The Herman Miller Mirra Chair

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9 out of 10 Stars

Price Range: starting at $599.00

It gets very high rankings in every category below. This is a chair with no real weaknesses, a great pedigree, and every comfort and support feature you could want.

Some have found the Mirra Chair to be smaller in the seat pan than they'd like, but this varies from customer to customer.

The Mirra is a flatly excellent office chair. You can find chairs as good, but none much better.



The Herman Miller Mirra Chair looks similar to the earlier, and era-defining, Aeron Chair. Of course, it's not the first or last of the modern office chairs to bear a resemblance to Aeron, but it is one of the first to assimilate the innovative stylization and groundbreaking design without becoming a copy. The Mirra Chair is its own piece of furniture history, a unique and valuable step forward in the world or ergonomics, features, comfort, and style. It's a chair built to fit the human body, keep it cool and supported and comfortable, and it's very successful. The design of the chair, dreamed up and executed by the German Studio 7.5, maintains a complicated paradox; a more-is-more attitude toward features and innovation combined with a less-is-more aesthetic and reliance on material. Mirra is a very well executed chair, and Herman Miller can rightly be proud of its clear steps forward from the grandaddy of them all, the Aeron. Nearly everything about the Mirra Chair is adjustable and customizable, especially if you make use of Smart Furniture's customizing features, and the result is a very comfortable chair that can be made even more precisely comfortable, supportive and tailored by your own hand.
This one has two. That cool looking AirWeave suspension seat, which has heft and surface area but no weight or wasted material? Very cool. But even more attractive, this is an incredibly high value chair. It has all the comfort and support you could ask from from an office chair, but it costs $128 less than the Aeron and $600 less than the Embody, its main competitors.
You won't find a better chair than the Mirra Chair for work and office. Highly recommended. Beyond recommended; urged.
The Mirra can be compared to the Aeron when it comes to the overall shape and "transparent" aesthetic, and for some that might be an unattractive feature, but it's a very different and very unique piece of furniture.



9 of 10 Stars
This is a very comfortable chair, especially when it comes to lower back lumbar support. The deep (yet also light and airy) seat and the strong back of the chair combine to contribute excellent support. The back of the chair, which is one piece of material, has Tri Flex support, three distinct areas that respond individually to the needs of your back, posture, weight, stature, and so on. The Mirra Chair also comes with a feature called harmonic tilt, which controls and optimizes your recline. The seat of the Mirra makes use of Air Weave suspension, allowing the free passage of air throughout the seat pan. This keeps you cool while sitting, along with giving the chair its unique mixture of strength and less-is-more construction. Sitting in the Mirra, I never felt I needed to get up and walk around and, more than that, never needed to shift position because of discomfort. I was able to adjust the chair easily to my preferred sitting position, and it performed in every way.
DESIGN: 9 of 10
9 of 10 Stars
The Mirra Chair has a wealth of design features and the structures of the chair have been beautifully put together. For features, adjustments, comfort and style the Mirra has few peers; the brilliance of the Embody Chair design comes to mind. The Mirra is smaller than that chair, and a little less generous as far as luxury goes, but it meets and sometimes exceeds it when it comes to design. Harmonic Tilt, Tri Flex backing, Air Weave suspension and a bevy of easy to use adjustments make the Mirra stand out from the crowd when it comes to ergonomic, smart, elegant design.
STYLE: 8 of 10
8 of 10 Stars
This is where the Mirra suffers (but only slightly) in comparison to the other great office chairs on the market right now. It's somewhat squat, lower to the ground than more stylish chairs, and the back is somewhat derivative of the Aeron. Otherwise, it's a lovely chair, with an excellent balance between aesthetic concerns for less material and simpler, more elegant structures. Available in quite a few colors.
9 of 10 Stars
Herman Miller is perhaps the most respected and well-known fine furniture purveyor in the United States, and even the world. You won't find a company with a greater commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, classic and timeless design, and peerless craftsmanship. The furniture produced by them can be measured against the furniture of any other furniture company on earth, and not be found wanting.
9 of 10 Stars
The Mirra Chair is an extremely responsible work chair. Composed of 42 percent recycled material and itself 96 percent recyclable, it was built to make little to no impact on the environment. It has MBDC certification, GREENGUARD certification, and can contribute to businesses and offices receiving LEED credits. More than the chair itself, Herman Miller builds all of their products with an absolute minimum of environmental hazard.
8 of 10 Stars
The Mirra is a very high performing chair, bet there is an absence of features exclusively geared toward performance specifically. The chair focuses more on comfort, support, and ergonomics, which are in themselves high performance enablers.
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