Freedom Chair Environmental Summary

The Freedom Chair: An Environmental Summary

Humanscale Freedom Chair

With the recent oil spill affecting the Gulf Coast, the thoughts of many in the nation have turned to environmental concerns. That's no surprise; oftentimes important issues can go ignored or under-valued for long periods of time when they don't offer a serious threat. However, there are many companies that have been doing their part for environmental causes without the prodding of disaster or government intervention. Smart Furniture and Humanscale are two of those companies, and they have a long record of commitment to green business practices and green partnerships. The Freedom Chair is just one of many products that Humanscale manufacturers safely and cleanly, and just one of many products Smart Furniture sells and ships safely and sustainably.

Buying a Freedom Chair, buying any office chair, is a very personal decision, but one category buyers should seriously consider that often gets overlooked is environmental responsibility. The Freedom Chair from Humanscale has much to recommend it, but one of the truly major attributes the chair can boast is a sterling environmental record. While comfort, ergonomics, support, design and style are all major facets of evaluating the worth of a chair, environmental quality and green consciousness is equally important. For a chair to be truly extraordinary it has to have the same commitment to sustainable manufacturing, recycling and air quality that Smart Furniture demands of all it's products. The Freedom Chair doesn't disappoint in this regard.

Recycling is a vital public service and an absolute requirement for any responsible furniture company. Humanscale hasn't shied away from their responsibilities in this regard; in fact, with products like the Freedom Chair, they have embraced them. The Freedom Chair is composed of 62 percent recycled material. That's an extremely high number for an office chair (which requires many parts that can't come from recycled sources) and is indicative of the overall environmental quality of the chair. Smart Furniture insists on working with only the most responsible companies when it comes to the environment, companies that can compare their record favorably with Smart Furniture's when it comes to green business practices. The 62 percent number is big, but even more impressive is that the Freedom Chair is 90 percent recyclable. That means that after the term of the 15 year warranty (or much longer-this is a chair that could easily become an heirloom) this chair can be easily deconstructed and recycled. Only 10 percent of the chair will have to be disposed of by traditional means. This is a chair that comes and goes without making a detrimental environmental impact. That's the goal of most green consciousness; to make products and services invisible or negligible in terms of environmental impact.

GREENGUARD Certification
GreenGuard CertifiedGREENGUARD certification is a highly coveted distinction in the world of task chairs and furniture. It attests to the quality and the indoor safety of the piece being rated, and assures users, businesses and buyers that the chair will have no negative effect on the air quality of the office or the room in which the chair resides. Many customers are surprised that office chairs could ever contribute to the degradation of the quality of their air, but certain materials and production practices can, indeed, help to make the air in offices and rooms less than optimal. GREENGUARD certification is a pledge from Humanscale and from the watchdog group itself that the Freedom Chair is completely safe and healthy for all indoor areas.

Less Material, Fewer Parts
Humanscale is committed to producing chairs and products that contain less material than the average. This has many benefits, but one primary advantage is that it significantly lowers the risk of environmental damage caused by waste. When there's less of a chair to throw away, that means less material in landfills and trashcans taking up space they'll take decades to vacate. Less material also makes products lighter; the Freedom Chair only weighs 35 pounds, much lighter than the typical office chair. That contributes to ease of transportation and use, but it also is a major boon to green practices. Another feature of the Freedom Chair, and one reason that it weighs less and has less material, is the simplified parts structure. There are only 132 parts to the Freedom chair, as compared to the standard 250 industry wide. That means when you take apart the chair it'll be easier, and easier, of course, to recycle. Sustainable business practices aren't just about making the manufacturer look good or fulfilling the manufacturers expectations; they're also about meeting customer halfway and ensuring that they can easily do the right thing when it comes to recycling and disposal of the Freedom Chair.

The Freedom Chair is an environmentally accomplished chair that comes from an equally accomplished company. Smart Furniture is proud to offer this safe, healthy, easy to recycle product to our customers, secure in the knowledge that it's environmental impact will be appropriately small and, even, negligible.