our shelves.

We also have a tiny "library" with built-in shelves and a computer desk. I am using a straight-backed wooden dining room chair as the computer chair. When I come home from my job as an assistant principal and begin my classwork (towards a PhD in education), my tush is sore way before the classwork is done!! A Cobi chair would look super in our loft, and be such a comfortable improvement over what we have now.

We are big rah-rah fans of Smart Furniture, and feel sure that the Cobi in our loft will sell MORE Cobis to our neighbors! (Oh, and please check out the NY Times Style section on Sunday -- they've chosen us for the wedding announcements!)

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15. Rubber Bands No Match Against Falling Armpads  |  Julie N.
As a full-time domestic engineer and financial planner for a small organization, I find that while my job satisfaction is high, the financial rewards are rather slim. I have a part-time job on the side as a tax accountant and I also make a little extra on the side by entering contests, so I try to pay for all my office expenditures from those two avenues.

My current office chair is adequate for my needs, though it doesn't even begin to compare to a Cobi. The left arm is a bit uncomfortable since the pad broke off. Holding it in place with rubber bands is not a perfect solution, but it is better than resting my arm against the bare metal. I like the flexibility of the Cobi. My chair does tilt back, though it does so rather violently, so I try not to use that feature unless I need a massive injection of adrenaline. Like the Cobi, my chair also senses when I sit on it, though mine doesn't exactly adjust to my center of gravity, it simply lets gravity take over and drops to the lowest setting.

I really like that the Cobi comes in a variety of colors, too. My chair is completely black, which isn't all bad. My husband's chair is black and white- white where the fabric is coming apart. And then there's my son's chair: it's rather colorful where the rope is holding the back in place. It is also black and white in places. I don't suppose you have a contest where you give out chairs for the most pathetic family of computer chair owners? If not, we'll just keep them in the dark about this and work on getting me a Cobi... in blue please... might as well make it pretty while we're at it. Thanks!

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16. The Arthritic Copywriter  |  Spencer D.
"Here's where you'll be sitting," my new creative director grunted as I wandered toward my new eight-hour-a-day workspace. "It's not permanent, but you'll be here for about two months or so. Once the remodeling is done in the basement, the entire creative department will have a new home downstairs."

John shuffled away, no doubt gleefully imagining my disappointment in being placed in what appeared to be Oriental Trading Company's forgotten storeroom. I was surrounded by antenna balls, tote bags and stress balls that urged, "A DUI Isn't LOL," no doubt an attempt to sway teen drivers away from texting, drinking and driving, or grammar.

I was extremely happy to be employed after two months of seemingly endless job hunting, but underwhelmed at the present office situation. Since graduation, I had always pictured what the ad agency lifestyle would be like: Apple® workstations atop neo-modernist desks next to windowed mini fridges that housed the finest in sparkling refreshment. But what I looked forward to most was something more than general issue office seating. A chair that did more than position me in front of a monitor was my ultimate career fantasy.

I'd browsed various luxury thrones that boasted custom lumbar, adjustable arm holsters, Cogent Connect 3D fabric and even comfort crotch cradles, but the stool i saw before me was perfectly fit to be citizen #1 in the land of misfit office furniture. It was probably once red in the way that made me think of 90s complimentary pastel yellow and would have been ergonomically suited for a symmetrically cubic halfling. It was beautiful, the way a bathtub toaster suicide is. I suffered through weeks of vertebral torture and almost paralyzing posterior pains while I noticed my comrades in the rest of the creative department enjoying the comforts of designer seating.

Jealousy boiled inside me like that of a forgotten stepchild and I was determined to obtain a chair fitting of my still less-than-management position. I dove into the interwebs, researching in vain for the one thing I desired. As the months have passed, I still have not achieved office seating nirvana. I do, from time to time, steal one of the conference room chairs, which does little to satisfy my lust for comfort. I am still in search of the perfect chair; one that can sense and support my center of gravity with its magical weight-activated mechanism. One that flexes and adjusts to my body.

I feel that my search may be over after happening upon the Cobi. Could Steelcase be my deliverer?

