Wall Shelves and Today's Bathrooms


Wall Shelves and Today's Bathrooms

People don't often think of the bathroom when they think of shelving. Most folks think of shelves when they think about major storage, books and DVDs, photo albums, or other kinds of display (like collections). They think about bedrooms, living rooms, closets and dens. But in our experience we've found that modern bathrooms are actually some of the rooms most in need of shelving help. We've also found that we have some perfect options for those in need (a.k.a anyone with a bathroom that's too small - a.k.a everyone).

Why do bathrooms need shelving?
Two words - space and clutter. Bathrooms are among the most cluttered rooms in the house, for two reasons. One, the bathroom is almost always the smallest room in any home (excepting the closets in most cases). However, the bathroom is probably one of the highest trafficked rooms in any home. It's where you go to do your makeup, take a shower, brush your teeth, or finish that article you've been reading. All the little toiletries and personal products that we use every day and could hardly live without are located in the bathroom. And that's not even including all the medicines, creams and prescriptions that get stored there as well.

Bathroom Shelves

By now it should be obvious what the second reason for all the clutter is - the bathroom, even though it's one of the smallest rooms, actually holds a larger percentage of indispensable items than the other rooms in the house. Toilet paper and towels alone take up a lot of space. Add all the thing you need for your shower, cleaner, and everything we discussed in the paragraph above and it's obvious that the modern American bathroom is in serious need of some organizational and storage based relief.

But that still doesn't answer the questions about shelves in particular. Why not cabinets or drawers tucked away in the corner?

Well, both of those things can certainly be useful for thing you don't want people to see (like maybe toilet paper and feminine products). But for the majority of bathrooms and bathroom users, things like your toothbrush, your deodorant, your shaving cream and razor aren't in that category. Shelves are a great way to create storage space without sacrificing a lot of wall space or floor space. They are much more adjustable and adaptable than cubbies and drawer systems, and because they are so visible they also incentivize keeping a clean and organized bathroom at all times.

You can install small shelves anywhere in your bathroom. In the nook where the toilet is (above or beside it), right next to the shower (so you can reach out for a towel or a bath product) and of course all around the medicine cabinet, which is often over-utilized and under-shelved. Bathrooms often have strange shapes and layouts, and wall shelves a perfect for exploiting those unique surfaces to create effective and attractive storage.

What kind of shelves should I use? How do I maximize effectiveness?
There are no right or wrong shelves in a bathroom, because bathrooms are so unique from home to home. Because they are small and sometimes overlooked, they can tend to have eccentric layouts. So all a buyer needs to do is decide what kind of design scheme would work well with what they've got. What kinds of materials, in other words, would work best with the existing room. Wood shelving? Elegant glass or frosted glass? Metal shelving? The possibilities are ever multiplying in our online store.

After you've identified what you're looking for, it's time to evaluate what you've got to work with. Look in your bathroom and try to identify the one spot that is totally useless in terms of storage. That one spot that you really don't use or have any use for. Maybe it behind the door, maybe it's above the toilet, maybe you don't have a medicine cabinet and the only thing there is a mirror. Maybe you've got a little nook in the bathroom with nothing in it at all. Those are the best place to start, because wall shelving is so versatile that you'll be able to find something that fits, and then use it to the best of your ability.

Portland Wall Shelf Glass Wall Shelf Boston Shelf
Cable Shelf Concave Shelf Wave Shelf Set

Wall shelves and floating shelves are generally your best bet when optimizing your bathroom. They don't take up floor space and they take minimal wall space - making even more room for storage (or for nothing at all - clutter is clutter, whether it's too many toiletries or too many shelves!). Floating shelves hide their brackets to that they appear to float on the wall - that's an attractive feature in the bathroom, and floating shelves in glass are among our most popular bathroom buys. If you need as many shelves as you get with something like a bookshelf, you can create that same amount of storage with wall shelves, only with less space and material taken up by it.

Wall shelving can help you to revolutionize your current bathroom, and turn a room that used to be difficult to contain (in terms of clutter) into one of your best organized, easiest to clean storage nirvanas.

At Smart Furniture we've got the designs, the materials, and the internationally famous designers to bring you the shelving you deserve for you bathroom (and for your home at large, of course). Stop in at our online store and find what you need - we're sure that we've got it. And if it's not just what you're looking for, you can always customize it with our online tools and really make it your own. Happy organizing!


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