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When you see one of their products, you can often recognize it immediately as one of their designs. They believe in modern looks, crisp clean lines, solid colors, and beautiful construction. Everything they make comes from the contemporary, fresh perspectives of their designers, and the furniture they're making is really turning heads in the design community. <br /><br />Smart Furniture has partnered with Blu Dot for the last several years in yet another attempt to bring great ideas, great designs, and great furniture to our customers online. Blu Dot furniture is some of the best around; it's modern, it's comfortable, and it's very affordable. We're proud to partner with them for many reasons, but none bigger than those three. They believe in the same things we do, and they make amazing furniture for the contemporary home and office. They're relatively new, having been founded just 13 years ago, but in a little over a decade they've made a profound and lasting impression on the modern American furniture market. Whether you're looking for tables, desks, chairs, lighting, storage, or any other kind of home, office and public space furniture, you can find what you're looking for in the catalogue of Blu Dot furniture.<br /><br />Blu Dot was a business born of necessity, just like ours here at Smart Furniture. We first opened our doors because we wanted to give customers access to the products they were buying; we wanted them to have a say in the design of their own furniture, aka, design on demand. Blu Dot furniture has a similar philosophy, and they're focused on excellence and affordability. All of the furniture they make comes from the same original, inspiring idea, the idea that started the company; beautiful furniture, and beautiful design, should be attainable. It's that simple, and that revolutionary. <br /><br />The company was founded by three college friends who were freshly graduated and ready to move into new homes and apartments. In college they had all bonded over their mutual interests in design, architecture and artwork. When they were ready to start their own homes, naturally they wanted to outfit them in a way that reflected their ideas, their tastes and their advanced notions about design and personal space. But there was a problem; they couldn't afford the great furniture they loved, and they didn't like the low-quality or big-box furniture that they could afford. For many customers, this is a very familiar dilemma. But the three friends decided to do something about it. They decided if there was no supplier for their fairly common demands, then they would have to make the furniture themselves. And that's how they came to form Blu Dot. <br /><br />In the years since the company was founded, in 1997, the three friends, John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, have gone on to create some of the most comfortable, innovative, and beautiful modern furniture on the contemporary American scene. Blu Dot furniture is just as lovely and well designed as any other modern furniture maker, and the business has stayed true to it's initial imperative; to keep the furniture amazing and the prices low. They created elegant desks, funky chairs and seating options, cool lighting systems and decor. And to top it all off, they made it affordable. That solved the problem they'd had right after college, when their taste level was much higher than their income level. Business born of necessity; just like Smart Furniture. <br /><br />Blu Dot has mastered the art of making affordable furniture that never looks cheap and that can boast levels of craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence measuring up the standards of any furniture maker in the business. Like Smart Furniture pieces, Blu Dot furniture is heavy on quality and low on cost. It's a business and a whole system of furniture that believes in democratic design, and in serving the customer first and foremost. Beautiful design shouldn't be the sole province of museums and high income Americans, it should be available to everyone at a reasonable price. Blu Dot furniture believes that, and so do we at Smart Furniture; that's why we make such great partners, and that's why we're so happy to bring you the whole roster of amazing Blu Dot furniture online.</span>

Free Range Side Table by Blu Dot

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Color | Walnut

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Free Range Side Table
by Blu Dot

Free Range Side Table At A Glance:
Ingeniously captured by grooves in the solid walnut legs, honed white marble rests in suspension to form the top of the Free Range Side Table. Throw in brass detailing and a black powder-coated steel frame, and the piece is complete. We think this end table's highly attractive and worthy of admiration, and promise to ring a cowbell each time a Free Range table finds a home with one of y'all. One of us will even make a mooing sound, and his co-workers will want to poke him with cattle prods.

Also available as a coffee table.

What's To Like:
Fine materials and unique form. There's something about the combination of marble and walnut that captures our fancy. Perhaps it's the implication of wealth - or maybe it's the legitimate quality of the actual materials themselves. Either way, you could just stick them together, but Blu Dot went farther and made the Free Range Side Table into a work of art. It's really pretty.

What's Not to Like:
If you drop something hard and heavy on this end table's tabletop, all bets are off. It'll probably crack. Just stay away from it with anvils, alright?

The Bottom Line:
It's not USDA Organic, but the Free Range Side Table is all natural and fully beautiful. It'll suit just about any living room, unless you have people in your home who like to throw anvils.


  • Overall dimensions: 22.6" h x 20.3" base diameter
  • Top diameter: 18"
  • Honed marble top
  • Solid walnut legs
  • Black powder-coated steel central frame
  • Brass hardware

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Materials & Measurements

Honed marble top, solid walnut legs, powder-coated steel support and brass hardware

22.6" tall
20.3"W x 30.3"D at bottom of base
18" diameter top

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About The Manufacturer

Blu Dot FurnitureBlu Dot was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, three college friends who wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Based in Minneapolis, Blu Dot does just that today- designing tables, chairs, sofas, and a variety of home accessories. Blu Dot furniture has a distinct feel and appearance- its products achieve a definite flair despite a minimalist appearance.

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Design Story

The Free Range Side Table from Blu Dot brings all the same boldness of design and sophistication of material to the fore as does its big brother, the Free Range Table. Like the bigger version of the table, this piece marries seemingly disparate elements (walnut, steel, and marble) into a coherent, beautiful, and functional piece of home furniture design.

Blu Dot is well known for their genre-bending furniture and their constant forward push when it comes to contemporary design. This table is one of the finest examples of their fearless ingenuity when it comes to producing the furniture of the future for the customers of the present. The marble slab that forms the table top is elegantly suspended in midair, lodged in artful notches at the tops of the walnut legs. Nothing else holds up the table top, giving it a floating, free-form look that defines the feel of the entire piece. Steel connecting beams at the bottom of the piece keep the walnut legs stable, but other than that the entire piece seems to be delicately perched but completely unified.

With materials so little seen together, that's difficult to accomplish. Walnut and marble and steel aren't common bedfellows, but Blu Dot and the Free Range Side Table aren't common either. There is a sense of freedom that accompanies this piece of furniture (and more than justifies its name) that is hard to find in the world of modern/contemporary design. It's a breath of fresh air, not to mention a perfect place to keep your books, alarm clock, and drink coasters!

If you're thinking about making a change in side tables, or redecorating a room that needs them, the Free Range Side Table is a bold, fresh choice that works both as functional furniture and sculptural art.

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The Blu Dot Free Range Side Table comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.