Business Return Policy

Business Orders Over $5,000

As much as we would like to extend the 45-day consumer policy to Business Orders over $5,000, the cost and expense to us makes it impossible. Our 45-Day Return Policy is exclusively for residential consumers. Any business order over $5,000 (“Business Orders”) will not be eligible for the 45-day return policy.

In the event there is a manufacturing defect or the products arrive damaged on a Business Order, the manufacturer’s warranty will apply. If you intend to place a Business Order and have any questions about the color, materials, size or any related matters, please contact our sales team. We will work with you, but as a businessperson, we expect you to make an informed decision about any items you purchase. We will provide you with samples and swatches to help, but before placing your order, please be sure that you are purchasing the right size, color, etc. because your business will not be able to return the product for a refund if you make a mistake.

We love business customers and we want your business. If we make a mistake, we will be the first to take responsibility and fix it. In the case of Business Orders over $5,000, we need you to put on your big boy and big girl pants, take some responsibility for making the right decision, and we will do our best to make the experience a good one.