The Think Chair- A Smart Decision

What Makes the Think Chair So Smart?


1. Brains

The one-of-a-kind Your Power mechanism, designed at Steelcase and used in the chair, controls the angles at which you can lean back, according to your body weight. At the same time, the design of the Think Chair ensures you'll remain oriented towards your desk or workspace, no matter how much you lean or twist.

The Steelcase Think Chair comes equipped with dual back flexors, one in the seat and one in the back of the chair, both of which mold to and support the contours of the human body on contact. These flexors also provide excellent back support and much needed comfort in the seat, where more and more workers are spending large portions of the day. Steelcase also designed a nifty flexible seat front, to relieve pressure on your thighs and decrease the day to day wear and tear of getting up and down. Pretty smart. But Think Chair isn't totally automated: Owners are able to adjust the position of the armrests (they can telescope and retract on contact with your desk), choose the color and grain of the chair, and further adjust the Your Power system to their liking. Think Chair provides you with several options for adjustment: by body weight, body weight plus a 20-percent boost for firmer support, mid-stop recline, and upright backlock. Think Chair is also designed to create a "comfort pocket" in the seat that will correspond to the weight, pressure and posture of the owner. Get yourself the smartest desk chair around. Buy Think Chair today.

2. Conscience

It's not just brains that make the Steelcase Think Chair invaluable. It also has a conscience. Constructed of 37% recycled content and consisting of 98% recyclable materials, Think Chair is one of the smartest and most decorated green chairs on the market. Featured in articles from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Metropolitan Magazine and Grist Magazine, the Steelcase Think Chair has cornered the market on sustainability. It can be disassembled for recycling in five minutes or less, and it was the first chair ever to receive MBDC Cradle to Cradle gold level certification as an environmentally responsible product. The accolades don't stop there: Think Chair is a certified level 3 product, the highest BIFMA e3 standard possible. It also holds SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certification for indoor air quality, in it's quest for the lowest possible LEED point. In France, Think Chair carries the NF Environmental Label for environmental quality.

The Steelcase Think Chair is such a smart, green, forward-thinking product that when Heifer International, a world-renowned international hunger relief agency committed to improving life abroad and the environment at home, needed new headquarters, the Think Chair was their first choice. Ordered for every worker, the chair embodied what Heifer International was all about: progressive thinking and environmentally sound, sustainable energy choices. Get the greenest chair around. Buy Think Chair today.

3. Beauty

The Steelcase Think Chair is known for it's intuitive personality and for being at the forefront of the movement towards sustainable, environmentally responsible furniture. But you'll love it for its elegant design and undeniable beauty. Designer Glen Oliver Low had this to say about the chair: "Design isn't just about style. It's about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent. Think is a truthful chair - the result of open dialogue between engineers, environmentalists, and the designer." Smart, conscientious, beautiful, truthful, the Steelcase Think Chair is at the head of the class.

The most significant design aspect of the Think Chair is, as Low put it, it's synthesis of several differing fields and ideas. This is reflected in the lines of the chair, which are variegated and non-traditional. The back is a curve broken in places to provide optimum comfort. The seat is a line the falls off at the edge, the flexible lip that keeps your circulation going and your thighs from unnecessary discomfort. Rather than meeting to form a joint the back and seat remain separate but give the appearance of interlocking, or embrace, at the non-juncture they create. The Think Chair comes in a myriad of different colors and styles, all of which are up to the owner, the fourth partner between engineers, environmentalists and the designer who cements the personality of the chair and becomes its main purpose. It includes options for lumbar support and additional headrest support, as well as an optional polished aluminum base. Get beautiful design. Buy Think Chair today.

4. Ergonomics

The Steelcase Think Chair is the product of years of research on people who sit. What makes them comfortable? What makes them work harder? What makes them happy? Steelcase found the answers and responded with a comprehensive set of features on the Think Chair designed to improve your working life.

There isn't a more thoughtfully designed office chair available to you on the market today. The Think Chair was tirelessly tailored to make your life more comfortable, more healthy, and more conscientious, and then the designers left room for you to individualize the chair to your own exacting specifications. Brainy, Green, Beautiful, Truthful, Ergonomic: not bad for an office chair. Get ergonomic. Buy Steelcase Think Chair today.