Mission Organization: The Benefits of Wall Shelves

Mission Organization: The Benefits of Wall Shelves

Ah, Summer. The time of year to relax and enjoy yourself – to kick back in a big, cushy chair with an ice cold drink and a good book… Wait – where IS that book you’ve been meaning to read? Try the pile to the left of you. No? Ok – try that bigger pile over there in the corner. Not there, either? Hmm… Sounds to me that finding a good book for the afternoon is the least of your worries – you need an Organization Intervention!

Enter: the Wall Shelf

Do not be deceived by its humble appearance – this ain’t your Grandma’s wall shelf! Well, ok, maybe it LOOKS a little like Grandma’s, but I promise there are key differences here that Gran knew nothing about. Whereas in past generations, interior shelving for your home was mostly functional, and often sterile in appearance, today’s shelving comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, finishes, and mounting options. Don’t like the look of the old-fashioned “built-in” bookshelf? Update to a more contemporary feel with shelving that is just as sturdy, but suits your style. Or, perhaps you are looking for a clean, edgy finish – something to compliment that space-age bathroom you just had re-decorated. Why not try some glass shelving in funky shapes and varying sizes? And wall shelves are not just for decoration – oh, no! For you – you pack-rat, you – wall shelves might just be the difference between a sigh of relief at the end of a long day, or a growl of exasperation as you survey your cluttered home.

The versatility of wall shelves makes them ideal candidates in home and office organization. Remember – using blank wall space to brighten up a room with coordinating shelving also opens up floor space where those stacks of books and piles of “collections” used to be! Perhaps you need to create a display in your dining room for a special collection of antique teapots. Perhaps you would love to see your children’s awards take pride of place in your living room. Perhaps you would like to surprise that ball fanatic in your life by displaying his collection of prized baseball cards. With the right wall shelf, the sky is the limit in decoration and design!

One great aspect of utilizing wall shelving in your décor is the added bonus of not having to make as big of a design commitment as, say, painting your living room that very “in” shade of ”tomato” that you’ve been thinking of using. We both know next week you’ll want “banana” instead, anyway. But with a wall shelf, changing your décor is as easy as changing your mind – and the contents of your shelves! Add a couple of green plants to your wall shelves, and liven up any decor. Bring in a touch of sophistication with a stack of antique books. Give an air of whimsy with the sparkle of glass, silver or crystal. Cozy or kitsch, country or contemporary, your personality is on display, your interests and hobbies featured in a setting at once comfortable and eye-catching.

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