Store Design Assistance

How it Works...

Give us the details of your store and what you want to do with it. If you're not quite sure what you want, give us a call. Let's talk.

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One of our knowledgeable Furniture Geniuses (we have both interior designers & industrial designers) will be in touch with you pronto!

We'll send you a tailored plan with a customized display solution. We'll walk you through various ideas, make sure that your products are front and center, and design an amazing store that shoppers will love visiting. Best of all, the entire program is FREE!

Designing a store is hard, especially if you're never done it before. That's why we offer free design assistance for all of our Smart Fixtures customers.

Whether you're opening up a new store, redesigning an existing store, changing up a single display nook, or trying to optimize your display spaces, we have the tools to make sure that it's perfect. Complimentary 3-d renderings, free swatches, and budget planning are just a few of the things we have to offer.

FINAL RESULT: After we carefully walk through your store's needs and aesthetic, we'll bring it to life. After the arrangement is finalized, we'll get all of your furniture ordered, carefully monitor the shipment, and walk you through delivery. We don't stop until your store is open and ready for business.

Get Started Now!

Stores are more than just stores--they're an extension of your own hard work, dreams, and vision. We love making amazing, functional stores that customers want to visit again and again. With our display options and your store's merchandising, we'll show you why Smart Fixtures is the go-to resource for all of your store's operating needs.