Space Saving Shelving: Ideal for the Home Office

Space Saving Shelving: Ideal for the Home Office

Your home office is one of the most important places in the home to keep well organized and put together. Focusing enough to get work done while you're at home is hard enough without having to deal with a disorganized workstation, or one that suffers from too many distractions in the form of clutter, toys, or tempting media. Storage here is the only answer, and the desk is often not enough. This article will explore the way in which you can use shelves, bookshelves, floating shelves and cubbies and cabinets to keep your office in tip top shape at all times.

Home offices are different for everyone. Some people like them to be just like their work office, and for some people it is their only work office. Others go for a more laid back feel. Whichever way you go (but loose) there is a great shelving plan for you.

But before we get into that, make sure that the materials are right. If you know that you're going to be doing a lot of heavy filing, or that you need room for your printer, fax machine, scanner, or anything other sort of heavy machinery, it's important that you plan for very strong shelves that also have plenty of depth. Something like the Sumo Shelf would be perfect - it holds a lot of weight, has great (and variable) depth, and can extend far enough to hold almost anything you would need on a single shelf.

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Of course, when we talk about materials we aren't just talking about their strength of the craftsmanship. There are also simple questions about matching - do you need shelves that use wood as their primary material, or are you looking for something as modern as metal? Maybe you want something a bit more elegant, like glass. We have hundreds of shelves that would be perfect in any home office in all of those materials, and almost all of them can be customized by you, the customer, to reflect your own personal taste.

At Smart Furniture, one of our primary missions is to put the power of design in the hands of our customers. We do that not only by providing them with a huge range of options, designs and designers, but also by letting them have a real choice in the buying process - skin in the game if you will.

But back to designing your perfect home office. After you've made the appropriate selection in regards to material, it's time to make some choices about design in terms of layout. What kind of desk do you have? If it's a corner desk then you'll probably need to worry about putting shelves up on two walls, not wanting to create an imbalance. If you've got a standard desk then you have some more options - you could do just one wall, or all four.


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The best way to keep track of paper trails is by filing them, and for that you need something a bit stronger than a simple shelf. That's why Smart Furniture carries plenty of cabinets and cubbies for home office shelving projects. Cubbies and cabinets allow you to neatly file away messy piles of paper and office detritus into simple segmented zones that can then be closed off - either with a door or as a drawer.

Either way the paper stays out of sight but well within mind, and stays organized without any environmental interference. If you have a large system - aka lots of different kinds of things you're filing - you might want to take a look at something like our Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf. This cubbie comes pre-divided into lots of differently sized holes, and each can hold a separate kind of file or piece of office equipment.

For other kinds of office storage you definitely want to be able to see what you're storing at all times, and be able to get to it with no trouble. One of the best systems for this kind of office shelving is called the Blu Dot Wonder Wall Shelf, and it truly is wonderful. The Wonder Wall Shelf is two toned and usually contains two materials. The shelf part is often metal while the backing is wood - this creates a pleasing look for folks who are looking at the shelves straight on, and the metal shelf part is exceptionally strong. These shelves can easily be "stacked" to create what appears to be a bookshelf, or simply a full wall of shelving. Placed above a desk is the perfect location for this kind of shelving. The fact that it's adaptable and strong is only icing on the cake - you know if your business (or simply the stuff you need to run your business) grows you'll be able to easily add on to your capacity with no sweat.

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Another great way to add shelving opportunities in your office is by using some of the furniture in the Currency line from Steelcase. The Currency Quarter Bookcase is a great example. It actually sits on the floor and right next to your desk - it becomes an extension of your desk surface while at the same time offering you a large storage space underneath to keep anything you might want secure, out of sight, and at hand. There is also a mobile storage cabinet in the Currency line that works great for home offices - being mobile is a real asset when your environment is as ever-changing and un-regimented as a home office.

Bookshelves are of course the old standy-by, and they are reliable and classic. Large bookshelves often have plenty of room for large machinery, and they can often perform multiple functions. Of course many home offices require a significant library, and that makes bookshelves a priority.

When you're building your home office, make sure that shelves are a priority. Cubbies, bookshelves, cabinets and more all have an important part to play in keeping a home office organized and on the right track. You can get it all at Smart Furniture.