The Design of the Steelcase Think Chair


Thoughtful, Honest Engineering

Steelcase Think ChairThe Steelcase Think Chair is known for it's intuitive personality and for being at the forefront of the movement towards sustainable, environmentally responsible furniture. But one of the reasons you'll love it for its elegant design and undeniable beauty. Designer Glen Oliver Low had this to say about the chair: "Design isn't just about style. It's about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent. Think is a truthful chair - the result of open dialogue between engineers, environmentalists, and the designer." So what makes Think so truthful? For one, the materials used in the chair are simple and effective at getting the job done. The flexing front edge, the Your Power control mechanisms, they all do their jobs effectively and simple. That's elegance. There's nothing hidden in the Think Chair, no parts or materials the eye doesn't have access to. To be completely transparent and, at the same time, completely aesthetically defined, is an extremely difficult feat to achieve. With the Think Chair, as well as many of his other designs, Glen Oliver Low hit that mark. The "dialogue" between Low and Steelcase, and between Steelcase and the engineers who perfected the chair, is visible to everyone who looks at or sits in a Think Chair. Every thoughtful piece of every thoughtful chair was carefully orchestrated to fit seamlessly into a lovely whole. Of course, it isn't just transparency that makes Think so striking; there is also groundbreaking nature of it's engineering and eco-conscious nature. Smart, conscientious, beautiful, truthful, the Steelcase Think Chair is at the head of the class.

The most significant design aspect of the Think Chair is, as Low put it, its synthesis of several differing fields and ideas. This is reflected in the lines of the chair, which are variegated and non-traditional. The back is a curve broken in places to provide optimum comfort. The seat is a line the falls off at the edge, the flexible lip that keeps your circulation going and your thighs from unnecessary discomfort. Rather than meeting to form a joint the back and seat remain separate but give the appearance of interlocking, or embrace, at the non-juncture they create. The Think Chair is a uniquely designed piece of furniture for a unique purpose, and the aesthetic treatment of the chair fits perfectly with that perfectly. The Think Chair comes in a myriad of different colors and styles, all of which are up to the owner, the fourth partner between engineers, environmentalists and the designer who cements the personality of the chair and becomes its main purpose. It includes options for lumbar support and additional headrest support, as well as an optional polished aluminum base. Get beautiful design. Buy Think Chair today.

Think's Features

The Steelcase Think Chair is the product of years of research on people who sit. The time and attention of scientists the world over have been turning to this kind of research for years now; many speculate that the average office worker will spend somewhere in the vicinity of nine years sitting in their chair. That makes the office chair one of several new frontiers the information age has opened up to intense scientific inquiry. The questions are myriad and important; What makes workers comfortable? What makes them work harder? What makes them happy? Steelcase found the answers and responded with a comprehensive set of features on the Think Chair designed to improve your working life. They include:

Think Chair Design

  1. Your Profile Seat and Back
    These are the back flexors located in the seat and back of the chair. Incredible comfort and flawless design enable you to sit comfortably for hours. All sorts of postures and seating positions are welcome in the Think Chair, as the flexors make it easy for the chair to conform to your shape, height, weight, and pressure points. It is these flexors that can save your back and spine from unnecessary strain, as well as save you time and inconvenience by making it easy to stay in your chair for long periods of time without the need to bend and stretch.
  2. Your Power Mechanism
    Your Power MechanismReclining support for all weights, heights and postures, Your Power makes you one of the engineers and allows you to make the Think chair your own. An intuitive mechanism that automatically adjusts itself to accommodate you, Your Power is at the bleeding edge of desk chair design because it makes the universal personal, and deeply comfortable.
  3. Adjustable Arms
    How many times have you tried to scoot up to your desk, only to have the arms of your chair bump into the edge and halt your progress? On the Think Chair, the designers took care of that problem by making the arms adjustable. They retract at will or on contact with your workspace, giving you the freedom to decide, as well as removing the annoyance of non-compatible office furniture. Of course, the arms also go up and down to suit your needs at work, and contribute to one of the most comfortable, you-centered office chairs on the market.
  4. Flexible Seat Edge
    The flexing front edge relieves pressure on the thighs, easing soreness and pain. And who couldn't use a surcease of discomfort at work? The flexing edge is a simple solution to an old problem; how to keep the edge of your seat from becoming a nuisance, and how to make you comfortable enough in your chair that you don't have the constant interruption of getting up and down. The flexing edge also leads to increased circulation, improved mood and productivity, and even better health.
  5. Your Preference Control
    A simplified dial mechanism that lets you set the chairs movement to your preference: by weight, weight plus 20 percent, mid-stop recline, and upright back lock.

There isn't a more thoughtfully designed office chair available to you on the market today. The Think Chair was tirelessly tailored to make your life more comfortable, more healthy, and more conscientious, and then the designers left room for you to individualize the chair to your own exacting specifications. Brainy, Green, Beautiful, Truthful, Ergonomic: not bad for an office chair. Get ergonomic. Buy Steelcase Think Chair today.