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Uten.Silo by Vitra
designed by Dorothee Becker

With its different-sized and shaped containers, its metal hooks and clips, Uten.Silo organizes offices, kitchens, workshops, bathrooms and children's rooms. Vitra Design Museum produces both the original 1969 version of Uten.Silo and a smaller one dating from 1970.

  • Available in two sizes solely in white
  • Dimensions: Small: 26.75" h x 20.5" w x 2.5" d
    Large: 34.25" h x 26.5" w x 2.5" d

The Vitra Home Collection is not an interior design system or a homogeneous product line which promotes a uniform style. Rather, Vitra considers the furnishing of one's home as a process of collage - a gradual assemblage of products and objects. Not to be confused with coincidental accumulation of things, this process is a conscious arrangement that grows and changes with regard to both content and style, according to the owner's individual preferences and circumstances.

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