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17. Cobi Side Effects: Jealousy Among Co-Workers  |  Kate A.
I work 10-16 hour shifts on my feet most of the time. When I get the chance to sit at my desk and work on patient files, I want something functional and comfortable.

I also want something that the other people at the hospital drool over.

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18. Wobbly Chair, Bobbly Head  |  Brent L.
Let me begin by saying Cobi chairs are quite possibly the most awesome chair I have ever set my peepers on, and that ain''t no lie. Cobi chairs especially appealing to yours truly because the chair that I currently use is well, ummmmmm, hardly a chair at all. It used to be one. After being on the front lines of so many emails, AIM conversations, and web surfing sessions the seat is hardly even attached causing me to wobble and look something like a bobble head whilst doing emails.

This is where the amazingness that is the Cobi chair comes plays my be able to sit and work and compute in a balanced, spinal cord friendly position while being in the height of fashion....ahhhhhhhhhh. How soothing that would be.

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19. Move-In Ready  |  Marlene M.
"Crunch" is the sound my back makes every time I stand up and have to stretch because my current chair is adversely affecting my health. Besides not having an ergonomically correct chair, my chair has bleach stains from that time when I helped my good friend put highlights in her hair. I would love to win a sexy new Cobi chair so that I can program comfortably in the sexy new pad that I will be moving into in August. Plus, I'm a blogger and I'd love to make other bloggers jealous of my new Cobi.

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20. Retirement Not Just for Humans Anymore  |  Jackson A.
My current "home-office" chair is a stained, decrepit relic from my college dorm days over 12 years ago. This chair has moved all over the Southeast, has been spilled on, peed on (by children and animals), and had its cushion stuffing destroyed and pulled out. Its levers don't work, it's wheels don't roll, and, after many, many years of faithful service, it deserves to be retired.

My wife and I just had our fourth child in five years, and I need to work more from home, so we have decided to turn some attic space into the home office I've never had.

The Cobi chair could be the center-piece of this new office space, allowing me to sit comfortably and stylishly, be productive, and yet be readily available to my family during the day. Thanks for your consideration.

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21. For the Love of Pete  |  Bree Neely
Mine is but a tale of chair woe. I broke the bank to buy myself an Aeron a few years ago, and dang it all if this chair doesn't KILL my back. What in the? Who in the? As the owner of my own business, a soon-to-be MBA student AND the proud mom of a slipped disc, I am essentially pasted to this terrible piece of furniture and HURTING all the time.

Oh, and don't fool yourself that I could - with a little ingenuity - loose myself from the pain cage and go work in other areas of the house. That's right, folks. My Mac refuses to pick up my WiFi. For the love of Pete, please give me a new chair.

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22. Cobi: A New Lease on Life  |  Brian P.
About six years ago I was in a bad car accident. Sitting in rush hour traffic we were hit from behind by a man talking on his phone while driving at roughly 65mph; four cars were totaled in the accident, luckily everyone survived. I was in physical therapy 3x per week for 9 months, and lost my job as a result of the time I needed to take off for doctors appointments. I am an architect, and luckily enough was able to work on small projects from home while searching for more steady employment.

On my way home from my last scheduled therapy session (at which point I would be down to once a month chiropractor appointments), I was hit by a woman who ran a stop sign, and sent back to physical therapy for another six months. At this point the insurance company of the driver from the first accident stopped paying any medical bills, while the insurance company of the driver from the second accident refused to pay, claiming it was a preexisting condition. While unable to hold a steady job, I had to pay a good portion of my medical bills out-of-pocket and try to work on anything I could to get by. To this day, the insurance companies have yet to settle...

As a designer, I select and specify furniture fairly often and a I (and my back) are perpetually jealous of the people with the chairs I only get to sit in at the openings. While work is steady now, I still can not really afford to get a really nice chair for myself.

I think the Cobi would be great, especially in my home office. The style, what I''d call industrial-minimalist, is perfect, and it is more compact that a lot of task chairs, making it perfect for a small office. To be honest, the thought of the Cobi's flexing back made me drool a little. I can't express enough what it would mean to me to finally get a new chair, let alone the Cobi of my choice. Thank you for your consideration.

