Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair Collection

The Ekornes Stressless Chair is the world renowned leader in recliner technology. Designed with patented features that put it in a category all its own, no other piece of furniture can provide the same levels of luxury and relaxation. Although available in many different styles to choose from, the one that consistently remains in high demand is the Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair.

The legendary comfort of the Ekornes Stressless Chair starts with the internal frame. It's the part of the chair you will never see, but is where that superior level of comfort and support begins. Space age cold cured foam is injected over a steel frame to provide the first layer of support. Then an additional layer of soft foam covers the frame to add an additional level of comfort. Then the outside layer of cushions are crafted from super soft Dacron fibers for a surface that comforts your body as you recline back and relax. The Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair is the largest size of the Ambassador Chair family. The other sizes of the Ambassador family include the Consu and the Diplomat Chairs.

See the Diplomat Chair (small)
See the Consul Chair (medium)
See the Ambassador Chair (large)

The Consul is the medium size, and the Diplomat is the smallest sized chair of the style line. All of the chairs feature the same patented technology and unquestioned comfort and support. Ekornes builds their Stressless Chairs in different measurements to allow for more options when customizing the chair to your own unique body size and living space. The Ekornes Stressless Chair known as the Ambassador is built to provide a superior level of comfort for individuals of larger stature. Not only are the chairs different sizes, their matching ottomans are as well. Each ottoman is adjusted to correspond with their accompanying chair size.

Diplomat Chair
Diplomat Chair (small)
Consul Chair
Consul Chair (medium)
Ambassador Chair
Ambassador Chair (large)

The thing that makes the Ekornes Stressless Chair unique is its many different patented features. For a reclining motion that is tailored to your individual body size and strength, the Glide System allows you to shift to any seated position by using your own natural body weight. Adjusting the chair is easy. Simply loosen the Stressless wheel on the side of the chair and then tighten it to a degree that allows you to easily recline. The secret to the Ekornes Stressless Chair legendary support comes from the Plus System. The Plus System automatically provides the exact amount of support needed for your head and lumbar area.

It works as you sit back and recline your chair. As you ease back, the lower back support adjusts along with the headrest to provide the perfect level of support. Once your body moves back, the headrest rises. This provides you with the support your head needs while allowing you to watch television or read while being fully reclined. If you planned out your afternoon to include nothing but some quality rest time, then the headrest easily adjusts to lay flat so you can grab that nap you’ve been looking forward to. Each Ekornes Stressless Chair comes with its own ottoman to provide you with complete support and that "floating on air" sensation.

The ottoman that is included with each Stressless Chair is much more than a simple stool. When people ease back in recliner chairs, their legs naturally move forward. As this occurs, the ottoman is able to adjust to the movement of your legs to continue the same level of support you're used to getting from your Ekornes Stressless Chair. When searching for a chair that gives you the option to easily face the direction of your choice, look no further than the Ekornes Stressless Chair. With its 360 degree swivel, the chair is easily rotated to face the summer sun or make a change in direction so you can soak up as much heat as possible from your fireplace in the middle of a cold winter. Which ever direction you want to face, the Stressless Chair 360 degree swivel allows you the freedom to choose.

Ambassador Chair

Your Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair is not simply comfortable to sit in; it is also a versatile, sophisticated and stylish piece of furniture. The chair can be incorporated into many different room designs. It can be the focal point of a room or simply act as an accent in the overall design of your space. The chair easily works in a den or living room environment. Or can blend in seamlessly with the layout of a bedroom. For a perfect chair to sink into while watching a movie or the big game down stairs in your home theater, the Ekornes Stressless Chair fits the bill. The chair works equally as well at the office. Having a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture in your lobby or waiting area provides the perfect first impression for clients and customers. And if a hard day's work means you get to take a break every now and then, nothing could be more comfortable then relaxing in a Stressless Chair.

To fit in with the vision you've created for your room, the Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair is capable of being customized to your upholstery and color specifications. It begins with choosing the upholstery. The Ekornes Stressless Chair provides you with the option of choosing between leather and fabric. Leather options include Batick in seven colors, Classic in 11 colors, Paloma in 29 colors, and Royalin in six colors. If you find more comfort in fabric, then choose between Cocoon in 10 color combinations, Placidus in eight color combinations, Natura in 10 colors combinations, Oasis in 20 colors, or Dinamica in 16 colors.

Your Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair is one of the Stressless Chair styles that come with a wooden base crafted from European Beech. European Beech was selected for the Stressless Chair because of its enduring strength and attractive grain pattern. Choose between Black, Brown, Cherry, Mahogany, Teak and Wenge stain colors for the finish on your base. A Natural clear coat finish is an available option as well. Once you choose the upholstery and finish for the base of your Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair, then you will need to decide if you need any of the incredibly convenient and helpful accessories.

Ambassador Chair

For a table that allows you plenty of space for your laptop or other internet connected devices, the Stressless Personal Table is the perfect solution. The table easily attaches to the base of your chair and operates on a swing arm that allows you to pull it close when you're getting connected or push it away when you want to ease back and relax. Designed with a rectangular shape that arches downward for easy viewing, the table is the simple accessory to help you stay plugged in with the world. For a table that provides you with a close at hand location to place your drink, book or remote control on, take a look at the Stressless Swing Table. Similar to the Personal Table, the Swing Table attaches to the base of your Ekornes Stressless Chair. The swing arm feature allows you to pull it in when you want to keep things close at hand, or push it away when as you recline back for a quick nap.

For people of a larger stature, the large sized Ambassador Chair will provide years of comfort and support. But if you need just a bit more height, then the Stressless Elevator Ring will get you to the level you are looking for. Easily placed under the base of your chair and ottoman, the ring raises your chair up 1 1/4" and enhances your comfort. If you plan on placing your Ekornes Stressless Chair on a hard floor surface, then the Hard Floor Protector will ease any damage concerns you may have. The self-adhesive felt is sized to fit all wooden based chairs and keeps your hard wood or tile floors looking like new. One accessory that will be important to individuals that select leather upholstery is the Stressless Leather Cleaner. Stressless Leather Cleaner is a mild water-based cleaner that can be used on all pure aniline and pigmented leathers. It removes soil and most water-based stains. To ensure a long lasting beauty for your Ekornes Stressless Chair, it is recommended by the manufacturer that all Ekornes leather products be cleaned and re-protected at least every six months.

The Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair is the perfect recliner for people that value a chair built for big and tall individuals. It gives you the same soft and soothing comfort and support as the other available sizes, but provides the space to allow you to feel that floating on air sensation famously produced by the Stressless Chair. Besides the always important comfort factor, the Ambassador's contemporary and sophisticated style adds an important element to the design of your room. For the home or office, the Ambassador chair was designed to impress. Learn more about the chair that will give you the direct path to peace and comfort and allow you to relax like never before. Discover the Ekornes Stressless Ambassador Chair today.


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