The Ekornes Stressless Kensington Chair Collection


Ekornes Stressless Kensington Chair Collection

One of the most popular lines in the Ekornes Stressless series is the Kensington/Mayfair/Chelsea line. It's not hard to see why. These are some of the most stylish chairs in the entire product line, at once familiar and modern, new and yet comforting. The look of the chairs befits their English names - they seem to be (and they are) modern classics. The base of the chair comes in a few different exotic looks, with the most interesting being the red-hued mahogany shown off in the picture at the top of this page. With Smart Furniture’s custom design engine, it's easy to create the perfect look for your perfect recliner.

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Ekornes Stressless Chair are unique in the recliner market because they require no adjustment. Whenever you want to recline, your lay your head back, or sit up, the chair reads your body and responds to your shifting weight. When you buy the chair you make a single adjustment, fine-tuning the Glide System wheel along the side of the chair, and then you never have to mess with it again if you don’t want to. The magic of the system is wrapped up in technical expertise, design brilliance, and over four decades of obsessively perfecting a single product. All of the Ekornes Stressless Chairs stand alone in the international recliner market, and the Kensington line stands out even from that august company.

Inventive design, a beguiling exterior and a clever interior will do that for a chair.

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Kensington Chair Collection Materials

The market in recliners, and indeed in all furniture, is changing on the international market. One way things are changing is in the realm of material. The Ekornes Stressless Chairs are some of the most prominent users of leather and wood in the international design scene, and they don’t charge an arm and a leg to their customers for using them. Another thing that’s changing, (and Ekornes was again at the forefront of this movement) is in the realm of customization. More and more, designers are realizing that they aren't the only people who should have a say in the finished look of a give product, like a chair. They are beginning to realize, as Smart Furniture has, that the buyer, the person who will own the product for the rest of it’s life, has a large part to play in selecting materials and choosing looks. That’s why when you buy an Ekornes Stressless Chair from Smart Furniture, you can use our interactive design engine to make tons of choices about the materials, colors, and finishes.

When you purchase your own Kensington or Chelsea chair, you get the option of four different kinds of leather, including Royalin, one of the finest leathers in the world. In that sense you don't just get a large say in the look and feel of the chair, you get a large say in the sense of luxury, and of the cost. You can also choose classic leather, Paloma leather, and Batick leather. Each of these types of leather bring their own unique feel, their own unique coloring, to the Stressless Chair of your dreams. And they all conspire to make you, the buyer, the final designer of the product that you purchase. There are very few companies in any market that allow their customers to do this; to become part of a team of designers stretching back several years that all contributed to single finished product. But then again, Ekornes isn’t just your average company, and neither is Smart Furniture.

Kensington ChairIf leather isn't exactly your thing, and there are many reasons that might be so, never fear - Stressless has planned the perfect chair for you as well. One of the fabrics you can choose for your Stressless Chair is called Dinamica. Dinamica is a special fabric - it's easy to clean (you can even do it in your machine washer, along with your clothes) and therefore easy to take care of and keep in tip top shape. Dinamica also resists picking, and the every day indignities of being a chair therefore don’t effect it too much. Dinamica can and does look every bit as new and fresh two years from now as it did the day you bought it. As with the other leather and fabric choices available from this company, Dinamica is a safe product, manufactured responsibly and with the environment in mind at all times.

Of course the seat and seat back on your Stressless Chair aren’t the only part of the product you can customize and make your own. The base is also a big part of the Stressless look - the curved "legs" and the round base make for an appealing design, to go underneath an appealing chair. The base is available in several different finishes, all with their own different colors and grains and unique personalities. They include Cherry, Walnut, Mohogany, Natural, Teak, and others. They all look great, but Ekornes knows only a few of them look like you. And that’s what makes customizing your own Stressless Chair so great.

Environmental Issues

At Smart Furniture we care very deeply about the environment, and in working with designers and companies who care about it as well. We ship our products in recyclable and re-usable shipping containers, and the products themselves are generally recyclable and made in manufacturing facilities that are safe for the environment.

Ekornes is just one of the many companies who happen to completely agree with us. Many of the Stressless Chairs are 99% recyclable, and easy to take apart and dispose of if that’s what you want to do. The chairs are built in factories and manufacturing facilities that are optimized for environmental responsibility, and the furniture itself is built with materials that are safe to create, safe to use, and safe for all users. That includes environmentally safe glue, wood, and leather.

When you buy a Stressless Chair from Smart Furniture, you’re not just buying a great product that you're going to use for years and years. You’re also buying something that was safely and responsibly produced, and you never have to feel any guilt at all when contemplating the way it got into your living room. Not all companies, nor all designers, can make that kind of statement, and it's one that Smart Furniture is very very proud to make. Ekornes is an effective and valued partner with us in making sure that our furniture is safe and responsible.

Accessories for your Recliner

When you buy the Ekornes Stressless Chair, you may not be done with your purchase. There are several add-ons that are available with this chair, each of which have their own contributions to make to your comfort and support while in your recliner. One prominent addition is the Personal Table, which you can move toward you or away from you, and upon which you can easily and conveniently place food, books, magazines, remotes, or your laptop. You can sit and watch the big game on your television while at the same time you follow your fantasy team on your Personal Table! The Swing Table is another interesting accessory offered by Ekornes. It attaches to the side of the chair, and swings in an out. It's a smaller surface, which makes it perfect for holding drinks and snacks, a pair of glasses, or small personal device like a phone or ipod.

While the ottoman that comes with the Stressless Chair isn't technically an accessory, it does act like on. A compliment in every way to the actual recliner, it moves with the recliner and with your body when you sit up or recline. The ottoman is built to the same exacting specifications that the rest of the Stressless Chairs are put through, and it performs just as well. The devil is in the details, and at Ekornes, nothing goes out the door unless it’s been pored over, analyzed, and made as perfect as it possibly can be. Your ottoman is the compliment to your chair, and with both of them working together you can be sure to experience that floating on air feeling.

The Kensington/Mayfair/Chelsea series of Stressless Chairs is one of the most popular series in the whole line. Built in Norway, sold everywhere, they can now be an integral, comfortable, supportive part of your home.

No matter what kind of buyer you are, no matter your size or your budget, there is a Stressless Chair in this line that is right for you. Whether you are more of a Kensington person, a Mayfair person, or a Chelsea person, it’s almost guaranteed that when it comes to comfort and support you are a Stressless person. If you like a chair that can read your body, make you comfortable in nearly any position, and cradle and support your body in several regions at once, then the Stressless Chairs at Smart Furniture are right for you. Get yours today!


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