Eames Lounge Chair Video Review


The Definitive Eames Lounge Chair Review

In this episode, Wes takes on a classic. In the span of five minutes, he delves into the makings of the Eames Lounge Chair and provides some background on the legendary designers who created it. He also talks about the chair's extreme comfort and demonstrates the merits of that comfort by sitting on his butt for the duration of the review. Usually when Wes reviews a chair he kneels beside it, spins it around, and points to stuff that he thinks is cool, but when it comes to the Eames Lounge Chair he's totally fine with just sitting in it. It's just that comfortable.



Hi, and welcome to the video review of the Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair. I'm Wes from Delegator.com. This is an independent video review commissioned by SmartFurniture.com. In this review, we will talk about the Eames Lounger from a number of different perspectives, including the designers, Charles and Ray Eames, two of the most famous in the twentieth century; the style of the chair, which is classic and gorgeous; and the innovations present in the chair, like the molded plywood backing. We hope you enjoy this video review.

This part of the video review deals with the designers of the Eames Lounge Chair, Charles and Ray Eames. Charles and Ray Eames were sweethearts who met at art school in Michigan. He was a teacher and she was a student. Pretty soon, they found themselves in California, making movie sets and designing magazine covers. But their real ambition was to make a molded plywood chair. It took them a long time. They built a little machine in their house called the Kazam machine that blew out the power to their whole apartment building. Charles had to steal power to generate all the heat and energy, but they finally were able to do it. It was called the LCW, the Eames Plywood Lounge Chair, and it is one of the classic chairs of all time.

That molded plywood concept is put to probably its best use in this chair. You can see it right here, this molded plywood that is just like this very smooth molded wood. They molded wood in 3-D, which is kind of incredible. But this isn't the only chair they made. They made tons of other incredible furniture. They were also film makers. They were also architects. They were also toy makers. They also put on exhibitions of mathematics and science. They were really sort of the jack of all trades, the renaissance man and woman of the twentieth century. And when it comes to industrial design and furniture design, there is absolutely nobody better in American history than Charles and Ray Eames.

This part of the video review deals with style. Now this chair is one of the most stylish in the entire Herman Miller catalog. And it has stood the test of time. Looking at it now, it doesn't look like a dated chair or a mod chair. It just looks like a very, very comfortable, very, very classic, elegant, sort of timeless design. That is exactly what they intended. Everything Charles and Ray Eames made doesn't look dated. It doesn't look like it is from the forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies. It just looks like great furniture, and that's one of the most impressive marks of a great designer.

This chair matches leather with molded plywood; molded plywood being one of the Eames' inventions and leather being as old as dirt, but always rich, always classic, comfortable, and luxurious. At Smart Furniture, you can actually choose what kind of leather you want. This chair you are looking at uses red, but you can also get black, brown, white, a bunch of different colors. You can also choose the stain on the molded plywood. You can make it darker or you can make it lighter. You can customize the chair to fit your own needs. The really classic thing about this chair is just the way it looks. The molded plywood wrapped around, I mean, it's almost hugging you. The curves of the chair invite you in. Charles and Ray Eames said that they wanted it to look like an old catcher's mitt, with everything that brought with it, the Americana, the nostalgia, the broken-in leather, the comfort of it, the familiarity. It does feel like an old catcher's mitt, I can attest. It is very, very comfortable. But it also is just a beautiful chair and we give it very, very high marks.

This part of the video review deals with innovation. Now, one of the most innovative things about this chair, of course, is the molded plywood, which forms sort of the outer shell of the chair. That's something that Charles and Ray invented about ten years before they made this chair. While it was invented then and looks amazing in the LCW, in our opinion, this is actually the best use of the molded plywood. The way it is used in this chair, as sort of this gorgeous casing for this really soft, luxurious, beautiful, rich leather. Another great innovation of this chair is that it made molded plywood, a hardened surface, soft. When you look at the chair and see this, you think, it might not be that comfortable, but it is really one of the most comfortable chairs you could ever sit in.

When you sit in all of the amazing ergonomic chairs they make today, they still don't compare with this one. There is no better chair to be sitting in and watching TV or relaxing or reading in than the Eames Lounge Chair. It is just incredibly, incredibly comfortable. That's a major innovation for the time it was made. A lounge chair wasn't always sort of soft comfortable and recliner-like as this one is. At the same time, it doesn't sacrifice any of its structural integrity. It doesn't sacrifice any style or design to be that comfortable, and that's great innovation.

We hope you enjoyed this video review by Delegator.com. This product is available at Smart Furniture. If you have any questions, call 888-467-6278, or go online at SmartFurniture.com. Thanks for watching.


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