Put a Friendly Face on Hoarding with Wall Shelves


Put a Friendly Face on Hoarding with Handy Wall Shelves

What happens when four close family members share a house together, work together and have their lives inextricably intertwined? Things stop being polite, and they start getting real. Real as in clothes all over the floor. Real as in books, CDs, DVDs, toys, board games, photo albums, electronics, and all kinds of media begin to overflow their original storage spaces and leak into common areas. Real as in - the menace of hoarding.

Don't worry. If the situation described above seem all to familiar to you, you are not alone. There are millions of people just like you all across this great country, just trying to survive with a terrible curse - the curse of low level non-harmful hoarding. We are here to enable you help you.

Storage Cubby

Consider for a moment the humble cubby. You might have thought that you left this little guy behind when you graduated summa cum laude from your prestigious kindergarten class. But you were oh so wrong. In the intervening years cutting edge cubby hole technology has turned the shelving world on it's collective bracket, ushering in a new era of easy and effective organization, storage, and attractive shelving. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Cubby organizers make it easy to get your life and your home in order by providing storage spaces that aren't taking up any floor area. Nobody wants to have to ring their rooms with bookshelves and storage lockers when they could just as easily hoist all of it up 4.5 feet and keep order on the ground. Cubby holes provide more than just simple cubes of storage as well - they provide a simple shelf on top and they often can be adapted to include coat racks on the bottom. Multi faceted is the name of the modern storage game, and at Smart Furniture we've got the cubbies and the wall shelves that are perfect for your home.

Wall shelves (of which cubby holes are a subset) are also very effective at allowing you to keep large amounts of stuff while at the same time keeping order and a sense of tidiness about your home. Wall shelves can be arranged in large quantities to create a whole system of storage on a single wall (or two or three), allowing you to simultaneously display all the plants, photos, media and memorabilia that you care about while also keeping the sprawl of a million other little things in check and in good standing.

Children's rooms are a great place to start with wall shelf hoarding enablements interventions. Typically messy and bursting with dozens of different things (books, games, toys, clothes, school supplies, art supplies, etc.) the people who occupy the rooms also tend to be closer to the floor and more likely to leave the things they're playing with on it.

Shelving can fix that problem by creating an eye level piece of storage that's easy to see and easy to use. Your child can keep their entire set of dinosaur exoskeletons, their hot wheels, and their drawings all in once place. A place where it's easy to see and access them, and place that keeps them off the floor and keeps the scourge of clutter at bay just a bit longer.

Messy Bathroom

Throwing some wall shelves over that towel rack would go a long way here.

Bathrooms are another really interesting place where floating shelves and standard wall shelves can make a difference. If you're sharing a bathroom, it can get pretty wild. Everyone knows that a single bottle of shampoo spontaneously self-replicates and spawns at least dozen within just a few weeks. The same phenomenon has been seen to occur with lotions, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toiletries, loofahs, shaving cream and razors - you name it.

The only thing that actually seems to consistently disappear is toilet paper. Placing shelves in the bathroom gives you a lot more breathing room than the standard small medicine cabinet. Placed above, below, to the side, or anywhere they're convenient, wall shelves can really make a difference in quality of life in the bathroom. Available in materials like glass, metal and wood, they can also easily fit in with whatever design sense your bathroom already has.

Living rooms are often the locus of hoarding tendencies. Here is a place where every member of the family hoards equally and in bulk, and where they spend a majority of their time. The television and the coffee table are often besieged with clutter from the moment they enter onto the scene. Don't let this happen to you. Creative wall shelving in the living room is an effective way to keep your hoarding tendencies alive, but your sanity even aliver (shut up).

Placed around the television these shelves can hold all the media you can throw at them. Placed around the couches or the fireplace they can hold all the photo albums, books, souvenirs and general detritus that a low-level hoarder collects over a lifetime. Placed near the door they can handle your keys, your mail, your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, your phone charger - anything you might want right there when you walk into your home.

In any room of the house extra shelving makes collecting and organizing your things easy and attractive. It keeps the floor uncluttered and your co-habitation partners much more likely to cook dinner for once in their stupid lives.

Hoarding is natural and fun an unhealthy habit. But instead of changing your ways, make it so that the county will never be able to tell you have a problem and take your home away - put that stuff on a shelf! We are begging you.


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