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A bookshelf can be one of your greatest allies if you are trying to get organized. Even the smallest of bookshelves can house a variety of items, giving you ample space to work with. Getting organized is a great goal, and we’re all for clearing the clutter in your home with bookshelves or other great organizing solutions. However, getting organized and doing it in style is a different story, and that’s our specialty. There are a myriad of ways you can incorporate a bookshelf into your space. Regardless of the space you’re working with or the décor in your room, we have made it a point to increase our selection of bookshelves so you can choose the right piece for your home that will be both functional and stylish. At Smart Furniture we believe in Design on Demand®, which means we think you should be able to make the look, style, and feel of your home and the way you organize it, exactly how you want it to be. If you would like assistance designing the perfect bookshelf and organization solution for your home, contact us for complimentary design assistance from one of our Smart Furniture designers. We’d love to talk to you about the bookshelves we carry and help you find a bookshelf that fits your taste, your space, your style, and your budget.

Design Your Own Smart ShelvesBookshelves
In order to make sure you find exactly what you need at Smart Furniture, we carry a unique variety of bookshelves. Our modular bookshelves can be put together in many different ways, because they are made out of individual components. These bookshelf pieces can fit together in a way that best fits your needs and your space. In addition to modular bookshelf options, we offer leaning bookshelves, wall-mounted bookshelves, smart shelves, and bookcases. Learn more about some of our bookshelves and shelving options to decide which bookshelf best fits your needs:

The first product we sold at Smart Furniture was our flexible shelving unit, Smart Shelves. We believe that our customers should be able to design their own furniture to fit their individual needs and their individual space. Smart Shelves are highly customizable bookshelves and don’t require any tools to put them together. Probably one of their greatest features is how easy it is to design and reconfigure your Smart Shelves over the years to fit your needs, no matter how they might change over time. Smart Shelves grow with you and it’s easy to add on to your existing bookshelf at any time.

The Classic Bookshelf comes in two different widths (3 foot and 4 foot) and is an ideal shelving choice if you need a bookshelf that will be efficient in a smaller space and bring modern elegance to your room. You can design this bookshelf to fit the exact space you have, reconfiguring the modular pieces to fit the shape you desire. Use our SmartDesigner tool to customize this bookshelf to fit in your living room, bedroom, or home office.

Chicago 8 Box by Blu DotThe Chicago series from Blu Dot is an increasingly popular line of bookshelves that combine smart shelving options with modern style. These bookshelves were one of the first pieces made by Blu Dot. The Chicago bookshelves are framed with tubular steel legs. The Chicago 8 Box comes with eight boxes perfect for storing different items along a large wall, while the Chicago 3 Box is a smaller version, coming with only three boxes on top of one another. What’s great about the Chicago bookshelf series is the negative space between the boxes. This space can be left empty to display the wall color behind, or you can utilize this space and display or store other items.

A leaning bookshelf provides both the functional aspect you need in a bookshelf with elegant style and design. The Eileen Shelf by BDI is a beautiful piece, designed by Matthew Weatherly, and it looks even better when combined with other Eileen shelving units for a larger wall system. This bookshelf rests securely against the wall and comes in three different wood finishes. The leaning bookshelf is perfect for displaying keepsakes and decorative items on the grey-tinted glass shelves. Another classic leaning bookshelf we carry at Smart Furniture is the Frazier Leaning Shelf. This sturdy leaning bookshelf is unique in that the shelves become deeper the lower to the ground they sit. The bottom shelf, the largest, is 14 inches deep. The variety in shelf depths provides added interest and allows you to display a variety of items. Smaller collectibles, decorative items, and knickknacks look best on the higher, smaller shelves, while the bottom shelf can hold several larger items like heavy books or objects.

The A Frame Bookshelf is a sturdy wooden bookshelf perfect for your home office or home library. The A Frame Bookshelf design provides an architectural, contemporary look to your room, and the four solid wood shelves offer plenty of space to store books, electronics, office supplies, or other items.

If you are interested in a more extensive and complete bookshelf, the LAX Series Bookshelf is a great choice. This modern bookshelf has 25 square compartments perfect for storing your books, artwork, or decorative items. Your organization options are limitless with this piece, and you can easily change out the items in the cubes as your storage needs change over time. The cube shelving used in the LAX Series Bookshelf creates a clean look, and you can easily add onto this system with other LAX bookshelves for extended shelving.

Modular bookshelves are a great design solution, and they allow you to create a shelving unit that is perfect for you and your space. The Kartell Modular Bookshelf, designed by Giulio Polvara, can be put together in pieces and reconfigured to fit your space. No matter how the needs in your household may change, this bookshelf can easily transform to solve your storage problems. And to top it off, you don’t need any tools to put this bookshelf together. Simply press the pieces together to lock them into place. Kartell Modular Bookshelves are highly customizable, and our Smart Furniture designers would be happy to talk with you about customizing a Kartell bookshelf for your home.

The 2-Tier Bookshelf provides a great mix of storage space, and it’s easy to assemble. The bookshelf features five large square shelves and five smaller shelves. These bookshelves can help you better organize your books, storage items, and knick knacks based on size. If the 2-Tier shelving unit isn’t quite as large as you would like, it’s easy to expand and add other bookshelves from the collection to complement this piece. The 2-Tier Bookshelf comes in a variety of colors—black, cherry, espresso, maple, pearwood, and white finishes—that will complement any room in your home.

A bookshelf with a distinctive modern look is the Blu Dot Shilf Shelf. This bookshelf is available in two different heights, either 42 inches or 70 inches tall. Made of steel with ivory-powdered coating, the Shilf Shelf comes with different components that can be put together however you like. These bookshelves don’t require tools or hardware and allow you to create a storage solution that is designed for you and your space. If you’re looking for a functional bookshelf that makes a statement in a room, the Shilf Shelf is for you.

