Think in the Home Office

Think in the Home Office

Nowadays, many people work from home. With the advent of the computer and the internet, the home office has become as significant and important as the real office in many sense. Even if you don't work from home on a day-to-day basis, modern connectivity and urgency often require you to log hours at home either way. There are plenty of companies out there trying to build products to suit the home office crowd, but few are as creative, sharp, and successful as Steelcase. One Steelcase product in particular, the Think Chair, was built for just this environment. A great home office has a bunch of different needs. It has to have flexible furniture, for instance. When you're working at home, unbound by the regulations of work but constricted by your duties and distractions at home, you need furniture than can serve more than one purpose, make you as comfortable as possible, and never get in your way. You also need furniture that looks good; this isn't a cubicle, it's your home. It also needs to be good for you, supportive and comfortable.

For all those reasons and more, the Steelcase Think Chair is the perfect chair for the home office. Adaptive and adaptable, handsome and useful, healthful and efficient, it's the perfect addition to any home work environment.

Think Home Office Chair

The Think Chair corresponds automatically to your body, to weight, height, posture, measurements. Think will support your back, decrease the pressure and pain on your thighs from long periods of sitting, and keep your blood circulating. That increases blood flow to the brain, which increases focus, mental agility, efficiency and productivity. The Think Chair is also manually adjustable, so that even the most exacting personal specifications can be met. Owning a Think Chair is like being one of the engineers and designers who created it; you have a significant part to play in it's completion, usefulness and purpose. When you're working from home, you need that freedom, and that sense of ownership. You need to be able to calibrate your chair to just the right specification, and to make it work for you in your own personal ways. When you take part in the building and adjusting of a chair, it's like owning a home; while you may not have drawn the plans or hung the sheetrock, you populated it and made it personal, made it your own. The same thing goes for the Think Chair.

The value of the Think Chair in terms of health and productivity is enormous. But as an investment it's equally valuable. Let's do a thought experiment; how much would you pay, per workday, to be comfortable at all times? To be fully supported? To be adaptable and and more productive? Was the number you thought of greater than a dollar? Greater than two? At a low cost of $619, and with a warranty of ten years, the cost of the Think Chair over its lifetime is only 17 cents a day. 17 cents a day for an invaluable addition to your home office: in time saved, productivity restored, and aesthetic value rendered.

At the end of Think Chair's life, whenever you decide you want a new chair or the warranty is out, it can be quickly and easily disassembled and recycled. The Think has stood up to rigorous environmental testing, including certification by MBDC, a chemical testing firm that tests the materials of the chair to evaluate its impact on the environment. You can feel good about Think every day you own it, and that includes the day you recycle it.

Get a better home office. Customize your own Think Chair today.