The Liberty Chair's Environmental Impact

When deciding to feature a chair and make it available to our customers, one of the many things Smart Furniture considers is environmental sustainability.

Liberty Chair

The Liberty Chair from Humanscale has a great environmental track record, and that's very important. For you, the buyer, the chair contributes to a healthier home or office environment, and decreases your environmental footprint. For Smart Furniture, it means just one more product that we can confidently and proudly put out in the world, secure in the knowledge that we're doing our part to keep the country on the right environmental path. And, for Humanscale, it's another success story in their ongoing effort to be one of the most responsible and sustainable furniture companies in the world. The Liberty Chair is not only a wonderful office chair, supportive, comfortable, and cool, it's also a great choice for consumers in an environmental sense. Here's why:

The Liberty Chair contains 54 percent recycled content. That means over half of this chair is built from recycled material, and not irresponsibly farmed from a shrinking supply of natural resources. Of that 54 percent recycled content, 32 percent is post consumer, and the other 22 percent is classified post-industrial. So Humanscale hasn't restricted themselves to just one source of recycled content; they've diversified and sought out the very best. Now, while 54 percent of the chair is made from recycled content, and that's a very big number, here's a bigger one: The Liberty Chair is itself 93 percent recyclable. When it comes to the end of it's useful life (a long time in the future) the vast majority of the Liberty Chair has be responsibly, safely, sustainably consigned to the recycling bin. Many chairs are difficult to take apart for recycling, but Humanscale made sure that the Liberty wasn't one of those; no, the Liberty Chair is just as easy to take apart as it is to put together, and that makes recycling not only the right choice, but the easy choice for consumers.

Greenguard CertifiedOne of the environmental achievements that Humanscale is most proud of when it comes to the Liberty Chair is the GREENGUARD Indoor Advantage certification it has received. GREENGUARD certifies that chair's are a positive influence on indoor air quality, where oftentimes subtle toxins and pollutions can make the air in your office unhealthy. With the Liberty Chair, you never have to worry about that.

Protecting and serving the environment is one of the premier issues of out time, and Smart Furniture is very proud to be on the forefront of the environmental movement among business and furniture companies. Working with Humanscale, along with many, many other responsible and ethical furniture companies, is just one way we ensure we're doing our part to keep the environment safe. There are few issues more important to a manufacturer than environmental sustainability, and Smart Furniture makes it a point of pride to work only with the most conscientious and responsible companies, making equally green and healthy chairs, like the Humanscale Liberty Chair.

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