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Welcome to the SmartSpace™ Designer, an amazing, innovative tool that allows you to visualize and customize your space using your favorite products at SmartFurniture.com. Start designing your space today!
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The SmartSpace Designer revolutionizes your furniture shopping experience by giving you the ability to see pieces in your home before you buy, letting you pair multiple products together in a visual medium of your choosing.

With Design on Demand, Smart Furniture pioneered a buying process that was simple and adapted to you, your style, and your personality. Design on Demand empowered users to transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces.

The SmartSpace Designer takes that transformative ability to the next level, letting you visualize that transformation as you plan. Upload an image of your space, drag and drop products into it, then customize them to meet your needs and tastes. Smart Furniture makes it easier than ever to quickly see what your space can become.

ToolsThe SmartSpace Designer makes buying furniture simple and accessible. Most space planners are clunky, complicated, and difficult to use. And even if you learn to use a space planner, it's almost impossible to share your idea with friends, family, or coworkers and give them the ability to make changes and give feedback. The SmartSpace Designer isn't a space planner - it doesn't constrain you with spatial dimensions or provide an exact representation of the footprint of a sofa and how that fits into your space. Instead, the SmartSpace offers a medium for your ideas to flow, your creativity to emerge, and your space's potential to expand beyond what you thought possible.

And to make it even better, the SmartSpace Designer lets you visualize those possibilities in a simple, accessible medium that is easy to use. Drag-and-drop features ensure that anyone can quickly master the SmartSpace. Check out this short video demonstrating some of its basic features.

In addition to letting you visualize your space, the SmartSpace Designer lets you easily collaborate as you shop for furniture online. You can create your space, customize your products and share via the major social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter), email, or with our design community. And when you share a space, whomever you share it with can create his or her own space using yours as a starting point. Think of it as editing your SmartSpace without an overwrite function.

We've taken that collaborative ability to the next level with our design community. Now, not only can you share your space with friends and family, but you can take it a step further and share your space with other Smart Furniture customers. We've also teamed with a number of leading designers and influential people in the furniture industry, giving them a space to create rooms of their very own. The SmartSpace Designer lets you take their ideas, make a tweak here or there, and place an order with ease.

Visual shopping, easy collaboration, and a new way to shop. The SmartSpace Designer is the next generation of online shopping. It's the next generation of shopping, period. But don't just take our word for it: see for yourself just what the SmartSpace Designer can do.