Bookshelves: Their Role in the Home

Bookshelves and Their Role in the Home

The bookshelf is one of the most basic pieces of furniture in any room, and also one of the most important. The right bookshelf is equal parts storage, interior design, personal history and convenience. Whether you need something for the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries, something in the living room to display photographs and CDs, or one in the bedroom to hold books and files, you’ve come to the right place. Smart Furniture has a wide array of bookshelf brands and products that will keep you in style and your books, DVDs, pictures and keepsakes on full display.

Interior Design
Every bookshelf tells a story, but only because of the objects it displays. The look of the bookshelf, the materials, the shape, and the location all combine to give every one a unique feel. Because every home is different, and every room is its own design challenge, every owner has their own ideas about what would work in any given space. That’s why Smart Furniture has taken great pains to expand our collections of bookshelves aggressively and stylishly. We carry designs from Blu Dot, Steelcase, BDI and Herman Miller to mention a few. And each of those companies has their own wide selection of looks and styles, with different designers and purposes for every product.

Every kind of space is covered, and every type of design as well. If you’re looking for a bookshelf that’s narrow and modern, something that can squeeze into a tight space but give off a cool, contemporary feel, look no further than the Blu Dot Totem bookcase tower.

Maybe you want to go a bit more official, and invest in a bookcase that can go in your office, attach to your desk or large cabinets, and serve as a display space as much as a bookshelf. In that case, you should take a look at the Currency Quarter bookcase from Steelcase. It can go low or high, and it fits right into the furniture and the feel of an office space.

The bottom line is that Smart Furniture has the right bookshelves to fit your room, your home, and your life; no matter what those things happen to look like.

Sometimes the term “bookshelf” can be misleading. There are myriad objects that Americans place on their bookshelves, from framed photographs to sports memorabilia, from flowers and stereo equipment to personal files and non-paper media like CDs, vinyl, DVDs and Blu-Rays. No matter what you’ve got on your shelves, you need the right kind of bookcase to really make it stand out. And, as we’ve already ascertained, Smart Furniture is the place to go for all of you bookshelf needs.

When it’s all about display, sometimes you want to make a big statement, and create a focal point within a room and within your design scheme. One great way to accomplish that is with the Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box. This is a product that floats eight distinct wooden boxes (or two shelves) and creates between 14 and 15 separate display areas. If you want to frame something, put it in one of the boxes. If you want a freestanding object, like a vase or a special product, then you can put it in one of the “free” spaces in between the boxes. The overall effect is sophisticated, modern, and reminiscent of a kind of elongated checkerboard. If you want to go a bit smaller but you still want that kind of mixed-space look, go with the Chicago 3 Box version.

One of the most popular types of shelves for display (of things other than books) is the cascading type shelf, where the tallest shelf is the smallest, and the bottom the largest. The effect of the shelf is that of a large ladder leaning against a wall. Smart Furniture has several versions of this distinctive shelf from several different designers and companies, including the BDI Eileen Shelf and the Frazier Shelf.

The modern world is increasingly paperless, but there is still a dizzying range of media and personal property that has to be stored in a home. DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, personal and business files and contracts, and, of course, books.

Smart Furniture bookshelves are uniquely capable of dealing with your storage needs, because our own shelving product -- Smart Shelves -- is customizable. You design them and build them yourself, to your own ideal size, height and width. You can design them to fit into specialized areas of your home, and to hold your things in the most convenient and attractive way possible. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of tools or a course in carpentry to get it done. Our shelves can be put together quickly, easily, and with no tools or limits. That’s Design on Demand.

Of course, we also work with a large and varied list of dealers and designers, so you can have as much personal choice as possible when you select the perfect bookshelf for you and your needs. With designs and shelving from respected names like Herman Miller and Steelcase, all the options you could want are right at your fingertips when you shop at Smart Furniture.


Bookshelves and shelving in general are a specialty of ours here at Smart Furniture. We built a business on them, with Smart Shelves and the concept of Design on Demand, and they’re still one of the facets of furniture we’re most involved in and that gets us the most excited about working with customers.

No matter what type of modern bookshelf you’re looking for, we’ve got it. And if one of our brand partners doesn’t have what you’re looking for, our own Smart Shelving will get the job done exactly the way you want it. Customization is the key to our business, and bookshelves are our founding products. It all started with shelves, and we’re still the best place to buy them online. Come see us and get what you’ve been looking for.

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