Generation Chair in the Workplace

Generation Chair in the Workplace

The Generation Chair by Knoll was designed specifically for the modern workplace. Every facet of the chair was engineered and sculpted to fit the ever-shifting landscape of the modern office. The Generation Chair was built to support and aid every worker, regardless of generation, position, or spatial relationship to his or her office. The Generation Chair is flexible and modern, well-adapted to the rigors of the modern office experience. There are several areas of the office in which Generation does much good. These are in the areas of Performance, Adaptability, and Spatial Usefulness. The engineers, designers and artists who are responsible for the Generation Chair have crafted a beautiful, supportive, and flexible chair for all the hard-working, supportive, and flexible folks who make up the modern workforce. The product of their labors is a reward for the worker, a haven and a support and performance tool. during the workday. A partner at your desk, a chiropractor, a comfy chair; the Generation Chair is all and one.


The new office work chair has to be a partner for the user. It has to be a tool used to make the workday easier and productivity occur at higher volume. The modern work chair must also be supportive and comfortable, enabling the user to sit comfortably for extensive periods of time. The Generation Chair by Knoll is all of the above and more, the perfect answer to the increasingly complex question; how can office seating be fully optimized? The answer is in a sturdy, performance-driven chair. The Generation Chair by Knoll. So how does the Knoll Generation Chair make you more productive at work, and more supported?

The primary design element that lends itself to performance is literal flexibility. The Generation Chair is the first office chair to remove the stigma from non-traditional sitting styles. Many people sit in their chairs upright and facing forward, which is the way most chairs are designed. However, the designers at Knoll understood that moving in your chair, reclining and twisting, shifting positions, was not merely a tic of restless activity or a way to stay awake. It was essential to the maintenance of attention, circulation, and, more and more, to effective job performance. The average work chair cuts off circulation with hard edges and straightforward posture. The Generation Chair makes the front edge of the chair flexible so that doesn't happen. When the pressure on your thighs is relieved, as it is when sitting in the Generation Chair, your blood circulates better throughout your body. That includes your brain, which, due to the healthy flow of blood, stays alert and focused during the long workday. The Generation Chair can actually help you think!

Generation Office Chair

Furthermore, the Generation Chair is designed to accommodate an endless number of seating styles and variations. The back of the chair is designed to support not only the back and shoulders when sitting forward, but the arms and chest when straddling the chair backwards. That's right, the Generation was designed to be so personal and flexible that sitting backwards is not only possible, not only acceptable, but encouraged and planned for. The arms of the chair are at a height and angle that makes it easy to sit with your legs underneath them. That allows not only backwards seating, but also side saddle sitting. The Generation Chair is the first of it's kind to offer users more than one way to sit, and the first to recognize shifting not as a problem but as an advantage. The Generation Chair thinks the way you do about seating; it should be comfortable; it should be adaptable; it should be personal.

The Knoll Generation makes your life easier by making your sitting easier. It has a revolutionary support system embedded in the non-traditional backing material as well, to cut down on back pain and stress.

Adaptability and Spatial Usefulness

The modern office is a mash-up of various endeavors and departments. The spaces in which the most productive work is done are no longer dominated by desks and cubicles; in successful workplaces they are now hallways, tables, and common areas, places in which ideas and solutions are exchanged and hammered out. The Generation Chair by Knoll was built to satisfy the need of the modern workplace by being useful in the spaces in which modern work is increasingly done. The Generation Chair was designed to be sat in in a number of different positions and styles. This makes it a great chair for common areas. It isn't formal, and it doesn't discourage collaboration by cutting off vision, circulation, and comfortable sitting. The Generation Chair is as loose, flexible and multi-purposed as the modern worker. It's perfect for every space; useful for every space.

The Generation Chair is just as flexible and adaptable when it comes to, well, generations. The modern workplace is a hodge-podge of Gen Xers, baby boomers and iGen upstarts. For every type of person, and for every generation and personality, there is a different way to sit in the Generation Chair, and a new way to use all of its benefits. Sitting backwards, sitting sideways, sitting ramrod straight with perfect posture; all of these are supported, comforted, and made more productive by the Generation Chair. For workers who do better work in conference with others, and for workers who like solitary tasks, the Generation Chair was designed to accommodate every need.

The Knoll Generation Chair is a one-of-a-kind breakthrough in office chair technology. The Generation helps you work at your best by making you comfortable, supporting you, and adapting to your specific needs. Beyond those goals, the Generation Chair also literally improves your cardiac health by making sure your circulation, focus and alertness are at their best. The Generation Chair is the platinum-certified stroke of genius from one of the finest design teams anywhere. Composed by engineers, artists, designers, and folks like you, the Knoll Generation Chair is the ultimate chair for the modern age.