Creating Your Own Customized Think Chair. It really only takes three minutes!

You can now design your own custom Think chair. Typically, you can order standard options of the Think Chair - such as fabric options or a few frame options. has created a new Smart Designer that let's you pick and choose among the myriad of features available for the Think Chair. Although there are a few steps, it really on takes about three minutes.

Smart. Classy. Comfortable. All describe the Steelcase Think Chair -- now you can add Custom to the list. For the first time, the Think Chair can now be designed by you, exactly the way you want it -- exclusively at
Each step of designing your own Think is described below.

Getting Started: An Overview of the Think Chair

Click on 'Design Your Own Think'.

Steelcase Think ChairThe Think Chair has a Your Profile back and seat that molds to the user's body and retains its original shape when unoccupied. The material distributes the user's weight evenly over the seat and back of the chair. The chair has Your Preference Control, a simplified mechanism that lets you set the chairs movement to your preference: by weight, weight plus 20 percent, mid-stop recline, and upright back lock.

Step 1: Upholstery Type
Choose either factory standard fabric or leather for your Steelcase Think Chair. For a subtle yet stylish look, leather is the way to go.

Step 2: Arm Type
Choose between fixed or adjustable arms. If you buy Think with fully adjustable arms, you will be able to experience a range of motion of 4.5".

Step 3: Upholstery Color
Smart Designer allows you to select one of a wide variety of colors for your fabric or leather upholstery. With such an array of options, you will surely be able to match your Think Chair to any home or office decor.

Step 4: Frame Finish
The Think frame comes in a classic black finish, but may also be upgraded to a trendy platinum look.

Step 5: Base Finish
You can match your base to its black or platinum frame if you would like. Steelcase Think also comes in a sophisticated aluminum base for just a little extra.

Step 6: Lumbar Support
Think features Your Profile back flexors that track with the individual movement of your spine and pelvis. The back flexors are individually shaped to the human form to provide optimum support for each area of the back. For added support, Think is also available with adjustable lumbar section. This part of the back is often ignored, but is crucial to good posture and comfort.

Step 7: Caster Type
Finish your custom Steelcase Think Chair with a set of casters that will suit the surface in your office or home. For carpeted surfaces, the first set of casters will suffice, but for a hard floor, you'll want a Think with hard floor casters featuring a polyurethane tread.

You're Finished
From its beginning, was founded on a vision of providing consumers with the ability to design their own custom furniture online, quickly and easily. The new Smart Designer tool for the Think Chair is true to its roots - providing customers with a simple way to simply pick and choose among the hundreds of combinations of features and options available for the Think Chair in only three minutes.