The Leap Chair: Serious Office Furniture

In a market that is brimming with ergonomically correct super chairs, one of them has to emerge as the cost-effective work horse. If that's the chair you're looking for, seek no more. Please consider the Leap Chair by Steelcase Design Studio. The Leap Chair, introduced a decade ago, has proven to be not only the most popular model in the remarkable Steelcase lineup, but the chair is also an award-winning conception by lauded industrial designer Brian Kane, whose design philosophy pairs minimalism with high functionality. Among other awards for innovation and craftsmanship, the Leap Chair has received the Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America and the Grand Prize for Workplace Productivity from Buildings magazine.


Leap Chair Black Back


The Leap Chair by Steelcase is one of the top choices for office workers — and accountants! — who wish to purchase a chair that provides the benefits of ergonomic design at a price that's easier than a great many others on the corporate budget. Offices throughout the world have selected this chair to help them get the most for their money — not just attractive and comfortable office seating, but a chair that promotes the wellbeing and productivity of the user at a reasonable dollar cost. Some reviewers have claimed that the Steelcase Leap Chair will pay for itself almost immediately, in less than two weeks, because of the increase in user productivity the chair promotes. Workers who are comfortable and alert get more work done in less time. Users consistently report that the Leap Chair by Steelcase offers gratifying adjustability without requiring a complicated set of controls. Knobs and levers are few here, and they're carefully labeled. In fact, the chair's flexible back is designed to respond to the user's movements so that no manual adjustments for that feature are even necessary.

When the user's spine moves, the back of the chair moves with it. Similarly, reclining in the Leap Chair automatically moves the seat forward as the back tilts, following the natural movement of the body. Users also frequently comment on the chair's generous size, reporting that its roominess really lets the user settle in and change positions without feeling confined. The armrests are highly adjustable, moving to the side and back as well as rotating inward for a perfect fit whether the user is sitting quite close to a work surface or has pushed away from the desk or table and is sitting casually upright. (There's also an armless model that some users prefer for the side-to-side freedom it allows, perfect for jobs that mix sitting with swiveling or leaning.) Further, the Leap Chair can be purchased with upholstery in either "Buzz2" or "Cogent Connect" fabric, breathable materials that wick away heat and moisture for extreme good comfort.


Steelcase Leap Office Chair


And comfort isn't this chair's only pleasing quality. The Steelcase Leap Chair also passes the important test of aesthetics with overwhelming ease. Thoroughly modern yet unassuming, the Leap Chair is at home in any office, whether the decor is ultra-contemporary or traditional. The chair is available in leather and in a range of appealing colors, from the black and burgundy that suggest authority to blues, yellows, oranges, and reds that allow a whimsical palette of bright hues. Mix and match! The base and frame can be finished in black, platinum, or polished aluminum — and any of these options perfectly complements the upholstery of the buyer's choice. The extra padding and the clearly flexible back promise comfort. A single look, and you'll know this is the kind of chair you want to try right away.

The durability of the chair's materials and construction mean replacing office furniture far less often than in the past, too. Steelcase offers a limited lifetime warranty on the base and frame of the Leap Chair, along with a ten-year warranty on the cylinder and a five-year warranty on the fabric. That's more than competitive! Plus, because of the chair's simple and agreeable single size, buying for economy is easy. One chair, in one style, can comfortably suit many workers — and save money at the same time. Plan to buy enough for a whole room ... or two!

Ergonomic elements in the design and construction of the Leap Chair include these: a segmented back that simulates the human spine and actually molds itself to the user's own back to help reduce unwanted curving during long hours of sitting; armrests that adjust intuitively in three directions; and a feature to maintain consistent firmness, at a magnitude you select, on both your upper and your lower spine. And the seat itself! It features "natural glide" that pivots with your body when you recline; a pliable front edge that responds as if by instinct to yield when you lean forward; and adjustable seat depth that accounts for differing torso and leg lengths among potential users.

In keeping with the environmental standards of Steelcase and SmartFurniture, the Leap Chair is constructed of materials that are 98 percent recyclable. In fact, 30 percent of the materials are recycled content already. Further, the chair has been vetted by international organizations that give certifications for environmentally sound furniture construction and safe indoor air quality. Today's green-conscious user can feel good about adding this chair to his or her space.


Leap Chair Platinum Back



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