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UCX 36" Undercabinet Light
by Koncept Tech

The UCX Light is designed to go under a cabinet or surface and provide easy to use, eco-friendly lighting. The light can till forward or back depending on how you need the light focused and can attach to any metal or wooden surface via magnets or screws, respectively. A convenient touchstrip controls power and brightness for easy usem and can control multiple UCX lights when they are linked together. While the award winning (Red Dot 2012 award winner, Best of Neocon Gold) UCK Light works great on its own, you can combine several together for a complete lighting solution.

The UCX Light features:

  • 36.72" w x 1" h x .59" d
  • Touchstrip for dimming and on/off control
  • Uses 91 LED lights
  • LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Consumes only 24 watts during use
  • Rotates 60 degrees
  • Mounts to wood or metal surface

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