Liberty Chair Warranty

Humanscale Liberty ChairThe Humanscale Liberty Chair is one of the companies premier office chairs, and that means it comes with a premier warranty. The fabric and cushions of the chair, or the parts most susceptible to everyday damage and constant wear and tear, hold a five year warranty. For such a vulnerable part of the chair, that's a very strong statement on the part of Humanscale that their product was built to last, and built to thrive in a high pressure environment like the office. The rest of the chair, the essential elements of comfort and support within the structure and excellent design, are guaranteed for a full fifteen years. You won't find very many chairs in America that are given warranties of 15 years, and you certainly won't find many furniture companies who believe in their products that much.

A chair guaranteed for 15 years provides exceptional value to the owner of the chair. That means for the onetime price of $721, you get a guaranteed 15 years of enjoyment, comfort, support and performance at work. For 15 years you get the piece of mind that comes from knowing your excellent office chair can be easily replaced if anything were to happen to it. And the fabric and cushions of the chair, the surfaces upon which most of the stress of a workday is exercised, are guaranteed for five years. If you break that down into terms of value, it looks like this:

Value of the Humanscale Liberty Chair over one year: $1.97 per day.

That's right, for the first year you own the Liberty Chair, you'll only have payed a little less that two bucks for exquisite comfort, support and style. You'll be more comfortable at your office, your chair will look great, and you'll never have to get up and down to stretch your back or work out the kinks from a restrictive or unyielding seat. But, of course, you're highly likely to have this chair with you for more than one year, and the warranties last much longer than that. Let's look at it over five years:

Value of the Humanscale Liberty Chair over five years: 39 cents a day!

For only 39 cents a day, the first five years of your ownership of the Liberty Chair buys you all the comfort, all the support and style you deserve. And that includes all surfaces and structures; the entire chair is given this warranty. That's pretty outstanding. Of course, if you look at the warranty spread over it's entire fifteen years, the results are even more striking:

Value of the Humanscale Liberty Chair over fifteen years: 13 cents a day.

If you keep your chair for the full term of the warranty, you will have paid for it only 13 cents a day. That's an extraordinary value. But, then again, it's an extraordinary warranty. Get your Liberty Chair today from Smart Furniture, and get one of the best warranties in the business for only pennies per day!