How Technology Influences Office Furniture

Furniture and Technology: How New Gadgets are Influencing Design

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Technology and Furniture:
How New Gadgets are Influencing Design

It's no secret that technology is changing the way we work, but it's also changing the furniture we sit in every day.

With our workplaces changing at a rocket's pace, designers are working double-time to keep up with the demands of modern work. iPads didn't exist 10 years ago, and 20 years ago, cell phones were briefcases you had to keep in your car. Go back 30 years, and your office was cutting edge if it had a single computer in it. That's a lot of change in just three decades.

With engineers' and designers' monumental task of keeping up with new technology, it may seem like you're doomed to using yestersday's solutions for today's problems. The good news is that furniture companies are working overtime to make sure that your workspace is never holding you back, even while technology seems to evolve at a breakneck pace. To prove it to you, we've collected some of the most innovative business tools on the market. From big desks to small accessories, these products have earned our technological nod of approval.

Gesture Chair by Steelcase

One of the biggest ways that modern technology influences us every day is in our sitting posture. You probably sit differently when you're typing on your computer than when you're reading text messages. Steelcase understands this phenomenon, which is why they embarked on designing the Gesture chair. Its unique armrests and reclining function accommodate 14 unique sitting positions so that you're always supported where you need it.

What our customers say: "I love this chair. I had a lot of chairs to choose from, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the Gesture. I have had a full spinal fusion and I tend to work long hours. This chair provides wonderful support, as well as a "cushy" (but-not -too-cushy) seat. The arms move all the way in, as well as out. You can adjust each feature to your own liking! Who thought up all of these options?!"

"I am not very intuitive when it comes to adjustment; but, the pamphlet enclosed with the chair made the initial customization very easy and straight forward. Modifications in height, back tension, back angle, seat depth, and arm movement are all effortlessly made while sitting in the chair."


Sit-to-Stand Desks

A laundry list of research has determined that sitting still all day is pretty bad for your health. The tricky thing is that standing up all day isn't particularly good for you either. That's why height adjustable desks are so perfect. It's one desk that moves up and down from a sitting to standing height when you need it to. We couldn't choose just one sit-to-stand desk to put on our list, so we chose all of them!

What our customers say: "This is a great product for our web designers. No longer are they required to sit at a desk. They now have the flexibility to move, stand or sit. I highly recommend this product. (Steelcase Airtouch Desk)"

It is great to be able to stand up to do my work. I thought I would only stand at the table about 50% of the time, but it is much closer to 90%. It is nice to be able to lower the table to sit for a little while though. (Humanscale Float Table)


Quickstand by Humanscale

Winner of Office Accessory of the Decade, the Humanscale Quickstand is one of those rare inventions that's so ingenious and obvious that you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. Height adjustable desks were designed to curb the onslaught of damaging problems that sitting still all day can produce. The problem is that not every workspace has the luxury of replacing its desktop. That's where the Quickstand comes in. It quickly converts any existing desktop into a sit-to-stand workstation.

Do you want the flexibility of a height adjustable desk, but you work in a cubicle and don't have the luxury of replacing your desk? The Humanscale Quickstand lets you have your cake and eat it too.


Jimi by Bluelounge

There's no question that Apple has produced some of the most iconic and visually dazzling gadgets over the last decade. Some of their ideas, however, are head scratchers. The iMac, ultra-popular for designers and creatives, has its USB ports in a hard to reach location on the back. Since most of our handheld devices need USB ports to charge, getting to them can be a pain. Enter: Jimi.

This super simple dongle (I know, hold your laughter) attaches to one of those pesky and hidden USB ports and makes it forward facing. Now, you have an easy to access charging port for your phone, tablet, or desktop fan. We like that.


Bivi Table by Turnstone

The Bivi Table is the ultimate solution for modern working environments. For today's start-up culture, keeping things high-tech, functional, good looking, and flexible is a must. The Bivi Table reinvented the work desk in a pleasant way. It's modular, which means that it can be customized, expanded, shrunk, or changed when needed. The back trough has dedicated cutouts for power sources, so your gadgets are always juiced up. The optional back pockets provide extra storage for cramped spaces, and the solid construction ensures that they last for a long time.

The Bivi Table is perfect for hot-desking solutions, personal offices, and home offices. Versatility, usefulness, and technological savvy makes the Bivi Table one of the most innovative office furniture solutions around.


Switch Mouse by Humanscale

One of the leading causes of workplace injury is your computer mouse. This seemlingly harmless apparatus can cause some nasty ailments like tendinitis, muscle aches, and carpal tunnel. The problem lies in the design of the mouse itself. Couple that with the repetitive motions it takes to operate one, and you've got a recipe for disaster. Humanscale, masters of ergonomic research, set out to design a better mouse that doesn't injure you.

The result of their research is the Switch Mouse. It elevates your wrist with a support that's connect to the mouse. It stretches to fit your unique hand size, and it's tilted at an angle that's more conducive to your hand and wrist's natural biomechanics.


Slim Table by Steelcase

A common theme on this list is simplicity. We appreciate straightforward products that provide a tangible solution a workplace problem. The Slim Table fits that bill perfectly. It combines the utility of a bench, the helpfulness of an electric outlet, and the extra storage of a return desk. There's much more to this product than just the integrated power and sleek lines.

Line up the Slim Table next to your desk for some extra surface space for notebooks, gadgets, and coffee cups. Plug in your phone while you're at work with the dual outlets in the middle, and accommodate visitors with the 240 lb. holding strength it boasts. Simple and usefull--it's a winning combination.


Logic Power Access by Herman Miller

Another theme weaving its way through these products is power. The modern workspace has a bunch of gadgets that go on top of it. Between the computer, monitor, phone, tablet, and lamp, you're already looking at 5 needed outlets to accommodate everything. That's a lot electricity for a limited amount of space. Add in the fact that many people use a laptop that they take home with them often, and the old-fashioned, under-the-desk-single-outlet just doesn't cut it.

Herman Miller developed the Logic Power Access to better serve a workforce on the move with lots of needed power. An easy to attach base makes Logic compatible with almost any desk. Choose between USB ports, standard 3 prong, or a combination. Logic is a smart solution for desktop power that is easy to install and doesn't get in the way.


Element Vision Light

Do you suffer from headaches at work? A poorly lit workspace may be to blame. That's why Humanscale manufactures some of the sleekest and most ergonomic desk lamps on the market. Featuring cool burning bulbs and adjustable joints, their lamps seemed to have everything. Then, they made them even better.

Humanscale asked, "What can we do to make the base of our lamps do something instead of just kind of . . . sit there?" Their solution is power outlets, of course! With your choice of 2 outlets or 1 USB and 1 regular outlet, your desk lamp (that's making your eyes happier) also makes your handheld devices happier. It's another solution so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it.


Soto Laptop Stand by Steelcase

Laptops have liberated workers from the office. Never before has working from anywhere been easier. Going to the office can now be sitting in a Starbucks or lounging at home in your pajamas. The problem is that laptops are generally terrible for your seated posture. The keyboard, monitor position, and trackpad mouse are biomechanical nightmares.

The Soto Laptop Stand fixes at least one of those issues. Elevating the laptop so that the top of the monitor is at eye level helps ameliorate issues like neck pain and eye strain that looking down at the screen can cause. Best of all, this lightweight product is easy to carry around from place to place, so you can be ergonomically sound wherever you are.


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