The Envelop Desk: In Your Home Office

While the Envelop Desk was built for the modern office, where folks can sit for 8, 10 and 12 hours at a time, Jeff Weber and Herman Miller realize that for many people, the home office has become the modern office. As technology changes the way we work, and the manner in which work can be done, the home office has become more and more important, and more and more in need of ergonomic solutions that were unnecessary before. It's not sufficient for a home office to be well decorated and comfortable — it also needs to be healthful and ergonomically sound. Even if you don't work from home, the advent of online media and widespread, constant internet access has resulted in people spending many more hours than they used to in front of a computer screen, sitting at a desk.

And that has raised the spectre of all kinds of preventable health problems. Back stiffness, muscle cramping, nerve damage, eye strain — none of these need to be a permanent part of working at a desk in front of a computer screen. And the lovely and ergonomic Envelop Desk from Herman Miller is here to do its part.

Envelop Desk

The name for the Envelop Desk came from a total office concept mapped out by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. They realized that while most ergonomic efforts focused on the chair the person sat in, that wasn't the only thing to be concerned with. They thought of the office as being an envelope that consisted of three main parts — the seat, the surface, and the "surround." A chair could only really answer one part of that equation. An ergonomic desk, on the other hand, would provide a solution to two of the three. Starting, of course, with surface.

The surface of the Herman Miller Envelop Desk is totally unique, the first of its kind. It features a sliding desk top that can move forward or backward in concert with the movements and preferences of the person who is sitting behind it. Moving the surface of the desk is a simple matter, and when you move, you can always bring the desk with you. Back and forth is not the only way that the desk moves. Another way it moves is by flexing at the edge, and creating a rounded, curved surface for your arms to rest upon. The desktop is two-tone, with two distinct surfaces. The back part of the desktop, the part that is furthest away from the person sitting down, is harder, more wooden and classic. The front part is rubbery and "sticky" — it holds things firm, but it also bends and flexes in ways that make sitting down and working so much easier on your arms, shoulders, back, and neck. When the keyboard surface (or simply the working surface) of your desk is able to move not only with you, but in support of you, you get healthier, happier, and more productive. And that's what the Envelop is all about.

The surface of the desk is nearly impeccable already, but there is an extra element that Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber came up with that affects — not only the surface — but also the "surround." That extra adjustment is the curving cutout on the very edge of the front of the desk. The cutout makes room for your body, so you can bring the desk surface closer to you than ever before — closer to your hands, your arms, your eyes. All of these parts are essential to working well and healthfully in a modern job, where the computer screen is king. And when the desk is closer to you, that means all the items on the desk are closer ... "at hand," you might say. That means less strain on practically every part of your body. You won't have to reach for materials, and you won't have to strain your eyes trying to keep focused on the computer screen you're working on. The "surround" is a vital part of the ergonomic calculation in the home office, and the Envelop Desk from Herman Miller is a perfect counter to the daily strain of working at a regular desk.

Envelop Desk

Working from your home office means keeping irregular hours, and also sitting in irregular positions. At home, people feel more free to slouch and sit in odd positions — positions that make them the most comfortable. One of the most important tenets of the ergonomics in furniture movement has been that people shouldn't have to conform to their furniture; their furniture should be able to conform to them, and their tastes and modes of working. The Envelop Desk is a sterling example of that principle in action. Sitting at this desk you don't have to worry so much about posture, about your style of working. That because the desk is (or can be) as flexible and idiosyncratic as you. You can bring it closer or move it farther way with ease. You can lean on the front edge with no fear of cutting off circulation or becoming uncomfortable. You can nestle into the cutout on the front edge, or you can stay well back and lean and/or slouch. No matter what choice you make, the Envelop Desk can and will support it. Being in your home office means being comfortable, and this desk is devoted to that state of working.

The home office is also a very personal space, where you make all the decisions about decor, hours, and aesthetics. The Envelop Desk, now available at Smart Furniture, has lots of different customization options when it comes to design and style. That means you can really make it your own, and get a desk that fits your sensibility to a tee. You can make choices about the color of the back part of the desk surface that range from wooden accents to solid colors, and you can change the look and appearance of the legs of the desk — shiny metal to darker finishes. Either way, the desk you buy will be the desk that's right for you, one you've designed yourself, from base to top.

Many people who work from home offices have a desire to choose products that are environmentally friendly. In this regard, you can't go wrong with any Herman Miller product. But the Envelop Desk is one of the most eco-friendly desks on the market. 32 percent of the desk is built from recycled materials, and at the end of the desk's useful life, you can recycle more than 50 percent of the materials of which it is comprised. The desk is also easy to put together and dispose of if necessary, meaning it takes up less space when thrown away (not that that would happen any time soon). When you buy the desk from Smart Furniture, it will arrive in reusable and recyclable shipping containers and packaging. If you want to buy a desk that's great for the environment as well as great for your body, you can't go wrong with the Envelop Desk from Herman Miller.

So pick up the phone or order online and get yours today. Once you start using it, you're going to feel better, healthier, more comfortable, and ultimately more productive and happy at work. It's that good. Get your Envelop Desk by Jeff Weber today.


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