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PowerCurl for MacBook
by Quirky

Quirky PowerCurl At A Glance:
The PowerCurl is a clip-on cord wrap for Apple's 45W, 60W and 85W MagSafe Power Adapter. PowerCurl makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly without having to untangle your extension cords the next time you set up shop.

What's To Like:
PowerCurl keeps your cord untangled, and the adapter won't overheat anymore, since it's raised off the ground.

What's Not to Like:
The PowerCurl adds a tiny bit more bulk to your cord assembly when it's packed away in your computer case, but it makes up for the bulk it adds by making the cords more orderly.

The Bottom Line:
The PowerCurl is yet another ingeniously-designed product from Quirky, ready to introduce order to your computer case and desk space. It's perfectly suited to manage your Apple laptop's power cables.


  • Both ends of the cord (the plug end and the MagSafe end) can wrap around the device, allowing for quick and easy unraveling
  • The included clip enables the plug end of your cord to clip to itself, just like your MagSafe end does
  • Fear over-heated adapters no more- PowerCurl elevates the power adapter for improved air circulation and cooling
  • Available in blue and grey for the 45W, 60W and 85W models
  • PowerCurl sizes match up with the default adapters for following MacBook models:
    • 45W = MacBook Air
    • 60W = MacBook, 13" MacBook Pro
    • 85W = 15" and 17" MacBook Pro

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About The Manufacturer

Quirky LogoFor centuries, becoming an "inventor" has been a hard gig to crack. Complexities relating to financing, engineering, distribution, and legalities have stood in the way of brilliant people executing on their great ideas.

Quirky's founder and CEO, Ben Kaufman, aimed to fix the unbalanced idea-making process; since launching in 2009, Quirky has rapidly changed the way the world thinks about product development. They bring two brand new consumer products to market each week, by enabling a fluid conversation between a global community and Quirky's expert product design staff.

The world influences their business in real-time, and Quirky shares their revenue directly with the people who help them make successful decisions.

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