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Smart Shelves® Dimensions and Spacing

Shelf shapes
You can design your own Smart Shelves to fit the specifications of virtually any space you can think of. The basic building blocks, or components of Smart Shelves® come in rectangular, curved, round, and square, shapes, and can be fitted together with a patented system of slots and dowels that allows you to forget about noisy power tools, even when assembling shelves of significant proportions. To the right is a store shelf made from standard rectangular components.

Shelf spacing
Both vertically and horizontally, interior distances include 5-3/8", 11-3/8" (the most common), 17-3/8", and 23-3/8". When two units are stacked or connected, the resulting interior space at that junction is the standard 11-3/8", which creates a clean, regularly spaced arrangement. This modular merchandising approach allows store owners to display numerous product lines without any wasted space using basically the same set of shelves.

Shelf thickness
Standard Smart Shelves® measures 5/8" thick which is strong enough to hold 70 pounds on each shelving space.

Shelf length
Most popular rectangular shelving is available in 1', 1.5', 2', 2.5', and 3' lengths. All of these can be stacked as long a shelf as you need. 4' x 2' and several curved and arcing components are available as well.

Shelf depth
Standard components are 9.5" deep.

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