Steelcase created the ultimate in storage solutions and shelving with the Currency Workwall bookshelf. These bookshelves are highly customizable depending on your space and what you need to store or display in your shelving system. Great for organizing large amounts of books or other items, the Workwall bookshelves and cabinets can reach as tall as six feet. A great feature not often found in a bookshelf is the option of doors on the individual compartments. If you would like to conceal items you’re storing and would rather not have them out on display, Workwall bookshelves have the option of adding cabinet doors. Options abound with this piece, and you can choose to have an open back to your shelves for a more airy feel or closed backs if you’re using the Currency Workwall as a room divider. This bookshelf was made to serve as the ultimate home organization and storage solution.

The Brainerd 2-Tier Bookshelf has a bit of a rustic touch and comes in both a wide and narrow version. If you have taller items you’d like to store or display, these bookshelves are a great option. The three shelves offer good height clearance, and the ladder-style side supports give visibility to the objects stored within.

The Kartell Partner Shelf is unique in its design. Composed of aluminum, the shelves of this unit are combined with colored transparent plastic. This industrial, modern shelving system comes with two, three, or four shelves (not including the top shelf). This shelving unit works well in a variety of locations within the home –a home office, playroom, utility room, or bathroom. The Partner Shelf is a great choice for bathroom organization, housing towels, linens, and toiletries.

Conceal Floating ShelvesWall-Mounted Bookshelves
Wall-mounted bookshelves are one of the more unique bookshelves. The Conceal Floating Bookshelves by Umbra take ordinary books and incorporate them into your room’s design, providing an ingenious storage and organization option. These floating bookshelves become essentially invisible once a stack of books are placed on top of them. Stagger several mounted bookshelves on your wall and mix and match the color and bindings to add interest. Your favorite books can be right at your fingertips and on display in a most unique way. Made of powder-coated steel, the wall shelf holds up to ten pounds, which equals out to around six to eight books per shelf. These bookshelves are also available in two sizes depending on what size books you hope to store. The small size is perfect for books six and a half to nine inches deep, while the large bookshelf size is better for books seven and a half to ten inches deep. Wall-mounted bookshelves like these Conceal Floating Bookshelves look great in a home office or study. Another great use for these bookshelves is above a desk in a bedroom, keeping textbooks or reference books at an arm’s length.

In addition to bookshelves, we carry a variety of bookcases that serve different purposes in organizing your space and bringing added style to your home. Like with bookshelves, your personal taste and the intended purpose for your bookcase will play a large part in deciding on the perfect shelving unit for your home.

Design Your Own Smart ShelvesThe Totem Bookcase Tower by Blu Dot gives a modern twist to the traditional bookshelf. This unit doesn’t take up much space, standing tall and thin like the totem pole its name suggests. This Tower places more emphasis on what is in the shelves, showcasing items more prominently.

The Currency Bookcases are known for their simple and clean design. The original bookcase is shorter and perfect for housing book collections and knickknacks. The Tall Bookcase builds upon the original design, taking up more wall space, and providing more shelves and space for organizing or storing your items. The Quarter Bookcase comes in two sizes and fits nicely with other Currency desks, bookshelves, or shelving units. The small unit is a perfect addition to your home office desk, providing space for books, a small plant, and other decorative items or office supplies. The larger bookcase is an ideal organizing solution for your home library. Whether it is children’s books, textbooks, or books for pleasure, this bookcase provides a practical way to beautifully display your collection. All of the currency pieces come in several different colors, which make it easier to find something to complement the existing color scheme in your home. Colors include arctic white, winter on maple, black, clear walnut, brushed silver, chocolate walnut, marbled cherry, and Virginia walnut.

Similar to the LAX Series Bookshelf, the LAX Series 2x5 Bookcase uses a similar design but takes up less space. This bookcase contains ten cube shelves, instead of the 25 shelves found in the LAX Series Bookshelves, and can be a nice complement to your home office or study, living room, or bedroom. For added storage, place additional bookcases or bookshelves next to one another for extended cube shelving.

In addition to our other bookshelf collections, we also carry Fort Wood Bookcases. These bookcases, available in an original, short, and wide size, come in a rich antique walnut color and are perfect for a room in your home where a larger bookshelf would be overwhelming or wouldn’t fit.


As you might guess from our selection of bookshelves, here at Smart Furniture we believe in the power of shelving. Our flagship product was our Smart Shelves, and we think everyone should be able to find an organizing solution that is right for them. Because of this belief, we have continued to add to our collection of bookshelves and bookcases so you have plenty of options for your home. Whether you need a large bookshelf to house hundreds of books or a small bookshelf to display and organize a smaller amount of items, we have chosen our selection of bookshelves to meet your needs and allow you to customize a bookshelf to fit your home. Bookshelves can help you achieve the organization in your home that you desire. By adding one piece of furniture to your existing room, a bookshelf can completely transform a space. Items once stacked in a closet or packed away and hard to find can be displayed and organized neatly in a bookshelf, making it easier to find your items and for you to know exactly where things are. We’ve tried to incorporate a variety of bookshelves into our product offering, so that you can find exactly what you need no matter what room you plan to place your bookshelf. We have larger bookshelves better suited for a large wall in an office or living room and smaller bookshelves for those situations where there isn’t a lot of space. Our modular bookshelves can be put together in a myriad of ways to fit the exact dimensions of your room. If you would like to talk to a Smart Furniture designer about customizing one of our bookshelves and designing your own to better fit your home, contact one of our sales representatives today.

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