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Paramount Studio Sofa
by Blu Dot

Paramount Studio Sofa At A Glance:
The Paramount Studio Sofa is the kind of furniture that you'd expect to see Marilyn Monroe lounging on, book in her hand with her eyes dreamily half-shut. Mid-century style, modern materials, and Blu Dot's build quality combine to make this small modern sofa a find worth featuring. Choose from attractive neutral upholstery; all cushions are loose.

Originally launched in 2008, new production features better foam, solid maple kiln dried frame, double doweled frame and better US milled fabrics. 1" deeper to account for less lumpy back pillows. Sofa seat cushions can be flipped to change to a non-tufted look (doesn’t work with sectionals) . Comfortable enough to sleep on in lieu of a sleeper sofa.

What's To Like:
Modern lines, unique style. The Paramount Studio Sofa is a striking piece with crisp straight lines and tufted seat cushions that accent its loose-cushioned back.

What's Not to Like:
It's a small sofa - more like a loveseat - and that's a minus if you're looking for a larger sofa. If this describes you, try the Paramount Medium Sofa or the Paramount Large Sofa instead.

The Bottom Line:
This loveseat is perfect to add style, versatility, and comfort to any room. With comfortable space for two (three if you like each other), the Blu Dot Paramount Studio Sofa is perfect for watching movies or reading.


  • Overall dimensions: 32" h x 66" w x 34" d
  • Seat depth: 21"
  • Seat height: 17"
  • Solid hardwood and plywood frame
  • Loose back cushions
  • Stainless steel legs with a tufted or smooth seat cushion, just flip it!

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