Mirra in the Home Office

Mirra Home Office Chair Backs The Mirra chair by Herman Miller comes with a strong 12 year warranty. Designed by some of the best furniture and ergonomics minds in the world, Mirra should hold up well past that timeline.

In the home office, Mirra will serve many purposes. The first, naturally, is comfort. The AirWeave seating allows cooling air to circulate through your lower body, a place where heat can build up and get trapped over time. The pioneering backing of the chair accomplishes the same effect with 657 geometric shapes cut out of the back. That same back makes you comfortable in more ways than that, however; Passive PostureFit supports and eases the strain on your back, and the new TriFlex back support system creates three flex zones to allow increased movement and leaning, tilting and reclining. Harmonic tilt, a system that makes the chair respond to all users in the same way when it comes to tilting and reclining, keeps the chair safe and easy to use, responsive to its passenger.

The home office is a personalized space, and Mirra is a personalized chair. Highly adaptable, it was designed to fit any user like a glove, intuitively, without adjustments. However, Herman Miller and Studio 7.5 realize that not everyone looks for the same thing in a chair, and so they made Mirra endlessly adjustable anyway. Seat height and depth, arm rest height and slope, degree of tilt, tension in the seat: all these and more can be adjusted to any specification in the Mirra.

When the Mirra chair has come to the end of its usefulness - you're in the market for a new chair, or the warranty is up, etc - it can be easily disassembled and recycled. Composed of 42 percent recycled material, 96 percent of the chair is itself recyclable. Furthermore the materials in the chair have been MBDC certified Silver and Gold, depending on which model is chosen. That means they've been rigorously tested for any harmful effects they may have on the environment, and been cleared. Mirra will be useful, responsible and adaptable throughout the time you own it. Get your home office right.

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