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Vertical Cable Manager


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Vertical Cable Manager

by Details

At A Glance:
Keep wires in check with this sleek wire manager. Black plastic with attachment hardware included so it can be a permanent addition to your desktop.

What's To Like:
Wires are easy to get in and out without any fuss, such as you'd get with zip ties. You'll be able to keep all your cords away from your feet when you're sitting at your desk - a feature that's worth a lot.

What's Not to Like:
You will still have cords, they will just be neater. Can't we make the cords disappear? Unfortunately, no.

The Bottom Line:
You'll be grateful for this convenient, attractive wire management system, and your co-workers will be as well. Neater cords = neater office.


  • Flexible 52" spine attached to the underside of the worksurface; black finish
  • Can be shortened by as many links as needed - links are easily removable
  • Weighted base piece keeps the cable manager in place on the floor
  • Plastic "backbone" and metal base

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The Skeleton Bone Wire Manager is also known by the following manufacturer item numbers: TS5SKLBNE and AHVERT.

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Materials & Measurements

Size: H52 x 2" diameter

Minor assembly required

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Shipping & Delivery

Options are good. Here are your 2 shipping options:

Free Shipping: Free

Standard Shipping: Free

Shipping Charge

The Vertical Cable Manager ships with free FedEx Ground.

Is assembly required?

Yes, minor assembly is required.

How soon will my order ship?

Orders typically ship within 8-10 days from the purchase date.

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Limited lifetime warranty

For more information, please see our Steelcase warranty section.