Bookshelves: The Perfect Office Organization Solution

Bookshelves: The Perfect Office Organization Solution

An office should be a place conducive to your work, and it should be a space that improves your productivity and thought processes. Oftentimes one of the biggest hindrances to productivity in the office is the lack of organization. Being organized in the office is key to your efficiency and oftentimes brings a sense of order and calm to your workday. If you are on a quest to get organized in your office, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Smart Furniture, we are all about enhancing your workspace with great furniture like our bookshelves. The bookshelves we offer are not only functional but stylish. All of our employees use Smart Furniture products in their individual offices, and we’ve chosen the pieces that work best for us as individuals. We know furniture isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, which is why we have expanded our line of bookshelves and office organization pieces to fit your needs. Our line of bookshelves are highly customizable, allowing you to design exactly what you need for your space, whether you have a large office, conference room or lobby, or need to be more efficient with your use of space. A bookshelf is one of the best pieces of furniture you can get to help you get organized in your office. No matter what type of room you have or the amount of space you’re working with, Smart Furniture is guaranteed to have a bookshelf that will work for you. Bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes, and some bookshelves are better suited for small or large office spaces, while modular bookshelves easily adapt to any office space, both small and large. Browse through our line of bookshelves to find the shelving solution that’s right for you.

Fort Wood Short BookcaseSmall Office Bookshelves
A smaller office space doesn’t mean you can’t get organized in style. We have several bookshelves and bookcases that are perfect for a small space and can manage your storage items efficiently. Our modular bookshelves can be put together in a number of different ways to fit even the most unusual space. Using our online tool, the Smart Designer, you can create a completely unique bookshelf that matches everything you want and need in a bookshelf. The first product we sold at Smart Furniture were our signature Smart Shelves, and we continue to believe that you should be able to find versatile bookshelves that are right for you and your space.

In addition to these flexible bookshelf options, we carry bookshelf collections like the Fort Wood Bookcases, the Classic Bookshelf, or one of our leaning bookshelves, the Eileen Shelf or the Frazier Leaning Shelf. Leaning bookshelves create added interest in a small space in the way that the shelves cascade down to the floor. At the top of the bookshelf, the shelves are more narrow, and they get deeper the closer you get to the floor. In addition to leaning bookshelves, we also carry tall and narrow bookshelves, like the Blu Dot Totem Bookcase Tower, or short and wide bookshelves like the Classic Bookshelf that comes with a 4’ wide option. To help you choose the best bookshelf for your office, consider your space and office setup and then look for a style that best suits your existing furniture and your tastes. Short and wide, or tall and narrow, we have all the bookshelf basics covered.

And if a standing bookshelf simply won't do in your space, consider one of our wall-mounted bookshelves like the Conceal Floating Bookshelf from Umbra. These bookshelves become essentially invisible once mounted on your wall and can hold between six and eight books per shelf. No matter what your office setup may look like, we are sure to have a design solution for you, and we offer complimentary design assistance to make sure you find the bookshelf you’re looking for here at Smart Furniture.

Currency WorkwallLarge Office Bookshelves
In a large office with ample wall space, a larger bookshelf may be more appropriate and will provide plenty of storage space for you to get organized in no time.

The Currency Workwall by Steelcase is an excellent bookshelf and storage solution designed for a larger office space. Steelcase made sure this bookshelf could be customized just the way you want it, offering numerous color options to fit your office’s color scheme. In addition to color, you can choose the size of your Workwall bookshelf and the shelving system can reach up to six feet tall if desired. One of the greatest features these bookshelves offer is the option of cabinet doors on some of the individual compartments. If you have some items in your office you would rather conceal, the cabinet doors are a great solution. This bookshelf is the ultimate in large office organization, giving you the added storage space you need for all of your office supplies, books, and display items.

Another one of our larger bookshelves is the LAX Series Bookshelf, a complete shelving system with a modern design that will add style to your space. This LAX Bookshelf has 25 square compartments, five rows across and five shelves high. The compartments in this bookshelf are great for storing all kinds of items for your office, whether it be books, supplies, decorative items, artwork, or other materials. These larger bookshelves give you the added space you need to keep all your items organized neatly against one wall, not to mention you’ll have the freedom to change out the items in your bookshelf whenever your office needs change. The cube shelving used in the LAX bookshelves create a clean and crisp look, bringing a sense or order and style to any large office.

An increasingly popular large bookshelf comes from Blu Dot’s Chicago Series. The Chicago Series bookshelves combine modern style with smart shelving options. The Chicago 8 Box, the larger bookshelf in the series, has eight box shelves connected with tubular steel legs to create a checkerboard type bookshelf for a large wall in your office, conference room, or lobby. One of the more unique features of the 8 Box bookshelf is the negative space that is created between the boxed shelves. You can choose to leave this space blank, only storing and displaying items in the boxes, for a clean look that more strongly incorporates the color of your office walls. Or for a different look, you can utilize the negative space to display decorative items, artwork, or other office supplies. Large bookshelves provide you not only with additional storage space, but added organization options that ensure you can find a proper place for all of your items.

4ft Wide Smart ShelvesMulti-Purpose Bookshelves
While several of our bookshelves are better suited for a smaller or larger space, we also carry a wide variety of modular bookshelves that can be tailored to fit a variety of needs. One of our favorite things about modular bookshelves is the fact that you can design and reconfigure your bookshelf to fit your space and need at any time. If you decide to move your modular bookshelf to a different part of your office, you can reconfigure the individual components to a shape that is conducive to the new space. It’s also easy to add on to modular bookshelves at any time if you realize you need more storage or organizing space in your office. Over time you may need more space to display pictures or awards and store books and office supplies. Modular bookshelves can grow with you or be redesigned to fit your office needs.

Our flagship product, Smart Shelves, is one of the most flexible shelving units on the market. In 2010 we marked the tenth anniversary of this product, and we couldn’t be happier with its success. Using our online tool, the SmartDesigner, you can design your Smart Shelves to fit your space perfectly by entering the dimensions of your office, choosing the desired color of your shelves, and choosing the number of shelves and cubbies you need for your individual office. As we do with all of our products, we offer complimentary design assistance for these bookshelves.

Another bookshelf that fits nicely into most office settings is the Kartell Modular Bookshelf. Designed by Giulio Polvara, this bookshelf is highly customizable. The cube shelving can be put together in many different ways to create the room divider or wall bookshelf that best fits your office space. As a room divider, the Kartell Bookshelf gives you a space to place items of interest or books and office supplies you may use often, while serving its purpose to divide your space with a stylish touch. This bookshelf also serves as a great storage and organization solution in an office or office supply area. You can order a cubby for each cube shelf, giving you the opportunity to store even more items in your bookshelf and out of site. This bookshelf is a great solution in most office spaces, whether it’s placed in a small or large office, a conference room, or a lobby. The Modular Bookshelf by Kartell can have multiple uses in any office, it is easy to assemble with no tools required, and it will help you get organized and create more storage space in no time.


Organizing your office doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Bookshelves can be the perfect organizing solution for your office, whether you have a large or small space. We’ve increased our bookshelf offerings to make sure you can find exactly what you need for your office, in the dimensions, colors, and style you like. Design your own bookshelf using our online tool, the SmartDesigner, or contact one of our designers for complimentary design assistance with your bookshelf purchase today.

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