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Nelson Polygon Clock by Vitra
designed by George Nelson

With the diversity of materials used and their sculptural shapes, these colorful clocks double as wall art. Even today, George Nelson's wall clocks remain a refreshing alternative to the usual timekeepers. The Vitra Design Museum presents a re-edition of the designs so cherished by collectors.

  • Valuable as collector's items
  • Dimensions: 17" diameter
  • Battery included

The Vitra Home Collection is not an interior design system or a homogeneous product line which promotes a uniform style. Rather, Vitra considers the furnishing of one's home as a process of collage - a gradual assemblage of products and objects. Not to be confused with coincidental accumulation of things, this process is a conscious arrangement that grows and changes with regard to both content and style, according to the owner's individual preferences and circumstances.

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