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23. Clawed-Up Chairs Cramping Office Styles  |  Judy L.
I should win a Cobi for the simple reason I want a new colored chair in my office that fits my body movements. How sweet is that?! The chair I'm using is not comfortable and my daughter's cat clawed the cloth arms on the chair and now the stuffing is coming out. I love my office but I want a new chair that fits my style. I like the idea of having to adjust the chair to a height position and the chair does everything else and it looks very cool. CHOOSE ME!!!!!!!!!

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24. Word of Mouth: Best. Advertising. Ever.  |  Rudy M.
I should win a Cobi because I appreciate a well designed product and never ever EVER shut up about it to my friends and colleagues once I find something I love.

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25. Cobi: the Latest & Greatest Toddler Toy, Part Deux  |  Amber C.
Honestly - because my 16 month old daughter has worn out our office chair because she spins and spins and spins in it! It''s a favorite game of hers!

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26. Does This Chair Make Me Look Flat?  |  Margaret L.
I NEED Cobi chair! I sit on my butt all day long making jewelry, and my butt is starting to look like the chair it is seated on; flat, lumpy, and clunky.... it needs a "face" lift, please!!! Photos to come later; of chair or butt not sure, they are synonymous at this point.

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27. Cobi: Definitely More Comfortable Than an F150  |  Angel W.
I NEED Cobi chair! I sit on my butt all day long making jewelry, and my butt is starting to look like the chair it is seated on; flat, lumpy, and clunky.... it needs a "face" lift, please!!! Photos to come later; of chair or butt not sure, they are synonymous at this point.

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28. Patric Seng
A lot of objects that are surrounding you always recall some memories; I recently lost the love that I have been building with a man named Roger. I have tried very hard, but it never seems to work. Lots of friends are just asking me to move on, well, even him... It's hard to believe, you know, someone you think you really love, everything feels so right, and suddenly, he just came up & said ''It's over'' ... just totally ruin everything you've built together. And yeah, I gotta watch Desperate Housewives all by myself now; while for the last few months, I was cuddling with him, giggling a bit of the series, sharing glasses of wine, gas heater was on too... later series - Brothers & Sisters, ummmm....

Since then, I have lost my connection with creativity, everything seems dark and cold. I just have to put up my face because I gotta earn some dollars, to keep paying the expenses.... what a life, the French may say c'est la vie! Let me win a COBI, and a great design chair will help me - the designer getting his inspiration back! And move on ... I'll end here, thanks for reading.

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29. Northa Johnson
When I retired I decide I wanted nothing that said "office" in my home. So I pulled up a nice darkwood, straightback chair with a nice leopard upholstered seat cushion to my computer desk. First of all, I will only use my computer a couple of hours a day, a few days a week (yeah, right). It's more like 6 hours per day, everyday for mostly shopping and recreational purposes! I spend more time at the computer now than I did when I was gainfully employed. My back is twisted like a pretzel and I''m in pain!! Heeellllp!!!!!

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30. Tracie W.
As I pull up to my parking space at my apartment. My mind drifts to the long day that I've had. The thoughts of bills unpaid dancing in my head. I look up from the steering wheel of my jeep to see my babysitter giving me a look of frustration. I understand her feelings. She loves my kid but it is a Friday and she is ready to go. For a moment I envy her busy life and ability to have fun. I climb out the Jeep, ready to free her of her duties. Okay... take a deep breath. walk calm and don't let your stress show. As I tell myself these things I put the best smile on my face. Before my key can hit the lock my babysitter rushes out. Hey Ms. W. hope you have a good night everything is done see ya Monday. I manage to smile the whole time she rush past. I feel my legs start to ache as I make my way into my small apartment. I hear an excited my Mommy is here before my little toddler rushes out to grab me in a hug.

It feels great being here and seeing my daugther's happy face. I put her down and explain I need a shower before I get dinner ready. She is happy as long as she gets a snack and cartoons. After I place her in front of the tv with dish of gold fish, I enter the shower. I can't wait for the hot water to spill over my skin. After my shower I am more relaxed. My child is still happy with the cartoons on TV, as I take down the meat to defost for dinner. Now would be the perfect time to work on my clay jewerly to help ease some stress. I enter my bedroom which serves as a studio as well. I sit down in a deskchair that I have had since I was in highschool. I pull out my clay to began my work. As I pound and mold and push I feel ten times better.

