What is a wall shelf ledge?

What is a Wall Shelf Ledge? How Ledges Differ from Normal Wall Shelves

Wall Shelf Ledge

A wall shelf ledge refers to a specific kind of floating shelving that has a tapered profile. Starting from the surface of the shelf where items are placed, the depth gradually decreases, giving the shelf a more traditional or even classical look. The different surfaces created by this tapering effect are a perfect medium for decorative additions and visual features.

Modern wall shelves are usually composed of linear forms with sharper angles. They also often are mounted with a bracket that grips both ends or extends the whole length of the shelf. Ledges, on the other hand, usually have a mounting system built into the shelf itself, to give the appearance that the shelf is floating on the wall. This focuses attention the decorative nature on the shelf as a whole, rather than the wall.

Ledges are ideal for displaying pictures or artwork. They go well in bedrooms, living rooms, and studies, and are an excellent option that combine functionality with pleasing aesthetics. Consider placing them beside doorways or between freestanding furniture.