Setu in the Home Office

The Herman Miller Setu Chair is not just for companies and business employees. It was built to be a task chair, adaptable to any situation, whether that be sitting at a bar, a table, in front of the television, at your computer, or in your home office. The meaning of the home office, of the office itself, has changed dramatically over the years as work has become possible in an array of different settings, at a variety of speeds and levels of intensity. Airports and restaurants, cars and bathrooms - you can work from just about anywhere. This chair was built to accommodate that. Of course, that doesn't mean the traditional needs of the home office worker are ignored or unmet in the Setu Chair; quite the opposite. The Setu Chair was built to be as personal and comfortable as your home office. The kinematic spine, a groundbreaking achievement in engineering and design, makes it possible for each Setu Chair, mass produced though they may be, to fit each individual user like a glove. The Setu Chair doesn't have to be adjusted or broken in, because it was built to be right for everyone. Your home office is a reflection of you, and with the Setu Chair, your home office chair can be too. You'll be comfortable, supported, and working in a chair that was built to fit you perfectly. The Setu Chair is a jack of all trades, but it's also a personal chair, and the designers and engineers at Herman Miller and Studio 7.5 wouldn't have it any other way.

What makes Setu so adaptable, so easy to use in a variety of environments? The principle element that contributes to the Setu's excellence is the kinematic spine, a groundbreaking design and engineering innovation that allows the Setu Chair to mirror your movements, adapt to your weight, height and posture, and do it all without any levers, adjustments, or knobs. The kinematic spine is a breakthrough of a high order, enabling every single Setu Chair produced to be completely different from the last, while at the same time exactly the same. The same because the materials and measurements are identical; different because one the Setu Chair is matched with a user, it immediately adapts itself to that person, becoming a different chair. The kinematic spine is shaped and designed to mirror the human spine, which is why it's so strong and flexible, while at the same time extremely responsive to the pressure and positioning of the human back and spine. Made of strong yet flexible materials and forming the backbone and support structure of the Setu Chair, the kinematic spine is the undisputed engine by which the Setu Chair achieves it's goals; comfort, flexibility, and utility.

Setu Home Office Chair

The Setu Chair is perfect for your home office. It's perfect because it meets those goals; perfect because when you're working at home you need mobility, flexibility, and comfort. Setu Chair is uniquely positioned to offer this kind of Swiss army knife experience. The designers and engineers who put it together were on a mission: to make the best possible chair for today's uber-busy technological world. Setu is meant to meet any challenge, and that means helping you meet all of yours.

But it isn't just the wondrous engineering that makes the Setu Chair its distinctive self. It's the beauty, the style, and the design as well. Studio 7.5, which designed the Setu Chair, are renowned for the attention to line and detail the pay to every product they make. Working out of a flexible and collaborative tradition, the design team produces the very best in individualized designs that fit a universal need. The modern, clean lines of the Setu Chair are adaptable as well as fine. The chair fits in any environment, its simplicity and lack of unnecessary bulk and materials making it ideal for almost any office. The chair fits neatly and unobtrusively, but is stylish enough to avoid invisibility or blandness. The aesthetics of the Setu Chair belie a cultured design sensibility - it's modern, clean, and utilitarian. Setu is an art object, a work of exquisite design, but it's not showy or extravagant, the aesthetic hallmark of a classic and enduring design.

Herman Miller has made it easy for users to really make their Setu Chair their own. Setu is available in a variety of colors, styles, and even forms. The chair can be personalized by changing the style of base, which comes in both rolling and stationary forms. The chair can be personalized by colors; it's available in black, gray, and green, to list just a few options. The home office is often a sanctuary, an expression of self even more specific and personal than a bedroom or living room; so it's important for your office chair to conform to the way you want it to be. The engineers and designers at Herman Miller and Studio 7.5 know this, and they built the Setu Chair just for you.

After many faithful years, if for any reason you want to trade in the Setu Chair for another office chair, Setu is extremely easy to disassemble and recycle. In fact, most of the materials used to construct the chair itself are post-consumer recycled themselves. Herman Miller and The Setu Chair improves your office during its useful life (guaranteed for 12 years by Herman Miller), and when you're done with it, you can rest assured the disposal will be clean, sustainable and responsibly green.

Bringing a Herman Miller Setu Chair into your home office is bring grace, style, design, engineering, and comfort in as well. Your home office, and your personal Setu Chair, can be at the forefront a technological design revolution, sure to change the way people and companies think about their seating choices. Don't delay in securing for yourself the standard by which all other office chairs will soon be judged; make your home office an oasis, and buy the Setu Chair today.