The only problem is I am really sick of this small chair. I have to cross my ankles for the chair to support my 5'6" frame without pulling my knees close. I need a work surface for my clay so I look around the room. My eyes catch a catalog that I have fantasize buying from for months. I stop working on my clay and my mind drifts to the sleek contemporary furniture. I start to daydream of a sleek desk along with a sleek chair. I picture myself in a cobi chair the perfect height. No more crossing my ankles or sitting on my feet to ease back pain. I am deep into this fantasy my clay art long forgotten on my desk. I look around my bedroom at the colors I have. Yes, the turquoise color would be perfect to match the dresser with the birds on the front that I painted. The chair would be the beganning to allowing myself to enjoy the finer things in life, and stop stressing myself so much.

That life isn't so bad being a single mother. I can be that mother with sytle. Just as I am about to flip pages to take a closer look at the desks. I can feel myself in the cobi chair surrounded by comfort. In my fantasy I run my hands across my new sleek desk. With my hand held in midair my daughter interuptes my fantasy to tell me that the cartoon is off. As I get up from my old desk chair I look back at my smart funiture catalog. I make a vow to myself soon very soon you will be mine cobi chair with the turquoise color.

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31. Reetika A.
Wow, a Cobi chair!! Already feel like an achiever, would never get "out of work" but only think "out of box" working over the most comfortable chair of this world :) Cobi - serious when I am at work and chilling while enjoying a video game on my home system :) Happy Cobi'ing !!!

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32. Sitting Like a Folded Staple  |  Andy G.
I work in the 3D animation industry. I could easily spend ten hours a day sitting like a folded staple, and of course I try to mitigate that by walking and stretching. Sony, my employer, makes an honest effort to provide an ergonomic environment, and for the most part they've succeeded. Humanscale chairs, wrist rests, foot rests, adjustable computer desks, etc. My impending problem is that I''m doing more and more work at home and I''ve got to take care of my body. My home work station is a butcher block table, not adjustable, and my chair is a folding plastic beauty issued by caterers for garden weddings. I know I have to get a chair. I'm procrastinating about a chair and not just because of price. A chair is no longer a simple purchase; it's a values-laden decision about lots of issues, not just the ergonomic. Comfort, appearance, spouse's opinion, environmental impact - though ergo still comes out on top for me. There are established ergo chair designs out there and we have most of them at Sony, but I'm not entirely sold on any of them - maybe my body needs some weird accommodation that hasn't been designed yet.

That said, the COBI chair is totally cool-looking, though I have no idea what it would feel like after ten hours. But I would love to give it a try!

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33. Jessica M.
I was studying fashion and had just finished an editorial intership for a magazine where I contributed small pieces to the style section. I was moving forward. I'm in my twenties, working, writing, and living and appreciating fashion and life when a massive hail storm blindsided me. I was in my final year at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh when my father decided he would no longer help me with my education nor was he going to actively participate as a parent in my life. Shocking? No, not for him anyway. Still, I believe I did the typical wallowing and drinking of gin & tonics before I realized I needed to be proactive.

They say when it rains it pours but I felt like I was walking through a permanent rain haze, no umbrella intact. I believe I deserve a new Cobi chair because I need some inspiration. I sit on my pink plastic Ikea chair as I sift through Craigslist for full-time work to finish my education myself, continue to blog and freelance as much as possible, and I realize that what I need is a little inspiration. Something fun and unexpected and I believe that with Cobi's functional and flexible qualities it may be just the thing I need to keep me writing and get me on my way back to finishing my degree.

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34. Sara T.
I don't exactly want to win this chair for myself, but for my dad. I think he's an excellent candidate for this chair. He sits in an office chair all day at his desk. He has been having back problems for the past years and just recently had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital after throwing his back out. His recovered since then, and has become active as always. He's always here and there and everywhere for me and my brother and sisters.

This chair could be one small step for him toward better posture and support his back. He'll be able to always be the best and most supportive dad.

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