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Mirage Stereo Tower by BDI
designed by Al Glass and Cristian Wicha

Mirage Stereo Tower At A Glance:
The Mirage Stereo System Tower is an attractive addition when used with other BDI media centers or on its own. A reversible IR-friendly (infared friendly- for use with remote controls) grey tinted glass door conceals five adjustable shelf compartments, allowing the cabinet to be customized to fit components of almost any size. Concealed wheels allow the Mirage tower to be rolled for easy access to the back of components, and integrated cable management keeps everything in order.

The Mirage Stereo Tower's top shelf holds up to 50 lbs, and the interior shelves provide more than enough strength for your components, unless you plan on stacking gold bricks inside. If you do, please take a picture so we can all enjoy the sight of massive amounts of gold in a stereo tower.

What's To Like:
We love the superb airflow the Mirage Stereo Tower provides. Ventilation slots in the base, shelves and removable back panel allow cooler air to enter from the bottom while hot air flows out of the rear of the cabinet. There is a dedicated vent in the back panel where the user can install an internal fan (up to 3.15" square) for additional heat dispersal.

What's Not to Like:
While Mirage does many things well, it's an expensive solution. We think it's worth the money, with its awesome functionality and slick looks - but it's still pricey.

The Bottom Line:
The Mirage Stereo Tower is a high-capacity center for all your stereo components - or TV components if you want to connect your components to a wall-mounted TV without the need for a TV Stand.


  • Hidden wheels
    Allow the entire system to be rolled away to access cables and connections
  • Cable management
    Integrated wire management features conceal wires for a clean appearance
  • Integrated levelers
    Leg assembly features easily adjustable levelers to accommodate uneven floors
  • Adjustable shelves
    Make it easy to accommodate consoles of different sizes
  • Flow through ventilation
    Shelves and cabinets feature ventilating slots to help keep media console units cool (and prolong their life)
  • Tempered, IR glass
    BDI glass shelves are virtually shatterproof, and they are compatible with the IR (Infrared) signals used by many remote controls, meaning your media consoles can stay hidden and still be fully functional
  • Removable back panel
    Makes it easy to adjust cords in the back of your Mirage. Back panel can also be left off to accommodate larger consoles

The BDI Mirage Stereo Tower is also known by the following manufacturer Item Number: 8222.

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