Humanscale Freedom Chair Warranty Summary

The Freedom Chair's Warranty

Humanscale manufactures some of the highest quality office chairs in the world. While its production methods are cutting-edge, sometimes things can wear out or break prematurely. When things like this happen, it can be really disheartening if the chair you're using doesn't have any kind of warranty protecting it from those sorts of accidents. With the Freedom Chair, you don't have to worry about that. Humanscale is very invested in making sure their products aren't just comfortable, aren't just supportive and ergonomic, but are also responsible and responsive to the needs of customers. The Humanscale warranty is all about customer service, and that means it's all about trust.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

When it comes to office furniture, especially chairs, it's vitally important that manufacturers and vendors stand behind their products. Without trust between the producer and the consumer, even the highest quality furniture loses value and takes on the appearance of a risk, rather than an investment. Humanscale has made sure this kind of thinking never invades the buyer/seller relationship when it comes to the Freedom Chair. The Freedom Chair comes with an extensive and excellent warranty, guaranteeing it against damage, premature aging, and everyday wear and tear that can take its toll. The warranty is the most tangible and the most convincing argument for trust on behalf of the vendor of a product, and an extremely valuable (and ethical) form of consumer protection. The Freedom Chair is most definitely an investment in your comfort, support and productivity while at work, and not a financial risk. The strong Humanscale warranty is the final piece of evidence to convince clients this is so.

The Freedom Chair warranty extends over 15 years. If you bought a Freedom Chair today, it would be guaranteed under Humanscale's warranty until the year 2025. The Freedom Chair's fabric and cushions, the most damage prone and easily scuffed pieces on the chair, are guaranteed for the next five years. That's a whole lot of time and a whole lot of value. At a cost of only $900, over 15 and 5 years, the Freedom Chair will more than pay for itself in terms of comfort, support, and increased productivity and ergonomic health. Consider all the features the chair brings to the table; the revolutionary recline mechanism, the painstaking attention to ergonomic innovation, the design of Niels Diffrient, one of the most highly sought-after designers and ergonomic experts the world over. You get the classic look and the amazing comfort of one of the most ergonomic chairs in the world, guaranteed for 15 and 5 years.

Breaking it down into terms of value is helpful when contemplating the effect of the Humanscale warranty:

Over a period of three years with the Freedom Chair, the cost to you for the increased productivity, health and comfort at work will be only 82 cents per day. That's right, for less than a dollar a day you'll get exquisite comfort and support, a fine looking office chair and a partner at work. For a fraction of the cost of a gallon of gas or a ride on the subway, you get the Freedom Chair.

When you extend that warranty over five years, the limit of the warranty on fabric and upholstery, the number moves to 49 cents a day. For 49 cents, less than the cost of gum, you get all the benefits of the Freedom Chair, plus the security of the Humanscale warranty.

Of course, this chair is meant to last. If you extend the value calculation over the entire warranty, the projected life of the chair, 15 years, it will only cost you the 16 cents a day. That's a bargain. That's the Freedom Chair, brought to by Humanscale, at Smart Furniture.