The Sayl Chair: at Home or in the Office

The Sayl Chair by Yves Behar goes well in almost any work environment. Whether you're the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company or a small business owner, the Sayl Chair can work — and work well — for you. Sayl's manufacturer, Herman Miller, offers a variety of furniture pieces to perfectly complement your office space no matter what your style or budget.

The Sayl Chair's true blood brother is an obvious choice. Herman Miller additionally offers Sayl as a side chair that moves seamlessly from home to work to conference room to wherever you want it to be. The Sayl Side Chair is perfect for almost anything and can be incorporated into any space. This side chair is designed to take up less space than the original Herman Miller Sayl Chair, while still incorporating all of the wonderful aspects of the larger Sayl Chair.

The side chair is stackable when purchased in the four-leg version, and stacks up to four chairs high for easy storage. Its elegant styling comes at an extremely affordable price. You can choose a four-leg base with glides or casters, or choose a chair with a cantilever base. Both come with or without arms, according to what you need. The suspension on the back of the chair is similar to the 3D intelligent suspension back on the work chair. The Sayl Side Chair is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing in all of its configurations. Sayl is offered in a plethora of classic and contemporary back and seat colors so you can create a single chair or an office full of chairs that will fit beautifully in your specific work environment. Whether you're creating a modern design or a homey feel, there is a chair for your space.

Sayl Chairs

Designed by Yves Behar and ideal for both the office and home, the Herman Miller Sayl Chair has a back that is full of holes which allow your skin to breathe. This function of the Sayl Chair makes it extremely comfortable in many ways, and it fits perfectly into nearly any environment. Whether you are looking for a chair to go in your office or home, there is a style of Sayl for you. It doesn't matter if you're an on-the-go bachelor or a laid back family of four, the chair can be customized to fit you. There are a plethora of options available with this new chair. Herman Miller Sayl Chairs come in a variety of colors and in a variety of styles.

The chair is sold in an almost mix and match format, allowing the consumer to interchange colors, textures, and even structural attributes like arms and lumbar support. For instance, a contemporary dining space would be perfect for a bachelor. Fill your dining room with Herman Miller Sayl Chairs in bright bold colors. Perhaps a lime green or striking blue would be the perfect choice for this décor. Use the side chairs for an extremely contemporary look, or mix and match the armless full sized chairs with the side chairs.

Sayl Chair in BlackOf course, you would opt for the Herman Miller Sayl Chair with arms when searching for a modern look. For the less contemporary and more classic look of a traditional family home, a simple black version of the chair would be a perfect fit. The chair also comes in stylish blues and green, even reds. There are lots of options that can be chosen from with one mouse click when shopping.

The Sayl Chair is compatible with almost any office space. It's hard to think of any space that wouldn't be enhanced by the addition of a Sayl. There is simply no office, home, or conference center that these chairs cannot conform to. It's easy to change the attributes of the Sayl Chair to fit whatever space you're in. Aside from conforming to the space they are put in, they are affordable to a large demographic of shoppers.

Herman Miller's most affordable modern office chair is extremely affordable and, because of Smart Furniture's easy to use website, they are also quite easy to buy. From cutting edge office designs to simple classic office spaces, there is a customizable Sayl Chair that will fit effortlessly into your specific space. The stackable and simple armless side chair is perfect for any conference space. The side chairs are easily moved and can be stacked for storage in a small space. The simplest of all of the chairs made by Herman Miller, the stackable version of this chair is basic and will blend in perfectly in any setting. The Sayl Side Chair can easily be stored when the room is being used for another purpose, and provide the most comfortable conference seating offered. If you're looking for a chair that will stand out, choose the task chair.

The side chair is also great for client seating in any office. Having extra seating that perfectly matches your office chair is notable. When you're sitting in the Herman Miller Sayl Chair by Yves Behar, there is no other chair that is really suitable for the people sitting across from your desk. Match the two chairs together to create an effortless, clean, and organized look to your office. Not only will your clients be impressed with you, but they'll also be impressed with your Sayl Chairs. Sayl does not have the look of your average office chair, but who wants to be average these days? The chair will no doubt be a conversation starter for anyone visiting your office space. The unique look of the chair is one that will always pique the interest of those who see it for the first time. Its revolutionary design will provide you with the most comfort and reliability possible.

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