How Independently-Commissioned Reviews Work

Smart Furniture's Independent Product Reviews Rating System

We truly appreciate the products we offer at Smart Furniture, but sometimes you just need an objective, unbiased review to make sure it's the right product for you. Read about how our independently-commissioned reviews work, and the specific criteria taken into consideration while the product is being reviewed.

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Standard Review Features

Pros & Cons A list of what's right and what's lacking in the product.
The 'X' Factor Some factor of the product that deserves mention, that may defy category.
Second Opinion Brief comments from a second reviewer, who may or may not have a different opinion.
Other Comments Stray comments from the reviewer.
The Bottom Line A final, very short wrap-up of the preceding review.

Product Rankings

10 out of 10 Could not possibly be better. Reserved for dazzling products only.
9 out of 10 The A-grade of products. We're jealous of you getting to buy it. Yeah, maybe there is one or two tiny little issue we weren't in love with, but overall, an outstanding product.
8 out of 10 A great product. We loved it, but there are a few things about it that bothered us, or we felt could be even better. This is a wholesale recommendation - get this product.
7 out of 10 This is the first very good ranking. If we give a product a 7, that means we liked it. Don't think of it as a C - on this scale, it's like a B/B+.
6 out of 10 This is a solid ranking for a solid product. Products with this rating are recommended with only a few reservations and flaws.
5 out of 10 This is exactly average. Not good enough to sweep us of our feet, but not disappointing either.
4 out of 10 This is a serviceable product, but still below average. Products can do a lot better than this.
3 out of 10 Just flat bad. Not epically awful, jut bad. We don't recommend products with these ratings.
2 out of 10 Not as bad a rabies, but pretty close. Do not buy this product.
1 out of 10 An awful, horrible, no-good product rating. We wouldn't wish this on our worst enemy. An extremely rare rating.

Seating Ranking Categories

Quality What kind of materials are used in the chair? Is the company reputable? How does it look and feel?
Value Is it worth the cost? Are the materials worth the cost? Is there a warranty?
Ergonomics & Comfort How comfortable is the chair? Does it support your back, have a good center of gravity? Does it improve circulation? Does it help your posture?
Aesthetics, Style & Design Is it beautiful? Does it look good in an office? Does it beautify your space? Is the design creative?
Environmental Friendliness How green is the product? Can it contribute to LEED? Is it GREENGUARD certified, etc.?
Pedigree & Craftmanship Who made it? Who designed it? Who manufactured it, and what does all that mean?
Performance Does it improve your performance at work? Focus, productivity, alertness, etc.?