Quiet Spaces in the Workplace

Quiet Spaces
Why Every Office Needs at Least One

By Christian Roemer

Taking time to hit the reset button and recharge your mental batteries should be an integral part of every person's work day. After thinking about things for too long, the brain can get tired and moody. When that happens, ideas stagnate, work suffers, and bad feelings start to percolate in the nether regions of your subconscious.

We've already talked about collision spaces, and how you can design your office with certain furniture to make meeting with people easier and more fluid. Just like meetings are great for getting the creative and critical thinking juices flowing, disconnecting and looking inward can also lead to breakthroughs.

Both approaches have their merits, so organizing your office in a way that promotes and encourages both will lead to a happier and more productive work force.

Everyone already knows that some people are extroverts, and some people are introverts. That means that some people work better alone, and other people work better in groups. Both have value, and both should be encouraged.

That's why quiet spaces should get just as much attention as meeting rooms and collision spaces.

Places where you can unplug and do some soul searching can look many different ways, and different companies have taken different approaches to creating quiet spaces. Google has sleep pods and Uber has recliner booths.

Both companies have identified the need for quiet spaces of reflection where employees can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of their workstations.

These companies, at the forefront of technological innovation, understand the value of quiet, reflection spaces.

If your business depends on innovation and fresh ideas, quiet spaces are a great way to promote and spur the self-reflective creative process that drives companies forward, especially in the age of open offices.

People are a company's greatest asset. Creating an office that cultivates and encourages unique work styles and dynamically changing needs is the best way to guarantee continued innovation and employee development. Quiet spaces are one way that some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world are enriching their office spaces to make them more comfortable for the people that work there.

Promoting thoughtful and creative workspaces is something that every business should strive to nourish. Even if your employees only use the quiet spaces for taking a few deep breaths away from their cubicle or office mate, creating dedicated quiet spaces is a wonderful way to inspire inward and creative thinking.

Steelcase has created these fantastic quiet spaces aimed at giving curated areas of introverted reflection.

If you're overwhelmed, get some ideas by clicking here to check out our most popular quiet space furniture. If you don't know where to start, call our sales team at 888.467.6278 for a guiding hand. A better office is only a phone call away!