Smart Rewards Program

Genius Rewards Club

Terms & Conditions

Thanks for shopping with us at Smart Furniture! To show our further appreciation, we created the Genius Rewards Club to give our customers a way to earn Smart Cash for use on future purchases. The Genius Rewards Club is subject to the following:

Membership Details:
A member that makes a qualifying purchase may earn Smart Cash equal to three percent (3%) of the product's price paid on each purchase.

Enrollment in the Genius Rewards Club is automatic when making a purchase and signing up for an account to save any points earned.

  • Smart Cash Earned: 3% of product's price, the amount paid by the Member for any eligible products after applying any discounts, credits, other deductions, sales tax, or shipping charges
  • Redemption Period: 180 days, unless otherwise specified
  • Membership Fees: NONE!

Earning Smart Cash:
Eligible purchases are products purchased on that are paid in full. Calligaris and Ekornes Stressless products are excluded from eligible purchases.**

  • Smart Cash earned is for use on future purchases, and cannot be used for past orders.
  • Smart Cash will be credited to a Member's account within 3-5 business days after each eligible purchase.
  • You can also earn additional Smart Cash by writing a review for any eligible products purchased at over a $100 value.

Redeeming Smart Cash:
Smart Cash can only be redeemed and applied towards a purchase of at least $100 on Smart Cash cannot be applied to tax or shipping charges. Smart Cash cannot be used to purchase gift cards, and cannot be redeemed on select products. Also, Smart Cash cannot be redeemed for cash.

Returns & Exchanges:
If a Member returns an item purchased in full or in part using Smart Cash, the return will be processed in accordance to our 45-Day Return Policy. If the return is accepted, any Smart Cash redeemed will be lost and gone forever. 

Exception: any Smart Cash earned for a product that's returned will be deducted from the Member's account (don't be a party pooper and try to game the system!).

Checking Your Smart Cash Balance:
Members can check their balance at any time by logging in to their account and clicking on the Smart Cash summary.

Unfortunately, Smart Cash does get old and wrinkly, so make sure you use those points before the expiration date(s) listed.

For Lawyers, By Lawyers:
Smart Cash and any other right, obligation or benefit of the Genius Rewards Club may not be transferred, assigned, sold, or traded by any Member or any other person, without Smart Furniture's prior written consent, which Smart Furniture may withhold at its sole discretion, and any attempt to do any of the foregoing shall be null and void. In addition, Smart Cash is for the Member's personal use only. Members may not aggregate Smart Cash from multiple accounts or use Smart Cash for the purpose of purchasing products on behalf of others or for the purpose of reselling such products to others.

**Smart Furniture reserves the right to make updates and changes to these exclusions at any time.