Think Chair in the Office

Imagine having an office chair that was not only comfortable and appealing to the eye, but also had a mind of its own. That is exactly what you will get with the Think chair created by Steelcase. It might seem like a ridiculous concept, but it is actually quite possible. Obviously the Think chair does not literally have a brain, but it has the next best thing. This chair was created to automatically and intuitively adjust to your height, weight, and posture without any help from its occupant. Because of all of these aspects, this chair is for everyone.

Think Chairs

When choosing a chair for you and your office, ergonomic features can make or break your purchase. There is no reason to buy a chair that will be uncomfortable by the first hour you are sitting in it. Many business men and women are glued to their desks and chairs for hours on end every day of the week with brief respites for lunches and meeting. Even during these breaks in the day, you are simply moving to another stiff uncomfortable seat.

The Think chair features a truly impressive seat back. The Think chair is made of back flexors that follow a track in unison with the movements of your spine and hip bones. These flexors are creatively shaped to mimic the human form and therefore provide the best possible support system for each section of your back.

They do not only focus on one area of your body, leaving another to become stiff and sore. Another great aspect of this chair is its ability to react when the user leans or sits forward. When you lean forward in this chair, the edge of the seat automatically flexes to relieve any unwanted pressure on the back of your thighs.


The Think chair was designed by Glen Oliver Low. This German designer created a chair that was not only about style without compromising on the aesthetic in any way. He claims that his designs are not based on fashion, but more on the materials used and the functionality of the piece. The Think chair is certainly beautiful in its own right, although the main focus of the design was on function and comfort. For many years Glen Oliver Low was a design partner to Antonio Citterio until he decided to branch out on his own and create personal and meaningful modern pieces of art.

The Think chair is just that, a piece of art that can be used on a daily basis inside any office or working environment. In fact, Steelecase recently opened a newly renovated Gurgaon Worklife Center. The opening of the center featured an exhibit using Think chairs as the main focus. Many top Indian designers were invited to come and expand on the designer's ideas behind the chair by reinterpreting the chairs in their own way. Three of these designs were showcased and highlighted at the end of the event.

Although the Think chair does most of the adjusting and aligning work on its own, you can also set the chair to four different personalized comfort settings. Steelcase refers to this as "your preference control." It is always nice to have a chair that thinks for itself, but sometimes you want exactly what you want and not what a chair thinks you need. For people who need control over their situation, these controls will make you feel right at home. You may choose from weight activated, weight activated with a 20% boost, mid stop recline, and even upright back lock. While the chair adjusts to what is best for your spine, often the user knows what is most comfortable or familiar. These settings allow the user to retain control over the feel of the Think chair even while it silently uses minor adjustments to create a perfectly balanced and comfortable feel.

The Think chair looks beautiful and well placed in essentially any office environment. It is amazing how the chair fits so well in almost every room without blending in at all. The chair features a back that is 3D and mostly translucent. This backing is available in fourteen different colors. This wide variety of hues allows the buyer to pick a shade that will perfectly match their personality and space. The seat covering can be purchased in these same fourteen styles or customized to fit your personality with one of the thousands of fabrics, vinyls, and leathers that are offered by Steelcase.

The finishing touches on the chair can be purchased in either black or platinum, depending on the overall look of the fabric and colors chosen. There is an option to have a polished aluminum base on your chair or not. The chair becomes very versatile when you start adding in the different options available for arm rests. When the chair is armless, it is easily transformed into an office chair that could be used around a large conference table or even in a grand hall.

With arms, it looks fabulous behind the desk of a high powered business man or woman, as well as in the office of a small home-based business. These arms are also adjustable, and can be lengthened to fit your height. All of these options ensure that you will be able to buy the chair that will fit perfectly in your customized space.

Think Chair in Conference Room
We cannot promise the Think Chair will make you as happy as these people, but it will make you more comfortable in the office.

This chair is not only beautiful and comfortable, but it is also durable. The Think chair has been tested using up to three hundred pounds without any stability problems. Steelcase is so confident in the durability of the chair that they back it with the North American Lifetime Warranty. Not only are they durable, but they are easy to maintain. This particular chair offers materials that are easily cleaned and are not stained easily. You do not have to keep these chairs away from your children or make sure that coffee is not offered to any one while in the chair because all of these messes can be easily cleaned and taken care of in a jiffy.