Defying Gravity: How Floating Shelves Prove Isaac Newton was Overrated


Defying Gravity : Floating Shelves Prove Newton Overrated

If an apple falls from a tree in England and nobody has their stupid head under it to get smashed, does gravity exist? The point is that Newton was overrated, and also that he invented calculus, so he was a sadist as well. Don't be like Newton - invest in floating shelves from some of the best modern brand names in the furniture business.

Isaac Newton

Floating shelves are some of the most flexible shelving units around. Because they can be placed practically anywhere, on practically any wall, they can serve a huge multitude of purposes, exist in any room, and be utilized in more creative ways than most other storage and shelving units can. Need more storage space in your crowded bathroom? Floating shelves.

Need something a little more sophisticated than a coffee table to hold your television and entertainment system? Floating shelves not only provide the support, they provide the auxiliary storage and design accents. Floating shelves are the Swiss Army knife of shelving, and they're ready and willing to do whatever you need them to.

At Smart Furniture we stock dozens and dozens of these amazing shelving units, all from inspiring designers looking to make their mark on the shelving world. Shelves in metal, wood, and glass provide the accents and styles to match your decor and your personality, your vision for the room you already have or the one you're building. Below we'll go through some of our niftier and most impressive offerings, from the large to the small.

Conceal Floating Bookshelves
The Conceal floating shelf is one of our most popular and most inventive products. It's designed to support a stack of books, and to completely disappear to the casual observer. The thin frame of the shelf and it's shallow depth make it appear as if the books are simply floating on the wall itself, completely unsupported. The overall effect is beguiling to say the least, and with a multitude of these nifty units you could shelve practically your entire library in this way. These bookshelves are non-traditional, cost effective, and a visual delight.

The Floating Photo Ledge
This piece of shelving is exceptionally shallow, with a lip on the edge of the shelf to keep anything from slipping off. As the name implies it was designed to hold framed photographs and other small-bore display items (like souvenirs, small plants, candles, etc) and it does that very well. The shelf is stylish, sleek and slight, and it's a great complement to most living rooms.

Floating Photo Ledge

The Floating Glass Shelf
The product is as simple as the name itself. This is a simple glass shelf (relatively thick glass) with two brackets that become difficult to see once the shelf is actually being used (i.e. has your stuff on it). It's sturdy and stylish, and fits in well with modern design schemes and bathrooms, where glass shelving is often the norm. The glass piece is elegant and slightly curved, giving it a soft look and a modern edge.

The Floating Grid Shelf
This is where floating shelves can start to get really interesting. This piece acts very much like the cubby holes you had in kindergarten, but without the germs, crayons and nap time (unless you really want those things). This wide box is separated into several different areas, each with a unique size. You can store photographs, books, stereos, charging stations, clothes, shoes - anything you can think of and that will fit, you can get it off the floor and up on an organized shelving unit with this beautiful piece. All shelves can be improved and made to look great based on what you display there, but this shelf in particular calls for creativity.

Entry Butler
The Entry Butler, designed by the fine folks at Three by Three Seattle, is one of our most impressive examples of a seamless integration between form and function. This is a shelf that flips standard ideas about shelving on their side, almost literally. This shelf is vertical - it's much longer than it is wide, and the parts of the butler that you use for storage are a bit hidden. Meant to hang next to your door, this is a handy place to put your mail, your phone, and anything else you need to store for a bit without just throwing it on a table or letting it pile up. More than that, the long vertical panel that masks the shelving is actually a message board you can write on. Grocery lists, to-dos, important dates and numbers - it's all at your doorstep thanks to this cool little shelf. Hooks at the bottom for coats and hats make it that much more valuable.

Entry Butler

The Glace Wall Shelf
This is another glass piece, but it's much more robust that the standard FGS. The Glace is capable of holding significant weight, and it can extend far along the wall, allowing the buyer to create a dozen different patterns, shelving units, and opportunities for display and/or entertainment. You can arrange this shelf to go under or above your television and stereo, creating a horizontal flow (not to mention plenty of space to store your books and media). Because it's a glass shelf it has a very modern look and feel, and won't fit in everywhere - but where it does, it's spectacular.

The Maine Floating Wall Shelf
The Maine shelf is a solid piece of wood that's been thoroughly rounded off at the edges to create a soft and sophisticated look. The brackets that hold the shelf up are small and unassuming, and when the shelf is packed with items the floating effect is easily achieved. This is among our most subtle and classic floating shelf designs.

Sumo Floating Shelf

The Sumo Floating Shelf
The Sumo shelf is one of our strongest designs, literally and figuratively. With a depth of ten inches or more, this unit is built to hold heavy weight and keep it's style intact. The bracket for the shelf is unobtrusive but visible, and the shelf itself is very modern, clean, and edged. This is a shelf you can really build a living room around, as it's able to hold almost anything with no problems at all.

So that's just a small selection of some of our most compelling floating shelves. From big to small, sturdy to slight, metal to wood and glass, we've got what you need at a good price and from a great designer. Get your shelving today!



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