Setu Office Chair by Herman Miller

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Low Profile Glides
Glides are not wheels. Suitable for hard floor or carpet. Only available with the 4-Star Base.

Hard Floors and/or Carpet Casters
They don't make loud noises and get better traction on hard surfaces. Also, since Setu is so light the casters have a medium roll resistance that slows them down a tad.

Quiet Roll Casters
Also softer to get better traction on hard surfaces, and don't make loud noises when rolling around like the harder ones would these special casters have an extra retainer on the stem of the caster that helps stabilize it when inserted in the base. Less rattling and therefore super quiet and stealth!

Translucent Casters
Like the Casters for Hard Floors and/or Carpet above but with clear polycarbonate wheels. 
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