Setu Chair Video Review

Wes breaks down Herman Miller's Setu Chair in this video review. The Setu Chair is one of Herman Miller's newest- and can be used as a conference chair and/or a task chair. Wes rates the Setu based on comfort, style, design, performance, environmental sustainability, and craftsmanship.



Hi, and welcome to the video review of the Herman Miller Setu Chair. Im Wes from and this is an independent video review commissioned by If this review, well talk about the Setu Chair in a number of different categories, including comfort, style, design, performance, environmental pedigree, and craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy the video.

This part of the video review deals with comfort. Now, the Setu Chair is a comfortable chair. We gave it 6 out of 10 stars, and thats above average, which is 5. However, we found that if you are sitting in the chair for very long periods of time, as in you are spending 8 to 10 hours a day at your desk, it is not really optimal. There a few things they could do a little bit better. The armrests are a little bit hard and are not positioned that well. The back doesn't have much neck support, unless you get the Setu Lounge Chair, which does have a longer back. Overall, this chair is good, not great.

This part of the video review deals with design. The Set Chair was designed by Studio 7.5, which is a German studio, and they used advanced techniques to make an advanced chair. If I turn around, you can see that the chair is supported by something they call the kinematic spine, which are these two sort of rods right here that are made out of a special kind of plastic, and a mesh that stretches between them. When I lean back in the chair, it can react to me very easily, kind of like the human spine. It looks like the human spine from the side. What that does is it makes the chair very comfortable and very adaptable to your body without using any adjustments. Most chairs, you have to adjust for tilt and all that kind of stuff and with the Setu you dont have to, and that's great design. Another thing that is really cool about this chair is that, as you could see when I turned around, it is transparent. Air passes right through it. It's got a lot of mesh, and that keeps you very cool and very comfortable. It is a very lightweight chair and it is a super simple chair. The simplicity of the chair keeps it from getting an amazing design rating, but we still think it is really good. It is really clever and really smart. A good design chair.

This part of the video review deals with style. Now, this chair is very simple, but it is also very sleek and kind of modern. It looks cool. It is transparent, air passes through it. It is very lightweight. It is just kind of a simple, breezy, easy chair. It is not cluttered up with a lot of adjustments and knobs, and all kind of stuff. With this chair, all you have to do is sit, lean back, and you are comfortable. So, while the stylization is nothing spectacular, it looks really good. It can fit in almost any room, or even an outdoor space. Overall, we give this chair good marks for style.

This part of the video review deals with craftsmanship - who made this chair? Obviously, it is made in the Herman Miller factories here in the United States. That means that it is put together very well and very responsibly. But it was actually designed by a German outfit called Studio 7.5. They got their name because they wanted to build a seven-and-a-half ton truck, have their little design workshop in the back of the truck, and drive around and fix problems and create things sort of on the move. You can see that in the Setu Chair. It is very adaptable and flexible. That is one of the things that sets it apart. In terms of quality and craftsmanship, this is really a good chair. Studio 7.5 has a good reputation. They also designed the Mirra Chair and that is another thing that Herman Miller is really proud of. Overall, we give this chair good marks.

This part of the video review deals with environmental standards of the Setu Chair, which are actually very high. First of all, it is made by Herman Miller, and that means it is made in zero emissions factories, under the Design for the Environment Initiative. Herman Miller is one of the best companies in the country when it comes to making environmentally sustainable furniture. Another thing that is great about this chair is that most of the material in the chair is recycled. And, when you are done with it, most of this chair can be recycled again. Now if you dont recycle, or if part of the chair that cant be recycled needs to be thrown away, as you can see, there isnt very much material on the chair. That means it is not going to fill up landfills. Thats also good for the environment. Overall, we give this chair very good marks when it comes to environmentalism.

This part of the video review deals with performance. How does this chair help you do your work better? Well, it is comfortable and it is supportive, but like we said, not superlatively so. Past that, there is really nothing else. There arent a lot of features on this chair, a lot bells and whistles, and to some people that itself is a feature. They want a very simple chair that just does the job and gets out. But if you are looking for high performance, Setu is not really the chair for you. Overall, we give this chair average marks for performance. We hope you enjoyed this video review by This product is available at Smart Furniture. If you have any questions, call 888-467-6278, or go online at Thanks for watching.