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Cobi Collaborative Office Chairs

Meetings are different now, there's never a quick meeting and we spend more time collaborating than ever before. Employees squirm, fatigue, and lose focus. As we spend more time collaborating, it also requires a completely different set of postures. Steelcase Cobi Chairs offer a new solution that helps keep you comfortable and focused in conference rooms, training seminars, and collaboriative settings.

3 Observations Support Steelcase Cobi chairs

Steelcase employees continually research the design of their chairs. In their new collaborative seating category, they based the Cobi Chair on three key insights from simple observation:

1. Collaboration takes time. Therefore, the Cobi is designed around promoting movement as well as comfort, specifically for long amounts of time.

2. People do not adjust their chairs while collaborating. Therefore, the chair's adjustments are contoured to not only be intuitive, but automatic.

3. People change postures when collaborating. As people move and engage the chair is designed to change as well so that it can support multiple postures in multiple settings.

Steelcase Cobi Chair's Automatic Flex

Research studies say that the majority of people never adjust their chairs in conference rooms. If they do, it's usually only up or down, then they move onto the first item on the meeting agenda. On the Cobi Chair, seat height is the only manual adjustment, it contains a weight-activated mechanism that takes care of the rest for you by naturally putting you in the best position for comfort the second you sit down. The chair senses your center of gravity and adjust to put as little stress on your body as possible while keeping you properly oriented. If you shift and move around, it does the same.

To put it simply, everything flexes. Like you have probably tried with every chair you've sat in, resting your elbows back on the top of your chair is made possible with a top flexing edge. You can also move and shift around in your seat because the flexing seat technology allows you to sit centered or off to the sides. Meanwhile, the chair's flexing back will contour and support any posture your body needs. Every piece is designed to flex and adjust to your body.

Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified

Steelcase worked with McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) to assess the safety for human and environmental health at every stage of the chair's life cycle. The chair is Cradle to Cradle Gold as well as Indoor Advantage certfied for being a low emitting product. From extracting materials to production, to shipping, to use, and even at the end of its life it is designed to minimize global warming, acidification, eutrophication, photochemical smog, abiotic resource depletion, and toxic emissions.

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