The Envelop Desk: In the Office

The Envelop Desk, designed by the talented Jeff Weber, was designed with the office in mind. While it works great in any capacity, the modern office is where the desk was meant to be.

And why is that?

Because this is the first major ergonomic desk on the marketplace. It's Herman Miller's initial salvo in the war against stiffness, nerve damage, back problems, and various other health maladies that come from long 8 to 10 hour days of sitting at a desk that was made without you in mind. This is a desk built explicitly for the office because it's the first one to be built explicitly for your health. It's meant to revolutionize the modern office, and all signs point toward a successful rebellion.

The most important ergonomic advance that Jeff Weber and Herman Miller have made is in the realm of movement. Here is a desk that moves with you, at your command, and intuitively. It's a desk that knows what makes the human body comfortable, and what makes it strain unnecessarily. It's a desk that can flex, that can bring things closer without hemming you in. It's a smart desk, and a beautiful one as well. Let's get into the specifics of how this desk is going to improve your quality of life at the office:


Surface is one of the three main parts of ergonomic office furniture that Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf identified when they first started working together. While the Envelop has little to do with improving your seating arrangement, it has a lot to do with improving your work surface and your work "surround."

The surface of this desk is totally unique. It has two main parts, a front and a back. The back is flat and hard, traditional looking. The front is more rubbery and is flexible at the edge. They are available in quite a few different colors and finishes. The front part of the surface moves forward and backward at the command of the person sitting down and using the desk. It moves on tracks underneath the desk top, and when you lean back or lean forward, this desk will move with you, in unison with you. You'll never have to break your gaze or re-position your body in reference to the surface of the desk, if you don't want to.

Even more freedom of movement is imparted by the flexing front edge. When you're resting your arms on the edge of a regular desk, bad circulation and discomfort are inevitable. Not so with the Envelop Desk. With this desk, the edge flexes and supports your arms and elbows. You won't feel discomfort or lack of circulation — you'll be able to work without interruption or discomfort. Whether you're leaning way back or way forward, you'll be supported and comfortable.


"Surround" is a little more fluid as a concept than "surface." But for the Envelop Desk, it incorporates all the work materials (and all the desk surface) that surround the focal points of the modern office — your body and your computer. These things need to be within easy reach of your hands and arms, and within "easy" sight distance of your eyes. When you stare at a computer screen for very long segments of your day, it's important to consider and take care of your eyesight. Keeping things at an appropriate distance, and in appropriate spatial proportion to your body and your desk, is what "surround" is all about.

The Envelop Desk tackles the problem with an inventive cutout in the very front edge of the desk. It's semi-circular and meant to be a small cavity that allows you to pull the desk in closer to your body, minimizing the distance to your body, hands, and head. At the same time the cutout makes it so that the desk doesn't press into you or keep you away. The desk is designed to embrace the human body, and make available to it all the things it needs to work well, healthfully, and productively.

With surround and surface taken care of, your work life is sure to be more comfortable and more supported than it is now. With this, the very first major ergonomic desk in America, you'll be on your way to a sustainable way of working that will last you far into the future.


Ergonomics, of course, are not the only reason to invest in the Envelop Desk. Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf are famous because they were great designers, but they are legendary because they also incorporate a wonderful sense of modern style in the things they create. This desk is no exception to that rule. It's beautiful, simple, elegant — it's perfectly modern, and perfectly situated to hold a place in the modern office.

The two-tone desk top and the legs of the piece are up to the buyer in terms of appearance, which means the desk is customizable and personal in addition to beautiful and ergonomic. Use Smart Furniture's website to play around with and choose the colors and finishes that are right for you and your office.

Herman Miller is all about creating furniture that is people-centered, practical, and beautiful. And Smart Furniture is all about helping our customers make that furniture their own. Get your Envelop Desk today.


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